Sunday, March 12, 2006

Gee, who does this look like.

It may seem odd that Stewie looks and sounds absolutely nothing like the rest of his family, but not when you remember that Seth McFarland steals other peoples ideas. He doesn’t even have the decency to alter them the slightest bit. The cartoon above is called "Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth", and it was drawn in 1996, three years before the premier of 'Family Guy'. Artist Chris Ware created the character in 1991. In 1999, Entertainment Weekly magazine wrote this:

Comic-book fans have been buzzing about a certain familiarity they've noticed recently: namely, that Stewie, the football-shaped-headed child who loathes his mother and invents diabolical weapons on Fox's Family Guy, bears a striking resemblance to a comic-strip character: Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth (right), a football-shaped-headed child who fears his mother and invents things to escape from her. Chris Ware has been drawing Jimmy since 1991, creating a series of comic books called the Acme Novelty Library. A collection of Jimmy's adventures will be published by Pantheon next spring. Says Ware, "I don't want a book of seven years' worth of my stuff to become available and then be accused of being a rip-off of Family Guy."

In the Family Guy movie, Seth MacFarlane included a “joke” where Stewie breaks the neck of an Entertainment Weekly reporter. Man, what does Seth have against EW? Oh yeah, they had to nerve to reveal he’s a hack. (click the cartoon above for a slightly bigger view)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is probably the only argument on you site worth listening too. Sure they look alike and use big words. But, I image your argument would've had all sorts of proof if Stewie was a dumb, drooling baby. Even then, you'd say he's copying someone.

Still, Disney's been stealing shit for years, so I'm not sure this site deserves media attention.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He also stole the term buttsecks and UFIA. Just so you know.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

difference? stewie is funny.

next you're going to accuse chestnuts of being lazy, or claim mcfarlane stole the question mark.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous yoursiteblows said...

Did someone named Seth molest you as a child? Is that why you hate this show so much.....but can't seem to stop watching it?

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im a big fan of the comic Acme Novelty Library and I absolutely see the resemblance and have wondered what was up with that...ANL is a very well respected comic and I think its entirely possible that Stewie could be lifted from it. However, this is the ONLY example Ive seen so far that warrants any merit at all so I remain skeptical.

7:43 PM  
Anonymous Alex Kessler said...

From the article you linked: "is about Jimmy Corrigan, a meek and lonely man in his mid-thirties who meets his father for the first time in a Michigan town over Thanksgiving weekend. Jimmy is an awkward and cheerless character with an overbearing mother and a very limited social life. Jimmy attempts to escape his unhappiness via an active imagination that sometimes gets him into awkward situations."

The only similarities here are their head shapes and that both characters have mothers.

7:57 PM  
Anonymous agent johnsson said...

perfect example of theft. keep up the good work

3:22 AM  
Blogger christopher said...

Alex Kessler: Why don't you do yourself a favor and read some of Chris Ware's work. The drawn novel of Jimmy Corrigan that you reference was a serialized storyline in Acme Novelty Library. ANL also includes short comedic stories featuring these characters that have no impact on the other stories. If you go read the example this guy published you can clearly see the similarities.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um...I think this is probably a hands-down, obvious STEAL, folks. Not only is the design copied verbatim(except without the grace, nice line quality, etc. of Ware), but unh--the DIALOGUE? You think that's a coincidence? The entire CONCEPT? And now that stolen thing is by far the most popular aspect of that show? Ware has every rigth to be angry.

Gee, if you love a TV show, great. Perhaps it's totally meaningless to you if 90% of the "original" stuff is in fact a ripoff or as we say in the business, "swipe"(even Dave Stevens has swiped other artists' poses exactly--The Comics Journal used to have a monthly feature of side by side possible swipes). Okay, you love the show. But forgive we in the actual creative business for despising someone who does it with this much gall, who also loves to trumpet and bask in his own supposed genius like this jerk. He asks for it.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Sean said...

You've finally found a legitimate beef. Congratulations.

The rest of your entries are pretty weak cases. And that's being kind.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with most other people here...this is really the only compelling case you've got. The other ones are merely pointing out McFarlane's comedic style, which is to elude to obscure cultural references and especially the work of other comedians. Brian may in fact be poking fun at what? It's called parody. The whole thing with death, though...that's extremely weak. That's a universal depiction of the character used hundreds of times in many shows.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disney stole Simba from Kimba!

2:36 PM  
Blogger The GagaMan(n) said...

Now this one makes a whole lot of sense. Seriously, you've got something here, unlike most of the other posts, that is.

3:00 PM  
Blogger S. Stephani Soejono said...

OK, read comic books?

DC: Cat Woman
Marvel: Felicia Harding/Black Cat

nuff sez

5:44 PM  
Anonymous warning said...

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6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Preach on, Family Guy is one of the most OVERRATED shows on TV. I cannot stand to watch the damned thing.

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


i hate all those newbies who like familiy guy. south park is currently the best animated show on tv.

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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But please be precise with your language.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Mik said...

I myself work as a writer and critic. Having long tried to come up with a really accurate gauge for how good something is I finally decided that how envious I am of a story or character's creator was probably the best guide. And by that I mean, not how jealous I am of any material success they may have attained, no I mean how badly do I wish that had been my idea, my creatiion.

With Family Guy I don't feel any envy. There's nothing there that hasn't been lifted wholesale from other sources. Stewie is a direct lift from Jimmy Corrigan.

The rest of the characters in FG all fit into over-used sit-com archetypes. Ah, but whereas the writers of say King of the Hill give dimensional breadth to those characters Family Guy never, ever bothers to round out its characters.

FG smacks of laziness and contempt. The writing is scattershot. The character design work frankly ugly. And comic timing is a concept clearly alien to Seth and co.

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, the definition of pedophile is pretty broad and does include any "child" whether they are pre or post pubescent. A 30 year old dating a 17 year old is illegal in my state and will get you thrown in prison.

I also agree that 30 year old wouldn't even get the chance to get arrested if he touched my kid because I'd take the law into my own hands.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look, I don't know what those people's problem is. I am a huge fan, but I accaept the fact that Stewie is more than likely "inspired" (copied) of Jimmy...and I'm a huge Stewie fan... so I bought a book full of the original "Stewie"...and his name is Jimmy. No matter how much you or I like Stewie...we cannot accept the theft of creative property.

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

However, I do agree that this is one of the few strong cases you put on your blog...death has looked like that since the beggining of time...but directly lifting a unique character is unethical. As a to-be published cartoonist, I think I speak for most when I say that this degree of creative theft should be a criminal offence. Rock on, Randy and spread the good word!

8:54 PM  
Anonymous jv2k said...

This is as others have already pointed out the ONLY argument you have posted that has merrit. All your others are just pop culture refferences and one is even a homage(the snoopy one).

That said I do see two huge difference between Jimmy and Stewie based on that comic. Stewie doesn't fear his mother, he hates her, and he doesn't try to escape from her, he tries to kill her. Then again aside from that one image I've never read the comic so I could be wrong.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be serious jv2k, Jimmy talks the same, looks oooh too similar, and about the mother thing... he's the opposite in that area... but that's still copying!

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Ted said...

Both take a lot of design (and Stewie has some of the sensibility) from Charlie Brown (and the other characters) in the first couple years of Peanuts.
Note the SNoopy of the time does not look like Brian.

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, i'm sure the designers of Family Guy saw that obscure cartoon and decided to base Stewie on it.....

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The shapes may be similar... But that's no proof of theivery, dumbass. Wake up from your dream world. Seth McFarlane, does not steal... And if he did, Family Guy would be banned from the United States completely... Dip-shit.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why Acme Novelty? he could have used any name.Isn't this a rip- off of Warner Bros cartoons? I don't hear anyone cryin' about that one.

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you´re utterly right. I´m from Spain, and the show is quite a new thing here. Yesterday I saw it for the first time and i was bewildered by the resemblance. Chris Ware is a genius and being ripped-off by this revolting right-winger pretending hilarious bullshit is a real mayhem. And besides the neo-con narrow-minded who has created this stupid pictures for the foxhole is called Seth, like the gorgeous canadian comic artist. He´s completely uncool and unoriginal. My verdict-buy the comics-

10:57 AM  
Anonymous The Umbrella Man said...


The joke you talked about in that FG movie(The one were he kills the EW writer.) was based on a different article. One where a EW writer actaked the show for being unfunny ect...etc.

And that's what that was about, not the article you mentioned.

So you are trying to miss lead your readers, this is something I cannot stand for.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not really a fan of family guy.

This is a third party opinion.

Although this is a good argument, your not the first to make it.

And no offence, but your other aguments were... awful at best.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stewie was based on Rex Harrison's Henry Higgins. Also you might want to add that Arnold from Hey Arnold has a football shaped head too. Asshole

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck you asshole - seth is very creative and talented, and at least spell his fucking last name right in the beginning of this shit, asshole. Also, Rex Harrison's character is not gay and Seth has no problems w/ making it obvious that Stewie is gay. God forbid a man is smart, creative AND good looking!!!! Jealous fucker!!!

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever I really don't care. Just stop trying. Who cares if they took Stewie? Family Guy > Stupid Comic

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your a fucking idiot your obsessed with something u hate. Dont waste my time...

9:58 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Family guy is amazing and stewie is sooo damn great! That kids nothin much like him - Stewies much more evil an funny. That comic strip is crap. Family guy is the best!

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Family Guy sucks dick you flamming faggots!

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seth McFarland is a God!

11:07 AM  
Blogger Dylan said...

Yeah and a difference is the fact that this Jimmy is apparently 90 years old in the face (the wrinkles or whatever they are).

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the museum of contemporary art in Chicago today and picked up a toy thinking it was Stewie, but it turns out it was this Jimmy Corrigan character. I couldn't believe the striking resemblance. Then I found a book of Chris Ware's comics and it turns uot that not only do they look alike, they also talk and act alike and both have mother issues. I think Chris Ware would have very good grounds for a lawsuit. My respect for Mr. McFarlane has gone way down.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ever watch nickelodeon you ignorant asshole

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here I do actually see a very close resemblance.

But still your personal vendetta towards Seth is ridiculous.

You, my friend, are a douche.

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seth also stole the name Family from the show Family Matters. Sound like a weak point? This is exactly what you've been saying this whole blog.

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a GENIUS!! How insightful of you to discover and share this vital information!! How does one donate money to this important research?!?! Did you have to meet "Deepthroat" in a parking garage for this stuff, or did you use Google?

Pssst: check out the football shaped head of the cartoon character "Hey Arnold" its downright scandalous - oh you say, not the same as a mischievous an unrealistically intelligent child with an over-active imagination, well then, how about "Calvin and Hobbes" - 1985 to 1995, probably ripped off by Ware for his little comic book stint… the nerve of that guy!

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wondered if you got permission to post that page of the comic. If not, YOU are literally ripping off the creator by posting it on the web.

Which would be pretty funny, considering the point you are trying to make.

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seth Mcdipshit is not a god. He's a tard. Just like 50% of you zombie fanazis. We know you like a crappy show that steals whole endings from movies just to fill up its time requirements. If you assholes would stick to your message boards and waste your time huffing paint you wouldn't find trouble. But you look for it, so fuck you.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By The Way It Is Seth MacFarlane, you're two much of a retard to understand that his name has no bloody "D" on it. Good lubk with your end.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

even the dialog in the comics are almost identical to what stewie says. just use that british accent when subvocalizing.

also, i noticed a lot of the "jokes" is pretty much just seth getting back at people and organizations. he just does it in an absurd manner so as to elicit laughs from the brain dead young adult target group.

5:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"By The Way It Is Seth MacFarlane, you're two much of a retard to understand that his name has no bloody "D" on it. Good lubk with your end."

-illiterate moron

you're "two" much of a mongoloid to spell or use grammar properly.

5:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right - Seriously, you've got something here...

Family Guy Video

4:37 PM  
Blogger Lonnie said...

Family Guy is definitely one of my favorite shows. I think what they're doing is great.

4:05 AM  
Anonymous Family Guy said...

Wow. wow... well its fine. I'm sure a lot of shows get there ideas from other sources. Family guy is just good at what they do lol.

12:26 AM  
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11:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

17 isnt exactly a child, but yeah...thats creepy to date a high school kid when you are 30...

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

um...has anyone ever seen that video on the internet where this woman even says "she gives birth to a football?" maybe shes stewies mom...

10:30 PM  
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4:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spider-Man uses the virus program and breaks down some of the firewalls but is able to find the location of the mystery gamer. Spider-Man heads towards the mystery gamer’s hideout which happens to be the steel refinery from the “Uncertainty Principle” episode. Inside the offices, Spider-Man find out that “Greg” is indeed the mystery gamer and that he’s been using a super computer robot called The Living Brain to override the game so he can kill anybody against their will and insert firewalls to protect his identity, hideout and from getting kicked off the servers as “Greg” is indeed jealous of “John’s” success and fortune and wants to destroy “John’s” character in Wrestling Fantasy so he can gloat about how much better he is at something “John’s” not good at. “Greg” sends the Living Brain after Spider-Man while he continues to hack away at “John” and his partners. Everything looks like doom and gloom for “John” and his partners but Spider-Man manages to destroy the Living Brain by tossing it into the molten fire causing “Greg’s” firewalls to malfunction and while “Greg” screams “nooooooo!”, Spider-Man webs up “Greg” and then using the headphone tells “John” mission accomplished as “John” and company finishes off “Greg’s” character and end “Greg’s” stranglehold over Wrestling Fantasy forever. The next day, the whole town is celebrating over “John”, Flash, Kenny and Hobie’s success in defeating “Greg” and restoring order to Wrestling Fantasy as “John” thanks Scott Keith and then Spider-Man for his help and tells Spider-Man to contact him anytime he needs help and to play Cyan Bomber 3, the greatest game ever made. Spider-Man says thanks and swings away ending another adventure against the forces of fanboyism.

4:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

30. Working Scorpion – Guest Star: Melanie Griffith

Spider-Man rescues famed movie star Melanie Griffith from a bunch of random thugs. Melanie thanks Spider-Man and then asks him to remove his mask so she can thank the actual man that rescued her not to mention tell her kids about it as they are big time Spider-Man fans and would like to know who Spider-Man really is as well. Spider-Man politely declines. Melanie offers him something big if he does it. Spider-Man still says no since it would be too risky and then he leaves.
Later at Midtown High, Sally Avril and Randy Robertson plan Sally’s next trap to humiliate Parker which involves digging a big hole, inserting knockout gas inside the cracks of the wall inside the hole that activates when Peter reaches the bottom and putting a blanket over the hole to cover it. Sally and Randy hide behind a tree as Parker approaches but Parker walks on top of the blanket and doesn’t fall in! Sally is upset about this and runs onto the blanket where she doesn’t fall in either. Sally loses it and starts jumping on the blanket repeatedly until the blanket gives in and Sally falls down the hole where the knockout gas activates knocking her out while Randy snickers on ground level.
Meanwhile, Melanie Griffith visits the office of private investigator Mac Gargan (first mentioned in the Final Curtain episode) and asks him to unmask Spider-Man and she is willing to pay in precious gems and necklaces, Gargan agrees to this and gets going. Unfortunately for Gargan, Spider-Man’s spider sense is too good and Gargan always loses sight of him. Finally, Gargan’s most recent attempt at unmasking Spider-Man ends miserably as Spider-Man pummels the bejezus out of Gargan when Gargan gets very aggressive at trying to unmask him. J. Jonah Jameson witnesses this from his office and runs down there to Gargan’s aid. Jameson tells Gargan that he too wants to know who Spider-Man is and has an idea of how to get the job done. Jameson knows a man by the name of Farley Stillwell who can help and Jameson is willing to pay with three bags of gold coins if Gargan agrees to this. Mac agrees to this.
At Stillwell’s lab, Stillwell injects chemical and radiological treatments of a scorpion into Gargan and then gives him a scorpion shaped battlesuit complete with poisonous tail and thus Mac Gargan becomes the Scorpion! Jameson is (of course) pleased and tells Scorpion to get going.
Despite his new super powers, Scorpion is unable to defeat Spider-Man in combat and after a couple of more defeats, Jameson gets infuriated at Scorpion for his failures so far and orders him to get back out there but the radiation in Scorpion’s mind causes him to go crazy and he goes out to a coffee shop where Gwen Stacy and Melanie Griffith is at and tells Melanie that he is Mac Gargan and that he’s been givin’ Scorpion like powers in order to defeat (and unmask) Spider-Man as Scorpion tells Melanie that he came over to make sure the gems and necklaces are still with her. Melanie is shocked and upset that Gargan would be involved in such a thing that she no longer thinks it’s worth it anymore to find out who Spider-Man is and tells Scorpion the deal is off. Upset at Melanie’s decision, Scorpion “stings” her with his mechanical tail and poisons her. Everybody flees in horror but little Gwen Stacy couldn’t get away fast enough and Scorpion grabs her with his tail and starts squeezing her hard causing her to scream really loud. Spider-Man appears on the scene but can’t do a thing about it as Scorpion threatens to sting her if he gets to close. Scorpion tells Spider-Man that this isn’t over yet and that when he is ready he will take him down. Scorpion then stings Gwen anyway, poisoning her too and then leaves. Spider-Man is upset about this and runs too Gwen and Melanie’s aid.

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back at the Bugle, Jameson gets the news about Melanie Griffith and little Gwen Stacy getting poisoned by the Scorpion and that they are on life support. Jameson can’t believe what he has done, the horror that he has unleashed and now he wants to undo his creation.
At the hospital, George Stacy and Spider-Man have a chat about the situation and it’s not good as Melanie and Gwen need an antidote soon or they will die, problem is, the hospital don’t have such an antidote to cure them. All seems lost until Jameson rushes into the hospital to see the girls. Jameson is glad to see George Stacy and not too pleased to see Spider-Man. Jameson tells George Stacy that Farley Stillwell has an antidote.

George Stacy: “How do you know this?”
J. Jonah Jameson: “No time to explain, those girls lives are on the line and we can’t waste time talking about it! Now get going, on the double! Especially you, you sack of wall crawling garbage!”

Spider-Man is surprised that Jameson entrusts him into helping the girls get better and he & and George head off to Stillwell’s lab. Spider-Man and George Stacy arrive at Stillwell’s lab. Spider-Man tells George that he will handle this and to come in if he is not out in ten minutes. Spider-Man enters the lab and finds Stillwell.

Farley Stillwell: “I know why you invaded my lab Spider-Man and I will NOT help the women!”

Stillwell summons a robot and a battle ensues. Spider-Man defeats the robot with ease and then puts Stillwell in a submission hold until Stillwell finally gives up. Stillwell gives the antidote to Spider-Man and he & George Stacy head back to the hospital but when they arrive they find Jameson and the other people in the lobby with a look of fear in their eyes. Spider-Man tells them they have nothing to fear from them.

Scorpion: “It’s not you they fear, mutant!”
Spider-Man: “Scorpion!”
Scorpion: “I’ve been waiting for you and I’ve brought some reinforcements to help out! Henchmen, attack!”

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spider-Man tells George Stacy to evacuate the hospital while he deals with the Scorpion. Spider-Man defeats Scorpions henchmen with relative ease and then goes after Scorpion, the fight eventually takes them to the basement where Scorpion knocks over a bunch of crates and they land on top of Spider-Man. Scorpion laughs sinisterly as he thinks the duel has ended but Spider-Man comes out of the crates and then knocks the Scorpion into a power generator knocking him out cold and defeating him. After Scorpion is taken away, the hospital personal uses the antidote to cure Melanie Griffith and Gwen Stacy in time. George is happy to see his little girl alive and well. Melanie Griffith thanks Spider-Man and apologizes for hiring the Scorpion (when he was human) to find out who he really is as she understands why Spider-Man keeps his identity a secret and that she will respect Spider-Man’s privacy from now on. Spider-Man thanks Melanie for understanding. Jameson is glad to see the girls all cured and the Scorpion taken into custody. George Stacy asks Jameson if he has a change of heart about Spider-Man and Spider-Man wants to know too.

J. Jonah Jameson: “I did what I had to do and that is help out the lesser of two evils defeat the bigger evil but don’t think this is over Spider-Man, you are still a scumbag and I will still someday find out who you are and put you away for good! So celebrate your victory Spider-Man because you may have won this battle, with my help of course but the war ain’t over, not by a long shot, I’ll will see you again real soon Spider-Man and next time, the outcome will be different!”

Jameson leaves the hospital.
Spider-Man, the Stacy’s and Melanie Griffith celebrate their victory at the Stacy’s residence with each of them holding a cup of soda.

Melanie Griffith: “A toast, to freedom!”

The four of them raise their cups and clink their cups together.

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

31. Every Shade of Blue – Guest Star: Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory)

A gang of thugs dressed in fur coats and armed with freeze ray guns attack a cryogenics lab freezing anyone and everything that gets in their way. There they steal blueprints to create a freeze bomb and take it back to their leader Iceberg, a blue skinned mob boss with “icy” hair that sticks straight up. Iceberg orders his men to get to work creating the freeze bombs which they will use on a trial run.
Meanwhile, Peter Parker and Hobie Brown go over to the Parker residence to have lunch with Aunt May where they talk about a sleepover party at Hobie’s this weekend. Hobie wants to know if it would be okay if Peter came as Peter wants to go. Aunt May tells them that Peter may go but only if Peter promises not to do anything “naughty”. Peter agrees to this. Hobie then brings up the bad news about Iceberg’s guys stealing the blueprints to create a freeze bomb as Hobie’s father is an expert at cryogenics technology and is the one who designed the blueprints to create the freeze bomb, luckily, Hobie’s father is gonna be alright. Aunt May is glad to hear this as Peter tells Hobie to be strong through these difficult times.
Iceberg’s guys have finished creating a bunch of freeze bombs and they launch an assault at the first national bank where they use the freeze bomb to freeze the entire bank and everyone inside as Iceberg’s guys loot the bank. Iceberg ponders the awesome power of the freeze bomb when all of a sudden Spider-Man shows up on the scene to stop Iceberg. After taking down Iceberg’s men, Spider-Man confronts Iceberg but Iceberg manages to cheapshot Spider-Man and then pulls out his freeze gun and uses it to encase Spider-Man’s body in ice with the exception of his head as Iceberg wants to know who Spider-Man is but before Iceberg can unmask him, the cops show up and Iceberg and his men are forced to retreat but Iceberg tells Spider-Man they will meet again. The cops enter the bank and Jean DeWolff (who still doesn’t like Spider-Man) attempts to unmask him but George Stacy makes her back off as they (later) manage to free Spider-Man from the ice block as Spider-Man tells George thanks and that he needs to go and recuperate as George Stacy tells him to take care.
Back at Iceberg’s hideout, Iceberg continues to ponder about the success of the freeze bomb and then realizes that a more powerful version of the freeze bomb could help him conquer all of New York City and only one man can succeed in pulling it off, Hobie’s father. Iceberg orders his men to make plans to go and capture Hobie’s father at once.
Spider-Man returns home as Peter Parker where he is diagnosed with a serious cold, flu and fever and because of this, Aunt May (who wonders how Peter got this) has to tell Hobie’s father that Peter won’t be able to attend the sleepover now.
Later that night, Hobie Brown’s sleepover party gets underway as other people attending the sleepover include, Flash Thompson (who’s disappointed that Peter couldn’t make it as Flash wanted to bully Peter, so he mocks him instead), Kenny Kong, Glory Grant, Sha Shan Nguyen, Liz Allen, M.J. Watson, "Tiny" McKeever and (of course) little Gwen Stacy. Everybody is having a great time until Iceberg’s men attack the place and takes Hobie’s father and friends away. Hobie tries to fight back only to get tossed through a window, Iceberg’s henchman goes over to get Hobie but Iceberg tells him (and his other henchmen) to forget about him and that they have enough hostages as it is and to come back to base immediately.
The next day, Hobie is angry and frustrated about what happened last night and knows that the police aren’t much help, not to mention that he doesn’t know how to contact Spider-Man who is nowhere to be seen or heard from due to his cold which he still has.

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hobie feeling helpless then remembers a boy genius that his father knew and decides that if Spider-Man won’t help then he will become a superhero and defeat Iceberg himself. Hobie arrives at the boy geniuses house where he introduces himself as Dexter. Hobie tells Dexter about the situation at hand and Dexter agrees to help. Dexter takes Hobie to his lab (blindfolded of course in order to protect his secret laboratory) and starts building a supersuit equipped with steel darts gas pellets, small explosives, magnesium flares and cleaning fluid, along with steel-tipped gauntlets for scaling walls and a cape that allows him to glide. Hobie is impressed and satisfied with the suit which he puts on immediately after putting on the mask, Dexter tells him that he calls his suit “The Prowler”. Hobie likes the name and decides to adopt it as his superhero name. Dexter’s glad he likes it and wishes him luck in order to take down Iceberg, Dexter has a favor he wants in return for making the Prowler suit for Hobie and that is that if he sees Spider-Man, that he should send Spider-Man to his place as Dexter is a very big Spider-Man fan and wants to meet him. The Prowler agrees to this and heads off to find Iceberg.
Meanwhile, back at Iceberg’s hideout, Iceberg tells Hobie’s father to create a more powerful version of the freeze bomb, a bomb powerful enough to freeze an entire New York City borough.

Hobie’s father: “And if I refuse?”

Iceberg then grabs little Gwen Stacy and throws her to the floor where he pulls out his freeze gun and encases little Gwen’s body in ice with the exception of her head. The other kids look on in horror as Iceberg then threatens to freeze her mouth and nose (so she would suffocate) if Hobie’s father doesn’t get to work and then would do the same thing to the others as well. Hobie’s father gives in and starts working on a more powerful version of the freeze bomb as Iceberg orders his men to put the kids in a holding cell.
Back at Spider-Man’s place, Peter Parker knows that Iceberg must be stopped after finding out about the raid at Hobie’s house last night despite still being ill but nether the less he must stop Iceberg as his friends (especially M.J. & Gwen) lives are on the line.
The Prowler is on the loose as he searches the city to find the whereabouts of Iceberg’s hideout but due to his anger issues because of last night’s events, the Prowler is putting innocent lives at risk due to his recklessness and obsession for revenge. This (of course) attracts the attention of Spider-Man as the two of them duke it out. Despite Prowler’s equipment and Spider-Man’s cold, Spider-Man manages to win. Spider-Man then unmasks the Prowler and is shocked to find out that the Prowler is really Hobie Brown. Hobie then explains his actions and tells Spider-Man about Dexter who wants to meet Spider-Man personally and Spider-Man decides to let Hobie go but only if he leaves the crime fighting to him so Hobie doesn’t risk getting caught and going to jail. Spider-Man then heads off to Dexter’s place while Hobie decides to continue going after Iceberg despite what Spider-Man said since his father’s life is on the line.
Spider-Man arrives at Dexter’s house where Dexter is acting all fanboy due to the fact that he is finally meeting one of his idols (number 1 is Major Glory of the Justice Friends). Spider-Man wonders how a little boy can come up with all this stuff as Dexter tells him that he was born super smart. Spider-Man then tells Dexter about the Prowler and why he shouldn’t give people like Hobie such responsibilities. Dexter tells Spider-Man that he felt bad for Hobie and that he couldn’t resist the opportunity to meet the spectacular Spider-Man. Dexter then asks Spider-Man to let him help out as Dexter has been making a new Spider-Man suit made out of nanotechnology and comes with a cloaking device and cape called “Unlimited” for him to wear as a present to show how much he admires Spider-Man. Spider-Man decides to use the suit as it will come in handy against Iceberg and his gang and thanks Dexter.

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spider-Man: “If I survive, I hope there is something I can do to return the favor”
Dexter: “Well there is one thing you can help a boy genius such as myself with but we’ll talk about that after you kick some butt!”

Spider-Man leaves and heads off to find Iceberg.
Back at Iceberg’s hideout, Hobie’s father has finished completing the fifth super freeze bomb and now Iceberg is ready to send New York City back to the ice age when all of a sudden, the Prowler shows up and crashes the party. A brawl erupts and despite his powers, the Prowler is eventually defeated by Iceberg who then unmasks him to reveal his true identity as Hobie Brown. Hobie’s father and friends are shocked by this revelation. Iceberg then orders his men to kill Hobie when Spider-Man shows up with his new powers and rescues Hobie. Spider-Man scolds Hobie for disobeying him. Hobie said he had to do it, it is his father and friends after all. Spider-Man then tells Hobie to free everyone and get out of here while he handles Iceberg and his gang. After freeing everyone and getting them to safety, Hobie decides to go back in there and help Spider-Man who is losing to Iceberg and his gang. With Hobie’s help, Spider-Man and Hobie take down Iceberg and his gang, dismantle the freeze bombs and turn Iceberg over to the authorities. Hobie thanks Spider-Man as he is going to quit being the Prowler now as his father told him so, not to mention the hard responsibilities it is for him to being a hero. Spider-Man is glad to hear that, as he leaves, Hobie, his father and his friends all wave goodbye to Spider-Man until next time.
Back at Dexter’s place, Dee Dee (Dexter’s older sister) enters her brother’s laboratory without his permission again but Spider-Man shoots a web line through Dexter’s window and grabs Dee Dee and then webs her up and covers her mouth with webbing and hangs her upside-down on a tree limb. Dexter tells his mom & dad that Dee Dee is playing with silk webbing in a tree and the three of them go outside to find Dee Dee upside-down. Dexter’s parents are not happy about this as they bring Dee Dee down from the tree and remove the webbing off of her. Dexter’s father tells her that she’s not suppose to do that and that she is in big trouble. Dee Dee starts yelling and screaming that Spider-Man did this and then accuses Dexter for being involved with this somehow. Dexter acts all innocent saying he has no knowledge of this. Dexter’s mother doesn’t see Spider-Man anywhere either. Dexter’s parents drag Dee Dee (who is yelling and screaming like crazy that Spider-Man and Dexter did this to her to no avail) into the house as they are going to ground her for six months for this. After the door closes, Dexter looks up into the tree and tells Spider-Man thanks and that he’ll be here if Spider-Man ever needs help. Spider-Man says thanks as Dexter tells Spider-Man to get out of here before his parents spot him and with that Spider-Man heads home.
The next day, Peter Parker goes over to Gwen’s house to see how well she’s doing. Gwen tells Peter she will be fine and thanks Peter for coming over as she tells Peter that Harry was here earlier but couldn’t stay long due to his job. Peter and Gwen spend some time together talking as the episode comes to a close.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

32. Mad Bus – Guest Stars: Bananarama (Keren Woodward and Sarah Dallin)

At city hall, Mayor Waters (from the Persona episode) is unveiling a model of a new amusement park that just opened recently.

Mayor Waters: “And to celebrate the event, I’m going to have a very special guest appear this weekend and we have the police captain’s daughter to thank for contacting him. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN!”

Spider-Man comes in through the window as the people in the room applaud. Spider-Man says that it’s such an honor for him to attend the mayor’s wonderful new park for charity and fun.
Meanwhile in a mysterious place, a woman dressed up in a rabbit costume operates her computers and then gets into the security cameras at city hall in order to monitor the situation.
Spider-Man, Mayor Waters and Gwen Stacy then get into an elevator as they talk about working out all the details. Spider-Man says thanks.
The mysterious woman looks on as the elevator goes down, it is revealed that there are two explosives on top of the elevator, the mysterious woman pushes a button on her computer and it triggers one of the bombs creating a hole in the roof and destroying a cable wire. Everybody on ground level panics as the mysterious woman laughs maniacally about how Mayor Waters life is in jeopardy.
The paparazzi and police arrive on the scene as the New York City police commissioner gets out of her car and yells at her troops about what are they waiting for. Stan Carter tells her all the doors are locked. The commissioner tells her troops to blow the door open. Once inside, the commissioner tells them to clear the crowd out immediately.
Mayor Waters tells Spider-Man to do something because he’s a superhero. Spider-Man tells her exactly as Spider-Man peeks through the hole and sees the other bomb and tells Waters that he is a superhero and NOT an explosives expert. Mayor Waters freaks out and screams for help.
The mysterious woman speaks out through the city hall speakers telling everybody to stay put and that she is in control of city hall now and if they advance any further she will detonate the other bomb. Mayor Waters panics and again screams for help as Gwen Stacy is scared and trembling. Jean DeWolff then asks the commissioner what to do now and the commissioner says the mysterious woman is bluffing and that they are going in. Spider-Man sees the police going up the stairs and yells at them not to move as the staircase might be rigged with explosives too. Spider-Man would turn out to be correct as the mysterious woman blows up the staircase and then tells the cops that the elevator is next. The commissioner now tells everybody not to move.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spider-Man ponders what to do. Spider-Man then remembers “John” (the video game producer and computer hacker from the “Greg” vs. “John” episode) and contacts him just in time as “John” is about to leave for California to attend a video game press conference for Cyan Bomber 7 that “John” will be producing. “John” is glad to hear from Spider-Man as Spider tells “John” about the peril they are in. “John” says he’ll see what he can do. Spider-Man calms Gwen Stacy down as Mayor Waters wants to know who the mysterious woman is and if she wants money, passports, a plane out of the country, anything she wants. The mysterious woman introduces herself as “The White Rabbit” and says that she wants Mayor Waters to return the money that she has been embezzling in order to build her amusement park. Mayor Waters doesn’t know what in the blue blazes she’s talking about. The White Rabbit tells Waters that she has ten minutes to decide or else she will blow her to bits as the Rabbit laughs maniacally. Gwen Stacy then wonders if Mayor Waters would consider but before she can finish speaking, Waters snaps at her about giving in to the White Rabbit. Time is running out as the White Rabbit gets ready to push the button but before she can her computer malfunction’s and she loses contact on city hall.

White Rabbit: “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”

“John” contacts Spider and tells him that he has embedded a virus in the rabbit’s computer causing her to lose contact but tells Spider that she will probably neutralize it quickly in an estimated time of five minutes. Spider-Man thanks “John” and tells Gwen and Waters to get ready, unfortunately, Spider only has one web shot left and can only pull one up at a time as Spider fires his web to the top floor and swings himself up. Once at the top, Spider-Man lowers his last webbing back into the elevator and tells them to grab onto his webbing. Gwen is about to go but Waters makes her step aside so she can go first. Spider-Man pulls Waters up and when he sees her, Spider-Man says “cowards first”. Meanwhile, the White Rabbit is trying to neutralize the virus as fast as she can. After rescuing Waters, she thanks Spider-Man and is all over him causing Spider to push her back while telling her to get out of the way as the bomb is about to go off. “John” notifies Spider that the White Rabbit has neutralized the virus. Spider-Man tells Gwen to hurry up as the White Rabbit detonates the other bomb causing the elevator to crash as Gwen was just a few inches away from being caught in the explosion. Gwen is very scared and frightened after what almost happened. White Rabbit gets mad and screams “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” again when she finds out that everybody survived. Mayor Waters holds a press conference about today’s events and thanks Spider-Man for his help. Frederick Foswell then asks Waters about the White Rabbit’s allegations but Waters denies this calling the Rabbit a psycho desperate for attention and that everything in city hall is perfect, Waters leaves the room. Foswell than asks Spider-Man what happened up there. White Rabbit (angrily) throws an hourglass at one of the computer screens and that she will get Waters to confess in the end and that Spider-Man won’t interfere next time. The White Rabbit laughs maniacally again.
Back at the Parker residence, Peter thanks “John” (over the phone as Spider-Man) for his help while Peter gets ready for his date with Mary Jane Watson. “John” says no problem and talks about how the White Rabbit is like a hacker genius. Spider thinks this whole thing stinks as Spider is convinced that Mayor Waters is hiding something. “John” thinks this a job for the Spectacular Spider-Man. Spider says maybe. “John” wishes Spider luck (and reminds him to play Cyan Bomber 7 when it’s released) as he has to leave for California now. Spider says he’s “looking forward to it”.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter Parker and M.J. Watson arrive at Madison Square Garden to see British pop stars Bananarama perform in concert. M.J. has been a big fan of them since she was a little girl and is now finally going to see them in person. M.J. thanks Peter and Peter says it’s an honor for him to be doing this. On there way inside, Peter spots the Bananas new sleeper bus in the parking lot and M.J. is hysterical as it’s a new state of the art sleeper bus complete with living quarters, a karaoke theater and a artificial intelligence computer that operates the defense systems and other goodies just to name a few. M.J. is all giddy as she thinks this is gonna be a blast. Inside the Garden, the Bananas take center stage and sing all the classics including “Cruel Summer”, Shocking Blue’s “Venus” and “I Heard A Rumour”. Everybody is loving it, especially M.J. who is just having a wonderful time. Peter however is having trouble enjoying the concert as he is more concerned about what the White Rabbit is going to do next and what kind of secrets Mayor Waters is hiding.
Peter takes M.J. home and M.J. tells her “tiger” that she had a wonderful time and that they are going to have to do this again sometime. Peter agrees as he and M.J. says bye. Peter heads back home.
The next day, Spider-Man is out patrolling the city wondering what to do next when he spots George Stacy signaling him. George tells Spider-Man that he’s finally been able to contact him and to come to his office about who the White Rabbit really is. Spider-Man and George Stacy heads to police headquarters. Inside George Stacy’s office, George tells Spider-Man that about two weeks ago a woman came into police headquarters screaming about embezzlement and other dirty activities. Spider-Man wonders if she is the White Rabbit. George thinks it’s a possibility as she was off her rocker to the point where the police commissioner had her thrown out without even questioning her. George and Spider decide to check a list of city hall employees to see if they can find the White Rabbit. The two of them can’t find anybody on there that could possibly be the White Rabbit so Spider-Man tells George Stacy to look into people who used to work for city hall. Eventually they stumble upon a woman named Lorina Dodson who George Stacy remembers as the woman screaming about embezzlement two weeks ago. Looking into her file, they find out that she was a model employee who worked overtime and on weekends as city hall was her whole life.
Back on the streets, Spider-Man tells George Stacy that even though the White Rabbit is a psycho he gets the feeling that she isn’t too bad. George reminds Spider that the Rabbit almost had three people killed including him and his daughter Gwen who still is shook up after yesterday’s incident.
At the White Rabbit’s lair, two assassins enter the Rabbit’s lair and confront her but the Rabbit in the chair is really a mannequin rigged with flame throwers causing the assassins to flee. The assassins run outside and spot Spider-Man and decide to make a run for it. Spider-Man can tell these guys are up to no good and a fight breaks out between the Assassins and Spider-Man & George Stacy. Spider and George kick butt as George recognizes them as Mayor Waters bodyguards. Spider-Man and George Stacy run inside to see if the White Rabbit is all right, when they find her body George thinks she’s dead but Spider-Man inspects the body and can tell it’s a fake as the Rabbit outsmarted Waters bodyguards. Spider and George hear a message from the White Rabbit telling Spider that he is too late. Spider-Man uncovers a bunch of blueprints for the Bananarama sleeper bus as Keren Woodward and Sarah Dallin are in danger.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the Bananarama sleeper bus, Keren and Sarah are in the karaoke theater singing and dancing and having a good time with each other that they don’t notice their sleeper bus starting to take off. George Stacy says the Bananas haven’t left the city yet and that they were last seen inside their bus. Spider-Man says they have to find their bus even though it’s gonna be difficult. Spider-Man and George Stacy find the Bananarama sleeper bus and start chasing it while the White Rabbit (who is using a computer virus to take control of the A.I.) looks on in her car laughing maniacally again.
The sleeper bus smashes through a car as the Bananas still haven’t notice what’s going on. George Stacy notifies the police force about the Bananarama sleeper bus is out of control and is speeding up on Park Avenue and heading for 57th Street as the police commissioner and her troops set up a barricade full of water to stop the sleeper bus but the sleeper bus goes right through the barricade as the police commissioner tells her troops to clear the area and to bring in a helicopter. The Bananas finally notice that something is wrong as Keren wants the A.I. to tell them what’s going on. The A.I. tells them that it is being controlled by a virus as Sarah tells the A.I. to open the door to no avail. The White Rabbit is next seen standing on top of a building using binoculars as she sees the sleeper bus approach its destination.
Mayor Waters is notified about the situation and that the White Rabbit is on TV which she turns on. The White Rabbit tells Waters that the Bananarama sleeper bus is under her control and that she is directing it towards her amusement park. Waters freaks out. The Rabbit tells her that she will be responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. Despite this, Waters still won’t give in. Waters secretary reminds her that the park is full of innocent people. Waters decides to make a phone call to the police commissioner.

4:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spider-Man and George Stacy are flying in a police chopper in order for Spider-Man to jump on the bus and get inside when George receives a call from the commissioner telling him that Mayor Waters has given the order to have the Bananarama sleeper bus stopped at all costs and to use the explosives located in the back of the helicopter to do it. George Stacy tells the commissioner that Bananarama is trapped on the bus. The commissioner tells George that they are celebrities and that they knew what they were getting themselves into when they decided to be famous. The commissioner then goes on a rant about “casualties of war”, “dying for the good ol’ red, white and blue” (despite being British), and that the bananas would have wanted it that way. The commissioner tells George Stacy to do it right NOW! George Stacy then throws his cell phone out the window in complete disgust. George Stacy tells Spider-Man that they have to move fast. Spider-Man says he’s on it as Spider jumps out of the copter and on top of the bus. White Rabbit (who is driving near the bus) activates a defense mechanism and all of a sudden a bunch of spikes pop out of the roof almost impaling Spider-Man. Spider-Man knows the White Rabbit is using Bananarama’s own weapons against him. The White Rabbit wants Spider-Man to show her how to dance and activates a control that causes the bus to shake left and right causing Spider-Man to almost fall of the bus. Spider-Man manages to get inside the bus as George Stacy compliments him but the White Rabbit activates the bus’s brakes momentarily enough that it throws Spider-Man’s balance off causing him to fly right through the windshield as the White Rabbit speeds up the bus again. Spider-Man gets back to his feet but the speeding bus is approaching Spider-Man fast and then all of a sudden Spider-Man is runned over by the sleeper bus! George Stacy is in shock as the White Rabbit laughs maniacally again. However it turns out that Spider-Man managed to drop to the ground at the last second and jump onto the bus’s underside where he crawls into the trap door to get back into the bus. Keren Woodward is trying to rewire a control panel in order to take control of the bus. Sarah Dallin thinks it’s too dangerous but Keren says they don’t have a choice. Unfortunately for Keren, she ends up receiving a shock from the system and falls down. Sarah panics and runs to Keren and holding her head up as she hopes she’s okay. Spider-Man shows up and the bananas go hysterical as they are finally meeting the spectacular Spider-Man! Spider-Man is glad to meet them too but reminds them the situation their in. The White Rabbit (using the bus’s security cameras) notices that Spider-Man is still alive and reactivates the defense mechanisms. Spider-Man tells the bananas that the White Rabbit is using a virus to control their bus’s artificial intelligence. Keren says the only way to get rid of a stupid virus is to reboot the software…file by file. Unfortunately, neither Keren nor Sarah is good with computers but Spider-Man is. Only problem is, the White Rabbit has reactivated the defense mechanisms and will be gunning for Spider. Keren and Sarah says that their will distract the A.I. while Spider-Man gets rid of the virus. Spider-Man says it’s too dangerous for people like Keren and Sarah but Keren and Sarah say they can be tough too and insist on doing it, plus the bananas want to have some “fun” with their A.I. as Keren tells Spider-Man to go while she and Sarah distract the artificial intelligence. Outside of the bus, George Stacy spots the White Rabbit’s car and goes after her. Back in the bus, Keren and Sarah are having lots of fun distracting their bus’s A.I. as they giggle, laugh and taunt while avoiding the defense mechanisms. Sarah is so happy as she says to Keren that they haven’t had this much fun since their were little girls.

4:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spider-Man is in the control room working as fast as he can to neutralize the virus but the White Rabbit spots him and is about to activate another program when George Stacy swoops down causing the White Rabbit to lose control of the car and bailing out while George does the same as his helicopter explodes. George gets back on his feet only to have the White Rabbit point a gun at him and telling him not to move. George Stacy tries to talk the White Rabbit out of killing innocent people as Mayor Waters won’t give back the money. Back inside the bus, Keren is being held down by wires as Sarah desperately tries to get them off of Keren. Back outside, the White Rabbit (surprisingly) gives in to George Stacy and deactivates the virus but the remote control got broken in the accident as George Stacy looks on in horror as the bus approaches the amusement park. Spider-Man is frustrated in trying to neutralize the virus as the bus gets closer to the park. The White Rabbit drops to the ground sobbing and screaming about why Waters wouldn’t return the money as she screams it’s her fault as the Rabbit didn’t want to take drastic measures. People at the amusement park see the bus approaching as they run and scream in fear. Sarah is still struggling with getting the wires off of Keren when all of a sudden the A.I. is back to normal thanks to Spider-Man. Keren gets the wires off and tells the A.I. to hit the brakes as the bus stops just in time with only a few inches to spare from hitting some people. The Bananas and Spider-Man step off the bus happily.

Random Child: “Look mother, it’s Spider-Man!”

George Stacy is relieved to see Spider-Man alive and well as he puts the White Rabbit in handcuffs. The White Rabbit wonders about the money that Waters has extorted. George tells her that they are working on it and to trust him.
Back at city hall, Waters secretary tells Waters to return the money but Waters doesn’t want to. The secretary tells her that she runs the risk of going to prison. Waters tells her secretary to do something about it. The secretary, bitter and disgruntled over Mayor Waters actions decides to go ahead and help her out anyway but when he goes online to retrieve the money from the fake invoices, it turns out that the money is gone. Mayor Waters is not happy about this.
It turns out that Spider-Man, using his computer hacking skills, hacked into the fake invoices (using the bananas computer) and donated the money to an organization to help the jobless get back to work. Keren thanks Spider-Man telling him that Lorina Dodson would be proud of him. Sarah then says that you can never fool the spectacular Spider-Man very happily!

4:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

33. Last Bus to Doomsday – Guest Stars: Siegfried & Roy

A double-decker tour bus (modeled after a semi-trailer truck) is driving through a neighborhood that’s very empty and quiet with no traffic whatsoever giving out of town tourists a taste of the city. However a few blocks down the street, a mysterious figure in a deep trench coat (complete with hat (to conceal his/her face), shoes and even gloves) stands on top of a building alongside a bunch of Gwen Stacy (who have the nerd look from season 1) clones. One of the Gwen clones tells the mystery person that their pray is approaching. The mystery person then mumbles about something that can’t be understood (except by the Gwen clones) and then fires a magic beam from his/her gloved hand down the road, the beam creates a force field causing the tour bus to come to a screeching stop. Before the tour bus can back out, the lead Gwen Stacy clone says to her fellow clones, “Raaaiiid the buuusss!” The Gwen clones jump down while the mystery person mumbles about something to them. The tourists look on in fear as the Gwen clones attack them and the bus. All of a sudden, Spider-Man along with stage magicians Siegfried & Roy (who Spider rescued from a bunch of random thugs in the past and are now returning the favor as they promised they would) show up to even things up.

Spider-Man: “Begone clones of Gwen Stacy, this is the last of your raids!”

Spider-Man and his stage magician friends battle the clones as we find out that Siegfried & Roy have more than just stage magic in their arsenal. Siegfried tells the clones that they were very sloppy as they left a trail of ransacked citizens to follow. Spider-Man and company have things wrapped up when three of the clones make their way into the tractor unit (which has a back door instead of side doors) as they are going after the bus driver. Spider-Man rushes to the rescue and tosses the Gwen clones through the side window like they were sacks of garbage! The Gwen clones retreat as Spider-Man tells them something.

Spider-Man: “Flee blonde imposters, humans are not your pray!”

Spider-Man turns around to help the driver and is shocked to find out that the driver is none other than Harry Osborn! Spider wants to know what Harry is doing here. Harry (who angrily slaps Spider-Man’s hand when Spider offers to help Harry up) explains to Spider-Man that he’s been running this tour bus since his father’s “death” which Harry still blames Spider-Man for as Harry wants to take some responsibility in life, especially for his girlfriend Gwen. Spider-Man apologizes for what happened to his father but Harry still won’t forgive him. Siegfried & Roy arrive at the tractor unit as Spider-Man tells them that the driver is alright. Harry wants to get moving again so Roy uses his magic to eliminate the force field. Harry tells the tourists to get back on board as they can now continue the tour of New York City. Meanwhile, the Gwen clones return to their master saying “muutaantt” The trench coat figure mumbles again this time very angrily as he/she pulls out a remote control detonator and pushes a bunch of buttons. All of a sudden a bunch of buildings down the street blow up and the debris falls on the tour bus’s route. Spider-Man tells Harry that they have to go back but Harry insists that he can make it through. Spider-Man disagrees however and Spider-Man shoves Harry aside and turns the bus around just in time. A Gwen Stacy clone then says that they failed as the mystery person looks on at our heroes.

4:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back at the station, Harry angrily tells Spider-Man that he has no business meddling with his job and that he could have gotten through. Spider-Man says that he doesn’t want to lose Harry after what happened to his father and reminds Harry that Gwen would be very upset if Harry died especially with what she has been going through lately. Harry says he would be there for Gwen more often if his job wasn’t so demanding and tells Spider-Man to stay away from Gwen and his life. A New York citizen then says to Harry that he should turn back as “Namron” and his Gwen Stacy clones are too dangerous. Spider-Man then asks who this Namron character is. Harry tells him he is the psycho in the trench coat and fedora that is responsible for creating clones of his precious Gwen Stacy and leads them on their raids. Spider-Man wonders how did Namron been able to create such things. Harry doesn’t know and tells Spider-Man to bug off. Siegfried tells Harry that he can’t risk the tourist’s lives. Harry snaps at Siegfried telling him that he needs the money and the responsibility in order to support a family with Gwen someday and tells Siegfried & Roy to stay out of his life as Harry tells the tourist’s that he is ready to reopen the tour.
After Harry leaves, Spider-Man tells Siegfried & Roy that Namron will try again and that they need to find him and put an end to this once and for all. Siegfried & Roy agree as our three heroes head off to find Namron. While searching for Namron, a Gwen clone and Namron look on in the distance.

Gwen Stacy clone: “Theeey traaaveeel!”

Our three heroes continue to search the city for Namron with no luck so far as our three heroes arrive at an abandoned gas station & car wash. Siegfried wonders what they should do next. Spider-Man says that they need to continue the search no matter what. All of a sudden, a wire comes to life and ties up Siegfried & Roy and drags them into the car wash. Then a magic beam appears not to far away and turns on the car wash. Spider-Man sees Namron in front of him and makes a joke about him doing better than that. Namron fires another magic beam this time at the water inside the car wash turning it into fire! Siegfried tells Spider-Man that Namron is going to roast them alive as Namron fires beams at Spider-Man but Spider-Man dodges all the beams fired at him so far. Spider-Man then makes a joke about Namron hiding his identity as Namron finally decides to ditch his trench coat outfit and reveal his true identity. Spider-Man is in complete shock to find out who Namron really is.

Spider-Man: “…no it can’t be! I saw you! You died!”
The Green Goblin: “No mutant. THE GREEN GOBLIN LIVES!”

Spider-Man still can’t believe it and wondered how he survived the explosion as he realizes that Namron is Norman spelled backwards and then Spider-Man’s shock turns to rage as he wants to know why Norman would attack his own son and create clones of his girlfriend and how he did it. The Green Goblin tells him in due time as he gloats about how he is mightier than ever. The Green Goblin fires another blast at Spider-Man to no avail. Roy tells Spider-Man that it’s getting warm in here so Spider-Man goes inside the car wash to help Siegfried & Roy. The Green Goblin doesn’t want Spider-Man to die yet however and the Goblin deactivates the car wash. Spider-Man frees Siegfried & Roy from the wire as Siegfried wants a shot at the Green Goblin. Spider-Man says that he shall have it as our three heroes confront the Green Goblin. Siegfried says that he liked the Goblin better covered and casts a spell to cover him in vines but the Goblin activates his newest goblin glider and frees himself from the vines, hops onto his goblin glider, flies high up in the air and then tells Spider-Man that they will meet again soon when it suits his purpose, until then, he and all of his friends are still in peril. Siegfried realizes that the Goblin is going to go after Harry, his own son. Spider-Man says that they have to move fast as our heroes rush to Harry and his bus.

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On their way towards Harry, Siegfried wonders why the Green Goblin would rescue them from his own trap. Spider-Man tells Siegfried not to underestimate him as the Goblin is probably his most dangerous enemy that he has ever faced and that he has something even more horrifying in store for them.
Spider-Man reaches the tour bus and tells Harry that his father is alive but plans to attack him to get to Spider-Man. Harry is enraged and angered at Spider-Man.

Harry Osborn: “First you killed my father and now you all of a sudden have the nerve to tell me that he’s still alive when I saw it with own eyes that YOU KILLED HIM!”

Harry is also angry at Spider-Man for even suggesting that his own father would attack him and that he would create clones of his girlfriend. Spider-Man knows that he can’t be forgiven and tells Harry to listen to him as he is telling the truth this time. Harry gives Spider-Man one final warning to stay out of his and Gwen’s lives or else he swears he will destroy Spider-Man’s reputation! Spider-Man backs off a bit as he and his magician friends hop aboard the upper deck of the tour bus as it approaches a bridge.
Nearby, the Green Goblin and his Gwen clones watch as one of the Gwen clones tells the Goblin that the bus approaches. The Goblin says the tour is over and fires energy blasts at the bus’s fifth wheel coupling detaching the tractor unit from the semi-trailer. Spider-Man says that Harry is in serious danger as Spider-Man jumps on top of the tractor unit. Siegfried tells Spider-Man that it’s too far for them to jump but Roy says they can make it as he grabs Siegfried and makes the jump onto the tractor unit.

Siegfried: “Thanks…I think”
Roy: “Heh, heh but of course!”

The Green Goblin fires more energy blasts at Spider-Man and Spider dodges them as usual. The Goblin then pulls out another remote detonator and activates a goblin bomb placed underneath and at the end of the bridge blowing that portion of the bridge up. Harry hits the brakes just in time (Spider-Man almost fell off because of this) as he backs up but the Goblin had another bomb placed underneath the other end of the bridge and blows up that part of the bridge as well trapping Harry, Spider-Man, Siegfried and Roy on the bridge. The Goblin has them trapped and orders the Gwen clones to release the acid.

Gwen Stacy clone: “Aaaaciiid NOOOOWWWW!”

Three Gwen clones move a giant boulder out of the way as a stream of acid is released onto the ravine. Siegfried tells Spider-Man that the Green Goblin is using acid to destroy the trestle and dump them into the acid covered ravine. Spider-Man swings down onto some rock formations to stop the acid. The Green Goblin tells the Gwen clones not to move as he has Spider-Man right where he wants him. While Spider-Man is trying to push the boulder back over the hole, the Green Goblin fires two beams at his arms encasing them in a green cast of rock as Siegfried & Roy and Harry look on in shock as Harry can’t believe his father is still alive and that Spider-Man was telling the truth as Harry wonders why his father would attack him and create clones of his girlfriend. Spider-Man slams his arms into the boulder trying to get the casts off to no avail.

The Green Goblin: “You cannot use your web shooters mutant, not ever again!"

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Goblin then fires a beam that paralyzes Spider-Man and then uses his goblin glider to bring Spider-Man to him. The Goblin then hands Spider-Man over to his Gwen clones and tells them to take him away. The Goblin then jumps onto his glider and fires three goblin bombs at three more boulders which unleash three more streams of acid in order to destroy the trestle faster. The Goblin says that Siegfried & Roy’s deaths will come more swiftly and that they are luckier than Spider-Man. The Goblin then says “forgive me Harry my son” quietly and emotionally from a distance as the Goblin leaves to take Spider-Man to his final destination. Siegfried & Roy says it’s not over yet as they are getting out of here but Harry doesn’t want to leave his bus. Siegfried & Roy remind him that the trestle will go at any moment but Harry still won’t budge. Siegfried is getting really infuriated with Harry when all of a sudden Roy has an idea of how to save themselves and Harry’s bus but they have to act fast. Roy tells Siegfried to use the street light poles for legs in order to turn Harry’s bus into a walking tractor unit. Siegfried & Roy get all four poles sealed and onto the tires of the bus just in time as the trestle gives away. Harry is hysterical that Siegfried & Roy were able to save his bus and that he would do anything to return the favor for them. Siegfried tells Harry that they need to find and rescue Spider-Man from his father. Harry is not cool about this. Roy reminds Harry that he would return the favor for them and that he said that he wanted to see his father and find out why he’s doing this. Harry reluctantly agrees and the three of them set off to find Spider-Man. Meanwhile, the Green Goblin and his Gwen clones take Spider-Man (who is still weak from the paralysis beam) to an abandoned subway station which the Gwen clones thinks it is an evil place. The Goblin tells them they have nothing to fear as long as they are with him. The Goblin and company arrive at the bottom of the subway where there’s a large hole in the ground. The Goblin then calls up a bunch of giant stone statues that can move as they come out of the hole. Spider-Man has a look of fear in his eyes. The Gwen Stacy clones get scared and frightened and run away. The Goblin tells the stone statues to take him below. Once at the bottom Spider-Man is in complete shock and disgust as he sees the real Gwen Stacy tied up on a crane unconscious and with a swollen face over a green pool that looks like acid. Spider-Man is enraged as the Goblin tells him that green pool is what brought these stone statues to life but if a human were to take a dip into the pool they would be turned into stone statues forever! The Goblin tells the statues to make room on the crane so Spider-Man can have a seat next to Gwen Stacy. Spider-Man is so angry at Norman for doing all these horrible things and swears that he will pay as Spider wants know how he cloned Gwen.
The Green Goblin then explains that he attacked the Stacy residence one evening and used his knockout gas on her parents, from there the Goblin leaped at Gwen Stacy (who is on her backside scared and frightened with the Goblin on top of her) and then threw repeated punches to her face until she was given a concussion and swollen face and has been unconscious ever since. The Goblin then took her to a scientist (who wished to remain anonymous) that was an expert at genetic cloning and struck a partnership with him and from there, the Green Goblin created his army of Gwen Stacy clones. Spider-Man is more enraged than ever that Norman would do these things. The Goblin tells Spider-Man to beg for mercy and he might spare him. Spider-Man says that he will only beg as long as Gwen is spared from the agony otherwise…NEVER! The Goblin gets mad and tells Spider-Man that the attacks were meant to lure him here so he can get revenge on the one man that defeated him way to many times in the past. The Goblin then gives the order to the stone statues to lower Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy into the pool.

4:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Siegfried & Roy and Harry are still trying to find Spider when Roy spots the Gwen Stacy clones. Siegfried tells Harry to go that way as Spider-Man and Gwen are getting closer and closer to the end. Spider-Man wishes there was a way he could save Gwen from this insanity. Back above ground, Spider-Man’s friends have found the subway the Gwen clones came from but the ground all of a sudden gives away and they fall down into the cavern that Spider-Man and Gwen are being held in! The Green Goblin is not happy about this and orders the stone statues to attack. Harry is in complete shock to see Gwen here and that his father would do this. Siegfried confronts the Goblin while Roy deals with the statues. The Goblin tells Siegfried to surrender but not before he frees Spider-Man and Gwen with his magic. Spider-Man picks up Gwen runs up to a stone statue and kicks it into the pool, Spider-Man then does a back flip in order to avoid an attack from another statue as Spider puts Gwen down and destroys the rock bridge to send the second statue into the pool as well.
The Goblin however jumps onto his goblin glider and snatches Gwen (who is still unconscious) and gloats at Spider-Man. With Siegfried & Roy having their hands full with the Goblin’s statues, Spider-Man goes after the Goblin and the two duke it out and just when Spider gets close enough to grab Gwen, the Goblin throws her into the pool below. Spider-Man uses his webbing to save her just in time but a snapping sound can be heard just before she hits the pool. Spider-Man lowers her to the ground where an emotional Harry runs over to her and inspects her body. Spider-Man is still fighting the Goblin. Spider-Man jumps out of the way as the goblin glider is on a collision course with a wall as the Goblin can’t move out of the way in time and crashes into the wall. Siegfried & Roy are wrapping things up with the statues as Spider-Man runs over to see Gwen who still is not moving. Harry thinks she is dead and blames Spider-Man for this. Spider-Man is very emotional about this. All of a sudden, the Green Goblin (who survived the crash) fires more energy beams at Spider-Man swearing that Spider-Man won’t escape him. Spider-Man avoids them as the Goblin leaps at Spider-Man and has him pinned to the ground. The Goblin tells Spider-Man that he will destroy him and a very emotional Spider-Man screams about destroying a woman he loved and will take him down even if it means at the cost of his own life. Spider-Man then monkey flips the Green Goblin (who screams NOOOOOO!!!) off of him and the Goblin lands in the pool swearing that he will destroy all of them for that but all of a sudden, the Goblin’s body begins to turn to stone as the Goblin screams no in horror, soon the Goblin’s head turns to stone. Siegfried & Roy (who just finished off the remaining stone statues) uses their magic to free the Goblin but to no avail. Spider-Man says that the Goblin is trapped forever the same fate he had for him. Spider-Man, Siegfried & Roy go over to Harry who is still sobbing over Gwen. Spider-Man apologizes for what happen but Harry angrily snaps at Spider-Man when all of a sudden, Gwen wakes up and mutters what’s going on. Harry and company run to Gwen as they are all happy that she’s alive! Gwen is still weak though as she tells them about this horrible dream she had. Harry (who is holding on to her) tells her it’s gonna be all right. Harry then asks where his father is. Harry is now livid at Spider-Man when he finds out that Spider-Man tossed his father into the pool. Gwen tries to calm Harry down. All of a sudden, a familiar voice can be heard. Harry thinks it might be his dad and it turned out to be true as Norman Osborn walks out from the shadows. Everybody is in shock except for Harry who runs into his father’s arms.

4:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Norman explains what’s going on and where he’s been, however there is still one question that needs to be answered, if Norman wasn’t the Goblin then who is? Norman says that there’s only one person who would do this….his wife! Harry gets mad at Spider-Man again but Norman shockingly defends Spider-Man’s actions telling Harry and the others that his wife was a very troubled individual who only cared about Norman and would freak out whenever Norman got hurt or was in trouble. Norman suspected as much that his wife would do such a thing if he ever died and now, she is trapped in a shell of rock forever. Harry understands now and feels much better as his father and girlfriend (who will help Harry deal with the loss of his mother) are alive and well.
Back on ground level, Harry, Norman and Gwen are inside the tractor unit of the bus as Norman is impressed with the responsibility Harry is taking. Gwen is impressed too as she tells Harry that she loves him and that the work is getting the bus to the nearest repair shop (which is far away from where there at). Harry thinks that those three can handle it as the camera pans to show that Spider-Man, Siegfried and Roy are using cables to pull the bus to the nearest repair shop. Spider-Man then says that he would rather deal with ten Green Goblins than to deal with those stubborn Osborn’s. Siegfried & Roy agree with Spider-Man.

4:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

34. The Perils of Gwen Stacy – Guest Star: Penelope Pitstop

A bunch of random thugs attacks wealthy race car driver and children’s entrepreneur (she has a family friendly image), Penelope Pitstop. Penelope is helpless as usual as she screams for help. Spider-Man swings in just in the nick of time as he grabs Penelope and webs up the thugs. Spider-Man and Penelope land on the ground. Spider-Man tells Penelope that she will be alright now and Penelope decides to reward Spider-Man…by bashing his skull with her umbrella! Spider-Man wants to know what gives. Penelope tells Spider-Man he is an evil giant bugman and to stay away from her. Penelope yells for the police who arrive on the scene forcing Spider-Man to flee. Penelope then runs into the arms of Jean DeWolff telling her sob story.

Penelope Pitstop: “Oh officer, that mean ol’ giant bugman thingy had me in his little ol’ grasp and wanted to hurt little ol’ me it was awful and now I’m frightened about what that evil ol’ bug thingy will do next, especially to little ol’ me!”

George Stacy comes out of his car and tells Penelope she’s full of it as he saw her being rescued by Spider-Man and to show some respect to him. Penelope gets very mad at George as she tells him that Spider-Man is pure evil and to put an A.P.B. on him right away. George Stacy says they don’t arrest heroes. Penelope then threatens to tell the commissioner about George’s insubordination but George tells her that she is out of town currently and that she left George Stacy in charge. George tells Penelope that he will not arrest Spider-Man and that’s final. Penelope walks off very angrily.
Penelope later arrives at the Daily Bugle as she wants to speak with J. Jonah Jameson in private. Inside Jameson’s office, Penelope tells Jameson that Spider-Man is pure evil and wants to form a partnership with him in order to destroy Spider-Man. Jameson knows about the incident and sympathizes Penelope for going through that horrible ordeal and will help her anyway he can as long as he is not linked to it due to the Scorpion incident. Penelope understands as she introduces Jameson to Spencer Smythe. Penelope tells Jameson that she is funding Spencer and his son’s project’s in order to take down Spider-Man once and for all. Jameson is very interested in this project as Penelope invites him to a secret lab tomorrow so he can take a look at the Smythe’s project. Jameson agrees to this.
The next day at the lab, Penelope introduces Jameson to Spencer’s son Alistaire. Penelope and the Smythe’s then show Jameson, project Spider-Slayer. An advance giant robot spider with only one purpose, destroy Spider-Man. After the demonstration, Jameson heads back to the Bugle to prepare for the down fall of Spider-Man as he is very impressed with the Spider-Slayer and is self confident that Penelope Pitstop and the Smythe’s can pull it off. Penelope decides to leave too reminding the Smythe’s that they don’t know her and never seen her before and to make as many Spider-Slayer’s as possible (especially with the tons of money that she has given them) in order to destroy Spider-Man once and for all!
The Smythe’s send out their first Spider-Slayer. Pretty soon the Slayer finds Spider-Man and a vicious fight breaks out! Despite the state of the art technology powering the Slayer, Spider-Man manages to send the Spider-Slayer to the junk heap.
Meanwhile, Penelope Pitstop has an altercation with Gwen Stacy while giving a lecture at Midtown High about how she does things for the children and that Spider-Man is a menace to society which sees little Gwen Stacy bashed in the head with an umbrella repeatedly by Penelope Pitstop. The cops arrive and George Stacy gives Penelope Pitstop a warning for attacking his daughter.

4:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Smythe’s send another Slayer to take down Spider-Man only for it to end in failure. Then send another one and then another but Spider-Man always manages to come out on top. Finally out of desperation, the Smythe’s decide to take a random hostage and send multiple Spider-Slayers at once to even things up. Unfortunately for little Gwen Stacy, she’s the hostage! Gwen Stacy is then put in many perilous near death situations including being tied to roller coaster tracks, being fed to a man-eating plant and tying her up underneath a razor sharp pendulum at the top of a clock tower (just to name a few) while being guarded by two or three Spider-Slayers each time! Spider-Man (as always) manages to defeat all the Spider-Slayers each time and rescue Gwen with only a few seconds to spare each time only for her to get snatched by another Slayer and taken to the next peril.
Back at the Smythe’s lab, Spencer Smythe (Alistaire is in another room working on another Spider-Slayer) can’t believe that Spider-Man has thwarted all their plans so far and so has Penelope Pitstop who walks in angrily. Spencer is surprised to see her as Penelope is upset that the Smythe’s are resorting to using innocent bystanders as bait in order to destroy Spider-Man. Spencer says that it’s necessary at this point in order to take down Spider-Man and besides, they are using the girl that she had an altercation with at the high school. Penelope says that she did not pay them to use innocents as bait even ones that she has a grudge with and that she will shut down the project if they keep using innocents to get to Spider-Man. All of a sudden, Penelope is knocked out by a laser blast and is unconscious. It’s Alistaire Smythe with his newest Spider-Slayer…himself!

Spencer Smythe: “Alistaire! W-What have you done?”
Alistaire Smythe: “I’ve done what I feel is the only way to take down Spider-Man, by turning myself into the Ultimate Spider-Slayer and to stop Penelope Pitstop from shutting down the project as miss Pitstop has outlived her usefulness wouldn’t you agree father?”

Spencer is in shock that his son would do this to himself but he eventually gets over it as they’ve runned out of options at this point.
Alistaire takes Penelope and Gwen (who got captured again after being rescued again) to a warehouse and chains the two of them next to each other with a saw blade moving towards them (slowly) that’s gonna chop off their feet! And to make matters worse, the two of them are handcuffed together with a time bomb!

4:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gwen is shaken and scared as tears roll down her eyes. Penelope sees the pain and sorrow in Gwen’s face and tells her that she regrets what she has done all for the sake of destroying a person she hates. Gwen tells her that she has been through a lot of trauma (throughout the season) lately and doesn’t no how much more can she take. Penelope tells her to be strong as they will get through this together somehow and that she will make it up to her somehow.
Spider-Man tracks down Gwen to the warehouse but is attacked by Alistaire. Spider-Man is taking a brutal beating at the hands of Alistaire as the saw blade is a few inches away from Gwen’s feet. Spider-Man doesn’t give up however as he’s doing it for Gwen and Spider-Man eventually defeats Alistaire and rescues Penelope and Gwen from the saw blade. Gwen is so happy that Spider-Man has been here for her all this time and Penelope is glad to see Spider-Man too as they now have to diffuse the time bomb. Things look hopeless (Spider-Man couldn’t figure out a way to diffuse it) until they find an acid gun and use it to free Penelope and Gwen from the bomb. Now Spider-Man must find a safe place for the bomb to blow up so it doesn’t destroy an important building and kill some innocent victims. Things look hopeless again until Spider-Man figures out the one safe place, the sky. Spider-Man throws the bomb high enough into the air and the bomb goes off with minimal damage done below. Gwen thinks Spider-Man is dead as she begins to cry again with Penelope holding on to her and comforting her until Spider-Man shows up alive and well. Gwen and Penelope are glad to see Spider-Man is alright as they run into his arms.
The next day at the Bugle, the top story on the front page is Spider-Man saving the day once again as the Smythe’s are heading to prison for a long time. Jameson is livid that Penelope Pitstop’s Spider-Slayer project has failed but swears that someday Spider-Man’s luck will run out.
Back on the streets, Penelope is telling Spider-Man and Gwen how wrong she was and thanks Spider-Man for not turning her in. Penelope then tells Spider-Man that she knows what he’s really like and that he’s lucky to have somebody like Gwen by his side and hopes to see them again someday as she has to go back home to Louisiana now in her Compact Pussycat race car. Penelope tells Spider-Man that the world needs more people like him and tells Spider and Gwen to drop by if they ever visit her home in Louisiana and that she might consider Gwen as a partner for Fender Bender 500 (formerly the Wacky Races). Gwen (who is holding on to Spider-Man) says thanks and Spider-Man says thanks as well as they wave goodbye to Penelope. Spider-Man then takes Gwen home as Gwen tells Spider-Man thanks for being there for her and Spider-Man is happy to hear that.
Note: This episode features all the Spider-Slayers that have ever appeared in the comics.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

35. The Ultimate Battle – Guest Stars: The Griffin Family and Ernie the Giant Chicken

A new villain with superhuman powers named “Morlun” arrives in New York City and announces to the city that their city is the “lucky” first city that he will conquer in his quest for world domination! Morlun starts going around causing an extreme amount of chaos and destruction the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Grand Theft Auto 3! This (of course) attracts the attention of Spider-Man and a massive battle ensues…with Spider-Man getting his butt kicked! Morlun decides to retreat but not before telling Spider-Man that he will be back for him after he hunts down all his friends and family and kills them in a very grotesque manner first!
Later on, a family from Quahog, Rhode Island arrives in town on vacation, they are the Griffin family (Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie and Brian the Puppy) and Peter (the father) wants to meet Spider-Man badly. Eventually, the Griffins meet Peter Parker and despite the manners of the Griffins (such as Peter’s crudeness or Lois’s strong sexual feelings towards Brian to name a few), Peter Parker becomes quick friends with the Griffins (Brian knows that Peter Parker is good at capturing Spider-Man photos and if anybody can find him so Peter Griffin would shut up about meeting Spider-Man, it’s Peter Parker).
One day, the Griffins, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy are taking a walk together in Central Park talking about Spider-Man when Peter Griffin spots Ernie the Giant Chicken from a distance in the bushes no doubt wanting to settle the score with Peter Griffin over the expired coupon and the restaurant check again. Peter Griffin wants no part of Ernie this time (as Ernie leaps at Peter Griffin) so Peter Griffin steps aside and pulls little Gwen Stacy into Ernie’s path and Ernie ends up sacking her instead! When Ernie realizes he sacked the wrong person, he turns around only to find Peter Parker and the Griffins nowhere in sight! Infuriated that Peter Griffin won’t fight him, Ernie decides to take his frustrations out on little Gwen Stacy! This leads to the Ultimate Battle:

Little Gwen Stacy vs. Ernie the Giant Chicken

Gwen (who is terrified) takes a punch to the face as she and Ernie duke it out through all five boroughs of New York City no holds barred! It should be noted that Gwen didn’t even try to fight back throughout the whole fight as she was trying to get away from Ernie the whole time but Ernie was too fast for her. Eventually, Gwen and Ernie land in the refinery from the “Uncertainty Principle” and “Greg” vs. “John” episodes. Ernie lands on the catwalk but Gwen (unfortunately) lands on ground level as a ladle of molten steel approaches her! Gwen turns around, looks up and screams in horror as gallons of molten steel is poured all over little Gwen Stacy! Ernie even cringes at the thought of little Gwen Stacy being covered in molten steel! When all is over, Ernie looks on in horror as Gwen’s body is burnt! Ernie walks out of the refinery. The camera then pans over to Gwen’s burnt hand as her hand is moving again and thus Gwen Stacy cheats death again in what would turn out to be the longest chicken fight ever at a little over ten minutes comes to an end!
Meanwhile, Peter Parker has become Spider-Man again after finding out that Morlun is launching an assault at Anna Watson’s house, where his Aunt May is having tea with Anna & M.J.! Down below, the Griffin family follows Spider-Man (thus explaining why Ernie didn’t see Parker and the Griffin’s after he accidentally sacked Gwen Stacy) as Peter Griffin is finally going to meet his hero and watch him kick butt as well!

4:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spider-Man arrives just in time as Morlun was just about to absorb Aunt May’s life-force! Spider-Man and Morlun have their rematch. Even though Spider-Man has learned a few new tricks from their last fight, he still gets pummeled very quickly just like last time! All is doom and gloom as Morlun is about to kill Spider-Man when Peter Griffin (of all people) rescues Spider-Man by unleashing his “gas fumes of death” on Morlun’s face! Morlun is coughing and gagging due to the strong smell and begs Peter Griffin to stay away! Peter Griffin chases Morlun throughout the house unleashing gas on Morlun until Morlun falls over and vomits on the floor causing Anna Watson to freak out! The cops arrive and Morlun rushes to them and begging them to arrest him, lock him up and throw away the key just as long as they keep him far away from Peter Griffin! The cops happily oblige. Peter Griffin celebrates his triumph as Stewie cracks some very vicious jokes about Spider-Man.
The next day, the city is celebrating Peter Griffin’s victory over Morlun.


Peter Griffin goes on a speech about how great he is and what a disappointment Spider-Man turned out to be.


Peter Griffin thought that Spider-Man would turn out to be one of the greatest heroes who ever lived but turned out to be a complete wimp and disgrace to superheroes everywhere and thanks New York for their support and that if it weren’t for them, then Peter Griffin would have never gather up the courage to defeat Morlun which was the most difficult thing to do in his life. Peter Griffin also thanks them for creating a new holiday here in New York called “Peter Griffin Day”, a holiday created to celebrate the day that Peter Griffin saved their city from their darkest hour. Now that Spider-Man is a disgrace, Peter Griffin is thinking about writing some novels making fun of Spider-Man when J. Jonah Jameson comes up to tell Peter Griffin that’s a great idea and offers him a deal that he can’t refuse. Peter Griffin accepts. J. Jonah Jameson tells the city that Peter Griffin is a real hero and that the world needs more people like him and less of Spider-Man type people. The crowd is in unison as Peter Griffin tells the city that he and his family need to go home now but will always consider New York a second home in his heart.


Peter Parker walks home frustrated thinking about how he risked his life so many times for New York only for them to turn their back on him because he hadn’t figured out a way to defeat “Morlun” yet but Peter Griffin did using a cheap and crude method to do it. Peter Parker then has thoughts about quitting the superhero business when he sees M.J. Watson on his doorstep. M.J. tells her “tiger” that she knows that he’s had a rough time and invites him over to her aunt’s place for tea. Peter Parker then thinks on the other hand, there are nice moments to cherish like these as he and M.J. walk off together to Anna Watson’s place to have some tea.

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36. The Power of Hate – Guest Star: Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis and the News are performing at the Meadowlands as part of their big comeback tour. Peter Parker and M.J. Watson are attending the show as M.J. is a big Huey Lewis fan and is so happy that Huey is finding success again. Peter Parker thinks it’s great despite the fact that Huey hasn’t had a hit in years and is all of a sudden a big name again.
Meanwhile, a mysterious figure in Beetle armor who calls himself the Beetle, is watching the concert from his hideout saying the time is right for the next phase of his plan.
Back at the concert, everybody is having a great time as Huey still has it after all these years but all of a sudden everybody in the arena starts becoming aggressive and they begin to riot (including Spider-Man and M.J.) causing chaos and destruction. The concert finally ends and Huey looks around to see the whole arena trashed with a lot of people hurt. Huey then says to himself that he did it.

Huey Lewis: “So I’m washed up huh? Not anymore.”

Huey Lewis and the News walks off the stage back to the dressing room.
Back at his hideout, the Beetle is very happy with Huey’s successful riot and that soon Huey Lewis will give him power beyond his darkest dreams!
Peter Parker and M.J. regain conscious and are in complete shock at what they see as M.J. remembers her and Peter doing it but don’t know why they did it. Peter thinks it’s strange too and he wants to find some answers.
Later that night, Peter is escorting M.J. home as M.J. tells Peter she had a blast even though she doesn’t remember rioting and that Huey Lewis is still the greatest. Peter opens the door for M.J. only to be greeted by Anna Watson and May Parker who are quite upset after finding out what happened at the Meadowlands tonight. At the table, Peter and M.J. explain their actions to their aunts who tell Peter and M.J. that they cannot go to anymore Huey Lewis concerts again especially Mary Jane.

Mary Jane Watson: "Last time I checked Aunt Anna, you still weren't my parents!"

Mary Jane then runs up to her room crying as she really wanted to attend the next Huey Lewis concert in Uniondale so badly.
Peter and his aunt head home as Peter promises his aunt that he will do extra chores for a month and not to attend anymore Huey Lewis concerts. Aunt May tells him, good.
The next night, Peter Parker (who just finished his extra chores for the day) puts on his Spider-Man suit and heads off to Uniondale to attend the Huey Lewis concert to find out what caused the riot at the Meadowlands the other night.
Mary Jane tells her aunt that she’s going to bed early. Aunt Anna decides to turn in too. A few minutes later, Mary Jane gets up and puts on some tight black leather pants & jacket and some shades as M.J. sneaks out of the house so she can attend the Huey Lewis concert in Uniondale.
At the Nassau Coliseum, Spider-Man enters the dressing room of Huey Lewis and the News. Spider-Man interrogates the group about the riot at the Meadowlands. Huey denies himself and the group’s involvement in the riot as Huey tells Spider-Man that they have to go on stage now. Spider-Man decides to go to the stage as well and hang from the ceiling of the arena to keep an eye on things.

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On their way to the stage, Huey and his band are shocked to see the Beetle backstage. The Beetle tells the News that he has a gift for them, upgraded instruments. Huey thinks the ones they are using is fine already. The Beetle then presses a button on his belt that causes the bands current instruments to melt as the Beetle explains that these new instruments are more powerful than the last ones as the Beetle talks about their run at the Meadowlands was a success and that it’s time to take it up a notch. Huey is reluctant as people got hurt last time due to the ultrawaves coming from the instruments. The Beetle reminds Huey that the people have hurted his career for years and treated him like an outcast after his last hit and that the ultrawaves is the reason why he’s back on top and soon with even more powerful instruments, they will love him forever.
Huey Lewis and the News take to the stage as Spider-Man is all set to deal with trouble and M.J. is in the audience all excited and feisty about the performance. Huey Lewis and the News sing all the hits and everything is perfectly normal! Spider-Man is confused as nobody has rioted so far. Huey Lewis thinks to himself about how everybody loves him. The Beetle laughs maniacally backstage as he comments how everybody is in for a surprise after the show! The show finally ends and everybody leaves happily except for Spider-Man who is puzzled by the fact that nobody rioted. Spider-Man decides to head back home.
However back in Manhattan, Mary Jane’s aggressiveness rises as she assaults little Gwen Stacy and almost kills her on her way back home and to make matters worse, Mary Jane also attacks George Stacy as well earning her a trip to jail. Similar reports are now coming in that a bunch of people are now rioting in the streets all of a sudden and have been identified as people who attended the Huey Lewis concert in Uniondale! The Beetle gloats about how his pawns and their new instruments are putting his plan one step closer to fruition!
The next day, Anna Watson and Peter Parker picks up M.J. from jail. On their way back to the Watson house, Peter wants to know what M.J. was thinking but M.J. doesn’t know. Back at the Watson’s house, Peter heads home as M.J. and Aunt Anna head into the house. Once inside, an angry Anna Watson tells M.J. that she is grounded for a long, long time due to her actions and M.J. throws another tantrum as she storms to her room.
Back at the Beetle’s lair, Huey Lewis has found out about the riots last night and confronts the Beetle about it. The Beetle says that he was only doing it for Huey and his band. Huey is not happy about what happened last night and tells the Beetle that he is breaking ties with him.
Peter Parker goes to the Stacy residence to see how Gwen is doing after last night’s assault. It turns out she will be alright as Gwen is glad that Peter came over to see her. After talking with her, Peter heads back home and prepares for a trip to Madison Square Garden later that evening (as Spider-Man) as Huey Lewis and the News’s next gig will be there (the police don’t have any evidence to prove that Huey was responsible for the riots). On his way to Madison Square Garden, Spider-Man runs into Mary Jane Watson (who snuck out of her house again). M.J. is glad to see Spider-Man. Spider wants to know what she’s doing here. M.J. tells Spider-Man that she’s a big Huey Lewis fan but is really concerned with him now after the riots and would like to get to the bottom of this and wants to help out. Spider-Man says it’s too dangerous and that he can take care of himself. M.J. insists that she comes as she suspects someone is manipulating him. Eventually, Spider-Man gives in and decides to accept her help.

4:24 AM  
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Meanwhile at a major record label, Huey Lewis wants to know why the Beetle called him over as he reminds him that he wants nothing to do with him anymore. The president of the label walks in and wonders what a guy in a beetle costume is doing here. The Beetle’s “eyes” glow and all of a sudden the label president sees the Beetle in his true identity of Abner Jenkins (The Beetle is using his hallucination technology to make the label president think he’s seeing his true identity) and apologizes for his rudeness telling him that his eyes were playing tricks on him. The label president then tells him that he’s reconsidered Huey Lewis’s recording contract and thinks he deserves a lot. The label president offers Huey triple the money that Huey made in the 1980’s and Huey Lewis happily accepts. The Beetle tells Huey now that has been taken care of, he wants a favor in return.
Later that night, Huey Lewis and the News arrive at Madison Square Garden for what they consider will be their biggest show of the year.
Back at the Beetle’s lair, the Beetle laughs sinisterly as he has just finished creating even more powerful versions of the instruments that Huey’s band uses.
Fans are now flocking to MSG to see Huey Lewis perform. Backstage, the Beetle walks into Huey Lewis and the News’s dressing room with the new instruments to use for what the Beetle calls a most “landmark” performance tonight. Huey and his band are totally amazed by the new instruments as the Beetle laughs sinisterly again. Spider-Man and M.J. arrive at MSG but are too late as all the tickets are sold out. M.J. asks Spider what they are gonna do now. Spider-Man says that they will have to find a way to sneak into the Garden. Huey Lewis and the News takes to the stage (with plenty of excited and screaming fans) as the Beetle ponders behind the curtain about the “change” soon when the cosmic alignment is right. The Beetle laughs sinisterly again. M.J. and Spider-Man find a way inside the Garden when M.J. tells Spider-Man to put on these earplugs just in case Huey Lewis and his band are causing the riots. Spider says thanks as he and M.J. put on their earplugs. The Beetle ponders again about all the pieces coming together in the heavens and on earth as Huey Lewis tells his fans it’s time for the “Heart of Rock & Roll”! The Beetle ponders on about that everything is in place as the audiences eyes glow. The Beetle now has complete control over the audience and orders them to get Spider-Man and M.J. who have made their way to the seating area! The audience grabs Spider and M.J. and takes them towards the stage. The Beetle walks onto the stage.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Beetle: “Welcome to my NIGHTMARE!”

M.J. tells the Beetle that he apparently is the one behind this and wants to know how Huey Lewis got involved with him.

The Beetle: “Let’s just say that somebody was so desperate to pay off a lawsuit that he just lost recently!”

The Beetle tells M.J. it’s time to get down to business. After laughing maniacally, the Beetle walks towards M.J. and places a “seed” on M.J.’s chest. The “seed” sinks into her body and all of a sudden, vines grow out of M.J.’s chest (M.J. is screaming real loud as the Beetle tells her to struggle for all the good it will do her) and starts grabbing people including Spider-Man who is now angry to see his beloved M.J. in pain. Some audience members trapped in the vines don’t know what’s going on but they sure like it as their heads turn to beetle type heads. Spider-Man finally breaks free from the vines and goes after the Beetle (who says to Spider-Man that everybody’s a critic) but the Beetle blasts him with a powerful and deadly laser that sends Spider-Man flying right through a wall and he lands on the outside hurt. Back inside, Huey Lewis wraps up a song and then is in complete shock when he sees that everybody in the audience has beetle heads. Huey asks the Beetle what he has done to them. The Beetle tells Huey that their music has prepared them to become the children of the Beetle which he will command to do his bidding! Huey doesn’t like this. The Beetle asks Huey if he ever wanted a family. Back outside, Spider-Man finally manages to get back on his feet but is still weak from the laser blast. Despite this, Spider-Man knows that M.J. and the others are counting on him as Spider-Man goes back inside to finish this. Huey Lewis tells the Beetle to change the audience back. The Beetle gets mad and grabs and holds up Huey calling him a washed-up fool and that he is nothing and utterly powerless. Spider-Man is back inside but stops to think about how to defeat the Beetle when he notices the Beetle’s “glowing eyes”, as his power source is in his helmet! Spider-Man confronts the Beetle (who drops Huey and asks Spider-Man if he’s back for more) and cracks a joke about him.

4:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spider-Man manages to pull the helmet off of the Beetle and throw it out of the building where it lands in the ocean and short circuits causing the Beetle to scream NOOOOOO!!!! The Beetle faints as Spider-Man cracks another joke about him. Everybody in the audience returns to normal and M.J. is free of the vines like everybody else. One audience member wants to know what happened and another member tells him that he doesn’t know but he bets that Spider-Man stopped it. Huey Lewis claims that he doesn’t need the Beetle and that they can do it themselves. One audience member is upset at Huey since his band’s instruments turns them into monsters and Huey wants to rock instead. Huey Lewis and the News have trouble playing their instruments as Huey panics. One audience member then says that they can’t even play and then the instruments disintegrate causing that same audience member to call them fakes. The audience is now booing the News very vocally telling them to get off the stage. Huey Lewis gets down on his knees and begs them to let him explain. The rest of the band starts walking off the stage as Huey begs them to stay but the guitar/saxophone player tells Huey that they don’t want no part of this and that the booing audience is his problem, not theirs. Huey begs them to reconsider but it’s too late as they are already gone. Spider-Man helps M.J. up as she thanks Spider and Spider tells her no problem. M.J. says she has one more piece of business to finish as she walks on stage towards a sad and dejected Huey. Huey says he doesn’t have a career anymore and doesn’t belong anywhere. M.J. tells Huey that he is wrong and despite what happened, she still is a fan of his no matter what he does. M.J. also tells him that he doesn’t need all these people to be a good musician because only the true fans like herself will be there for somebody as talented as him and that all these other people were never his fans to begin with anyway. M.J. tells Huey that people like her still need him and his music to enjoy to. M.J. says that she will get him some help to deal with this. M.J. tells Spider-Man thanks as she had a wonderful time. Spider-Man tells her to take care now as Spider-Man takes an unconscious Beetle to the police and heads home happy about his night at Madison Square Garden with Mary Jane Watson.

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37. Stunned – Guest Star: Johnny Bravo

A woman named Angelina Brancale receives components (in the mail) for a machine she’s creating in her basement. These parts are the final components she needs to create her “Virtual Reality Matrix” which she will use to create the “perfect” version of her while controlling it through the machine.
Peter Parker is in a hurry to get to a food court as he hopes to make it in time. On his way there however, Sally Avril and Randy Robertson are setting up a giant glass window on the sidewalk which Avril dubs “The Invisible Wall”. Sally’s plan is for Peter Parker to run smack dab into the wall in order to humiliate him again. Sally hears Peter coming and tells Randy that they need to hide but before they do, the “Invisible Wall” falls on top of them and Peter Parker runs right over them while saying hi. Randy Robertson grumbles angrily to Sally.
Peter makes it to the food court thinking it’s too late but is surprised when he sees little Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson so happy and chatty together. Gwen and M.J. are happy to see Peter and they offer him a seat. Gwen explains to Peter that despite what M.J. did to her the other night, she forgives her since it wasn’t her fault for why M.J. almost killed her the other night. Peter is glad to hear this and the three of them talk about things very happily.
Back at the Brancale residence, Angelina has just completed her virtual reality construct which she dubs “Stunner”, a 7’2, 302 pounds of beauty and muscle, the woman that Angelina always wanted to be! Angelina decides to test her “Stunner” on the outside world.
Meanwhile, a visitor from Aron City named Johnny Bravo is walking down the street when he sees Betty Brant drinking some hot coffee, Johnny Bravo being the ladies man that he is, hits on her and Betty responds by pouring the rest of her coffee down Johnny’s pants and then punches him in the face. Betty walks away calling Johnny something degrading. Johnny says that Betty is just “crazy” for him. Moving on, Johnny Bravo runs into Liz Allen and hits on her too and just like Betty before, Liz Allen attacks Bravo by upper cutting him into the air and then hitting him with a spin kick on his way down sending him flying into a brick wall. Johnny says he’s still got it. Glory Grant and Sha Shan Nguyen are next on Johnny’s list and (of course) Johnny is unsuccessful as Glory unleashes her fists of fury on Bravo and then Sha Shan drops an anvil on him. Johnny (of course) says that he’s still the man. Finally, Peter Parker is taking a walk with his two girls, M.J. and Gwen when you know who shows up.

Johnny Bravo: “Hey ladies how would you like to hook up with a real man like me?”

Johnny does many poses for M.J. and Gwen.

Peter Parker: “Hey now wait just a minute…”
Johnny Bravo: “Beat it pipsqueak the ladies don’t want anything to do with a zero like you!”

Johnny then flings Peter into a trash can. M.J. is appalled by Johnny Bravo’s actions as she helps Peter up. M.J. calls Johnny some even more demeaning stuff than Betty Brant did earlier. Gwen Stacy shocks Peter and M.J. by grabbing Johnny’s arms and saying that Johnny’s kind of cute. M.J. says the guy is an egotistical doofus and Peter agrees. Gwen tells the both of them to cut it out saying that Harry’s too obsessed with his tour bus driver job and that Peter has M.J., so Johnny Bravo’s the man for her as she asks him if he will take of her needs.

Johnny Bravo: “Whatever you say pineapple pizza.”

4:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Johnny does some more poses.

Johnny Bravo: (looking towards Peter) “Choke on that shrimp!”

Peter and M.J. is in complete disgust.
The next couple of days shows Johnny Bravo and Gwen Stacy having a great time together and despite Johnny’s screw-ups throughout these dates, Gwen always stands by his side as Johnny has indeed been there to satisfy Gwen’s needs. Gwen has been so happy with Johnny that at times she can’t “control” herself and gets feisty at Bravo who of course loves it.
One day however, Johnny Bravo is walking down the street minding his business when he sees Angelina Brancale’s Stunner construct lift a tree from the ground and toss it across the city. Johnny is impressed by her strength and especially her beauty that he of course decides to hit on her. Brancale wants to know who in the blue blazes is he and Johnny obliges as he does all of his poses while telling her that it’s her lucky day as Johnny Bravo is here to satisfy her. Brancale is about to smack Bravo but decides to play along as someone as stupid as him is going to be useful to her in order to pull off her crimes against humanity. Brancale introduces herself as the Stunner and then seduces Johnny Bravo into doing her bidding. Johnny Bravo agrees and very shortly, Stunner is committing crimes alongside Bravo! Eventually, the couple runs into Spider-Man who is shocked to see Gwen’s beloved Johnny with the Stunner. Spider-Man wants to take down Bravo more than ever but Johnny’s screw-up actually works against Spider-Man. He eventually gets pummeled by the Stunner. Johnny is not impressed with Spider-Man since he tried to hurt his date as the two of them leave. Eventually, Gwen finds out about her man Bravo committing crimes with another woman and runs off to find him. Gwen finds them at a gym as Stunner decided to reward Johnny for his work so far, as Stunner is beginning to like Johnny when Gwen walks in. Johnny looks at her.

Johnny Bravo: “Do I know you?”

Gwen is shocked that Johnny would say that as she asks him why is he doing this and why would he date her since she thought they had a thing going. Johnny tells Gwen to beat it as he has no time to play with little girls and that he already has a woman. Gwen says that she won’t give up on Johnny as tears roll down her eyes. Stunner grabs Gwen and slams her into the ground real hard injuring her.

Johnny Bravo: “See what happens when you bother me kid?”

Stunner tells Johnny that she is going to kill her right now so she won’t bother them again. Johnny is too busy posing in front of a mirror to catch what Stunner just said. It looks like curtains for Gwen (again) as Stunner is about to kill her until Spider-Man saves the day. Spider-Man is enraged when he sees Gwen on the ground hurt again and the first thing he does is web up Johnny.

Spider-Man: “That one was for Gwen you musclebound dipstick!”

4:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spider-Man and Stunner clash again as Spider-Man swears to take down Stunner once and for all. As the two of them fight, we find out that Johnny Bravo is already out of Spider-Man’s webbing and tells Spider-Man nobody webs up his beautiful hair like that and gets away with it! Johnny confronts Spider-Man at a bad time as Stunner tells Johnny to get out of the way. Johnny says he wants to go one-on-one with Spider-Man but Spider-Man uses this opportunity to land a really powerful blow to Stunner damaging her in the process. Brancale freaks out and has her construct return home. The Stunner returns to Brancale’s basement as Brancale has to repair her construct. Brancale is in complete shock when she sees Johnny Bravo standing next to her construct.

Johnny Bravo: “Nice basement, I wonder why you didn’t let me go down here before and who’s the fatty in the machine?”

Brancale is angered by not just that remark but also the fact that he led Spider-Man to her basement! Johnny didn’t know Spider-Man was following him as Spider-Man tosses Stunner aside and smashes the VR Matrix. Johnny tells Spider-Man that’s his girlfriend’s equipment as Spider-Man gets Brancale out of the machine just in time. Spider-Man tells Bravo that Brancale is Stunner. Johnny tells Spider that’s just some fat chick and that Stunner is over there but when he turns around Stunner’s not there. Johnny wonders where she went. Spider-Man tells him that Brancale created that beautiful woman and used her to get him to commit crimes for her. Johnny doesn’t believe it. Brancale tells Johnny that he messed everything up and that someday he’s gonna kill him for this, him and Spider-Man! Spider-Man webs up her mouth and tells her that she will get a chance to work on her weight behind bars from now on as Spider-Man takes her to the police.
The next day, Johnny Bravo visits Gwen in the hospital saying that what he did, he only did it for her and swears that he had no interest in the Stunner.

Gwen Stacy: “Its okay Johnny I forgive you…NOT!”

Gwen then pushes a button and all of a sudden, her father and his subordinates rush in and beat up Johnny Bravo with their nightsticks as Gwen looks on smiling. Later that day, Johnny is sitting in a jail cell all bummed out when the jail door opens. The cop tells Johnny that the bail has been paid and that he is free to go. Johnny is happy until he sees his mother angry at him as she was the one who paid his bail. Bunny Bravo grabs her son by the ear and tells him that his punishment is gonna be very severe when they get home! Johnny is bummed out.
A few days later, M.J. and Peter is at the food court when Gwen shows up and takes a seat next to Peter. Gwen tells M.J. and Peter she’s doing well and that they were right about Johnny Bravo. M.J. tells her it’s all right as she and Peter are glad to have her back. The three of them get on with their lives.

4:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

38. The Heart of Being a Superhero – Guest Star: Laraine Newman

Miles Warren becomes the Jackal and is the one who created the Gwen Stacy clones for Emily Osborn a.k.a. The Green Goblin mk2 (from the Last Bus To Doomsday episode). The Jackal creates a new bunch of Gwen Stacy clones more powerful than the last (they all have Superman’s powers) and plans to unleash them on the city in order to conquer.
Sally Avril’s newest plan to humiliate Peter Parker (which involves Sally and Randy holding a piece of rope while hiding in two bushes (one for each) and pulling the rope up when Parker approaches causing him to fall) backfires when Peter Parker and a bunch of other students rush out of school and run into the rope but instead of tripping over it, the rope is on the students (who continue to run) who drag Sally and Randy across the ground with them.
The Gwen Stacy clones cause destruction and chaos as Spider-Man gets beaten by them and to make matters worse, the Gwen clones fire their laser beams at the real Gwen Stacy who almost dies because of the blast as the Jackal orders the clones to let her live so she can suffer an enormous amount of pain! Spider-Man is so upset again because of what happened to Gwen again (she is on life support again) that he no longer wants to be Spider-Man again. Throughout the attack, a mysterious woman was watching the action. She sends a letter to the Parker residence for Peter Parker who reads it and wants him to contact Spider-Man (since she knows that Parker is the one who can get good pictures of Spider-Man) and tell him to go to the top of the abandoned rocket shuttle factory in the mountain forest northwest of New York City.
Spider-Man arrives at the top of the factory and is quite surprised to find out that the mysterious woman is none other than former Saturday Night Live cast member Laraine Newman! Laraine tells Spider-Man that she knows that he’s going through a rough time and goes on a heartfelt speech telling him not to give up, that he’s got people counting on him and other very heartfelt advice to inspire self-confidence into Spider-Man as Laraine tells him about the “Heart of Being a Superhero”. Spider-Man gets his confidence back and thanks Laraine as he heads back to New York to finish his fight with the Jackal. Spider-Man uses “glowing rocks” to defeat the Gwen clones and from there, he captures the Jackal and unmasks him to reveal him as Miles Warren.
With Miles Warren in jail, the city is saved once again by Spider-Man who then visits the hospital as Peter Parker and is relived to see that Gwen Stacy will live. Gwen thanks Peter for being there for her.

Peter Parker: (thinking to himself) “Thanks Laraine Newman, you have helped me find self-confidence again and I hope to see you again someday.”

In the distance on a rooftop, Laraine Newman smiles as she walks off into the sunset.

4:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

39. A Dark Knight In New York City – Guest Star: Batman (CW version)

Spider-Man battles a bunch of new villains at a jewelry store who turn out to be members of “The Batman’s” rouge’s gallery (Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Bane and the CW version debuts of Two-Face and Scarecrow). Spider-Man (of course) loses as it was six against one. After the villains leave, The Batman shows up and is not too happy about this. The Batman blames Spider-Man for why his villains got away and that if he kept out of it, he would have taken them down easily. Spider-Man says that it’s “his” city and that it’s his responsibility to take care of the evil doers no matter where they are from and that his rouge’s gallery has more class than Batman’s! That remark angers The Batman and the two of them are about to go at it but the cops show up causing The Batman to flee. Spider-Man declares that this isn’t over and The Batman says the feeling is mutual.
Later on, we find out that The Batman’s rogue’s were banded together by a crime boss in New York named Wilson Fisk a.k.a. The Kingpin! The Kingpin dubs his group of rogue’s “The Insidious Six” (who managed to defeat The Sinister Six off camera earlier on). The Kingpin scolds his villains for retreating instead of staying and killing Spider-Man despite the fact the Insidious Six manage to make off with most of the jewelry but luckily for them, Kingpin has another plan up his sleeve.
Under orders from J. Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker is rushing to Times Square to take pictures of Gotham City billionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne. On his way there however, Sally Avril has set up yet another trap to humiliate Parker. This time it involves dumping a pot of hot Irish stew on Parker but a leprechaun moves the stew and places it above Sally as she and Randy hide in a bush waiting for Parker. Sally tells Randy to get ready to dump the stew. Randy says no as he sees the stew above Sally (who is too busy watching for Parker to notice) but Sally hits Randy in the head telling him no backtalk. Peter Parker approaches and Sally tells Randy to dump the stew. Randy dumps the stew…on Avril! Sally gets mad at Randy and wants to know why he did that. Randy points at the leprechaun. Sally thinks if they catch the leprechaun, the leprechaun will have to give her his pot of gold! Sally and Randy go leprechaun hunting.
At Times Square, Bruce Wayne is giving his speech about his (hostile) takeover of some New York companies which will soon become Wayne Industry buildings. Peter Parker is taking pictures but is thinking more about what he’s going to do to The Batman when he gets his hands on him.
Later, Peter is walking down the street thinking about whether to fight dirty or not when he comes across The Batman again soon when he sees Bruce Wayne flirting with Gwen Stacy! Peter gets jealous and causes a ruckus. Gwen gets in the middle and yells at Peter for attacking Bruce as the two of them were just talking. Peter doesn’t trust Wayne. Gwen tells Peter she doesn’t want to see him again if he can’t control his jealousy and the two of them walk off together. Peter is furious.
Meanwhile, Sally and Randy’s leprechaun hunt is not going to well as the leprechaun leads Sally off a cliff!
The Kingpin has his Insidious Six attack a chemical lab, which just happens to be the chemical lab that Bruce Wayne is going to turn into a Wayne Industry building and to make matters worse, Bruce Wayne was giving a tour of the place to little Gwen Stacy when they attacked! Bruce hides Gwen in a closet and tells her that he will go for help. Gwen tells Bruce not to leave her alone but he is already gone.

4:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spider-Man shows up and is ready to win this time but as usual The Batman shows up wanting to take down his rogue’s himself. Spider-Man threatens to assault The Batman if he doesn’t leave the villains to him. The Batman says likewise and the gloves are down! Spider-Man and The Batman go at each other in an even more brutal and vicious fight that makes the Timmy vs. Jimmy cripple fight from South Park look tame by comparison! Lots of low blows, biting, eye gouging and other dirty methods used as both Spider-Man and The Batman are so determined to take each other down once and for all! This of course allows the villains to steal things while the two of them fight and to make matters worse, Bane has just found Gwen Stacy who is trembling again. Bane tells her that her precious heroes can’t save her now! Gwen yells at them to help her but Spider-Man and The Batman don’t hear her of course. Bane decides to teach her a lesson and gives little Gwen Stacy a MONSTER bearhug so hard that you hear Gwen’s bones cracking as she screams real loud to her bones being shattered! Bane drops her to the ground as Gwen begs for mercy as she can’t take it no more. Joker says what fun would that be as Joker says they just enjoy seeing cute little girls suffer in pain and misery. The Scarecrow comes over and uses his fear gas on Gwen! Gwen starts hallucinating her worst fears as she screams in horror (she’s crying at this point) at what she sees! Spider-Man and The Batman are too busy fighting each other (of course) to notice. After a few minutes of trauma, the Joker finally decides that it’s his turn and so he unleashes his joker gas on Gwen who is now laughing uncontrollably. The villains are having their fun tormenting little Gwen Stacy until The Kingpin orders them to bring the chemicals back to him. Two-Face says not without finishing off The Batman and Spider-Man first. Kingpin tells him the chemicals have top priority and to return with them now! The villains leave as The Batman and Spider-Man’s brutal fight comes to a draw (they both pass out from the pain). Gwen is still infected with both gases in addition to her broken bones! Batgirl (Robin is with the Titans right now and thus is unavailable for this mission) finally arrives on the scene in disgust of what she sees as she has to clean up this mess now. Batgirl leaves Spider-Man behind (since she doesn’t know who he is) and takes Gwen to the hospital and then takes The Batman back to his New York residence as The Batman has other homes across the country besides his main home in Gotham. Spider-Man eventually recovers and goes back to his home in pain.
Back at the Parker residence, Peter Parker is still in pain from his fight with The Batman but despite this, he knows he cannot give up and decides to go after the Insidious Six again injured or not!

4:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meanwhile at The Kingpin’s lair, The Kingpin congratulates his Insidious Six on a job well done. The six complain that they want to kill The Batman. The Kingpin tells them that they shall have their wish as The Kingpin wants them to steal some weapons at an old warehouse down by the docks and if The Batman and Spider-Man interfere, The Kingpin wants them destroyed!
Back at the hospital, Bruce and Barbara check in on Gwen who has been given an antidote for both gases and lies there in bed like an angel, sleeping. Bruce and Barbara leave the hospital as Barbara scolds Bruce for what he did. Bruce tells Barbara that Spider-Man is a jerk who’s trying to make him look bad. Barbara says they are both being egotistical jerks, instead of trying to work together in order to stop those villains, they are more concerned with stroking their own egos about who is better and thus people like Gwen Stacy almost gets killed while the villains get away with the loot! Bruce apologizes as he admits that Gwen is important to him and that he was being selfish and careless and promises not to let his rivalry with Spider-Man get to him again. Barbara hopes that Bruce can work with Spider-Man peacefully if he shows up again and asks Bruce what’s the next move. Bruce says that he’s going to need the Bat-Bot (from the Traction episode) in order to deal with this many villains since he’s still in pain from the Spider-Man fight.
Meanwhile, Sally Avril has finally caught the leprechaun and wants his pot of gold now! The leprechaun tells her to dig over there but it turns out to be another trick as Sally uncovers a land mine and gets caught in the explosion.
At the warehouse later that night, the Insidious Six are stealing weapons for Kingpin when The Batman shows up in his Bat-Bot. The villains get ready to fight The Batman that is until a giant Spider-Man robot crashes the party! It’s Spider-Man in the Spider-Bot! The Batman is peeved as the giant robot idea was his but he is willing to put his difference aside and asks him to team up with him. Spider-Man says so what as he didn’t create a Bat-Bot and that he’s willing to put aside his differences in order to stop the Insidious Six. The Batman tells him that he has to step out of the Spider-Bot and fight them on foot as the giant robot thing is his copyright and that Spider-Man is infringing it! Spider-Man refuses to get out. Tempers flare and finally the two of them duke it out again! The Batman tells Spider-Man that he’s been fighting most of his rogue’s gallery for months now and that he doesn’t want them in his city again. Spider-Man tells him the feeling is mutual except for the fact that this is the first time villains from Gotham have invaded New York. The two bots are doing serious damage to one another as it sure looks like The Batman is going to win this one until Spider-Man gets a second wind. The villains just sit there waiting for one of them to kill the other as they get ready to kill the winner of the fight. All of a sudden, Batgirl sneaks into the warehouse and takes down all six members with stealth techniques. The Batman has Spider-Man pinned to the ground as The Batman is about to “unmask” Spider-Man (who yells no thinking that his career as Spider-Man will be over). Just when The Batman is about to pull off Spider-Man’s armor, Batgirl gets their attention.

Batgirl: “While you boys were busy “playing” with each other in your robots, I was capturing these villains!”

4:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spider-Man and The Batman has embarrassed looks on their faces as The Batman tries to explain things but Batgirl tells him that he’s become such a joke since he got kicked out of the Justice League (from a The Batman episode that doesn’t exist) that she doesn’t know why she even bothers working for him. Spider-Man laughs at The Batman but Batgirl then tells Spider-Man that he’s no better either and in fact he’s WORSE than The Batman as Spider-Man is a much bigger klutz than The Batman and is more careless than him too. Batgirl leaves the warehouse with the Insidious Six and heads to Arkham Asylum in Gotham to drop them off.
Back at The Kingpin’s lair, Kingpin ponders that this is only a temporary setback (after finding out about his Insidious Six’s capture) and that in the end, Kingpin will have the last laugh.
The next day, Bruce Wayne heads back home to Gotham now that his rogue’s are back in Arkham as Bruce thinks to himself how he’s gonna miss Gwen but hopes to see her again someday and how he had Spider-Man beat as he hopes to run into him again someday so he can finish the fight once and for all.
At the hospital, Gwen is feeling a little better as Peter walks in with a bouquet of flowers. Peter apologizes to Gwen for not being here sooner but Gwen tells Peter that she is the one who should be apologizing as she realizes what a cowardly woman deserter Bruce Wayne is and that Peter had every right to be jealous as she thanks him for the flowers. Gwen would like to start a relationship with Peter now that she has dumped Harry but Mary Jane Watson shows up at the door.

Peter Parker: “I’m sorry Gwen.”

Peter then leaves with M.J. as Gwen has a sad look on her face as she gets to experience the same thing that Peter felt when Gwen dumped him for Harry at the end of season 2.
Finally, Sally Avril has finally found the leprechaun’s gold! Sally declares that she’s rich but then wonders why the gold didn’t come in a pot. All of a sudden, a pot falls on top of her followed by a safe, a piano, a car, an ocean liner and finally an airplane! Randy Robertson and the leprechaun magically appear on top of the airplane as the two of them laugh and snicker.

4:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And that completes my Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3 fanfics everyone.

4:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Blogger! The stupid thing removed the second chapters of my "Every Shade of Blue" and "Last Bus to Doomsday" fics! And now I'm having trouble trying to get them reposted (as of this writing)! I'll try to get them reposted again soon. And to the people who run Blogger, FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL YOU INCOMPETENT PIECES OF DOGSHIT!

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man I understand your frustration, because these are some good fanfics and it just pisses me off to no end that the stupid fucks who run this site accidently (or purposely which in this case is definitely a big fuck you to the Blogger staff) deleted two of your chapters! But I must say, this is some good shit you got here! You are already better than that overrated fuck, Greg Weisman! And speaking of the dipshit, there are a lot of moronic Spectacular Spider-Man fanboys who think or want a third season to happen without realizing this, even if the show made it to a third season, there is no guarantee that Greg Weisman and his staff WILL BE IN CHARGE OF NEXT SEASON’S Spectacular Spider-Man. This is what a lot of retarded fucks (like Jesse Betteridge who is running a Facebook page in order to save the show despite the fact that a Facebook pages chance of succeeding is about the same as a petition) forget about. Do you people actually think that Disney/Marvel is going to let Weisman and his staff be in charge next season? Of course not! The more likely scenario is that Disney/Marvel will put who THEY want in charge like Christopher Yost (of Wolverine and the X-Men fame) or a “yes man” in charge next season and there’s nothing that Weisman can do about it! And these people probably have different ideas about what direction they would take Spider-Man in! This is why it’s most likely that they will start over again from scratch next season! So thus I guarantee you that even if the Spectacular Spider-Man makes it to a third season, it will be a completely different show from the first two seasons because Disney/Marvel wants to put their guys in charge, so they can have the show go in the direction THEY want it to go in regardless of what you people want. So if you people think that next season’s Spider-Man will be the same as the first two seasons, think again! Spider-Man will (most likely) be a completely different show next season wether they continue it from the “Final Curtain” episode or not! And that’s something people like you and Greg Weisman have to accept.
So fuck Greg Weisman, fuck Jesse Betteridge, fuck James Harvey of Toonzone, fuck John the Artist of Animation Insider and a big fuck you to all you ignorant narrow minded retarded fanboys who are too retarded to see that the show will not be the same next season! You all deserve a fate much worse than Lee Harvey you stupid fucks! And I won’t miss a single one of you! Good Riddance.
And as for the guy who made these fics, thank you and I hope that Disney/Marvel will consider one of your fics for a future Spider-Man episode someday. Until then, take care and thanks for the fics, you’re a truly gifted person!

Message posted by: Rock 3:16

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This one doesn't hold water either. You make the claim that Stewie is based on Jimmy Corrigan. Well, why not Arnold from the cartoon "Hey Arnold!"? It predates Jimmy Corrigan by 4 years. If you're going to make accusations of plagiarism, you might want to make sure you're not actually talking out of your ass. You are probably used to feeling stupid, though.

12:05 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

i love how you post the ONE strip that has a picture that resembles stewie. i don't like people who steal (ie: carlos mencia), but i dont believe seth mcfarlane "steals." he gives credit to modern terms, viral videos, etc. half you morons who claims he steals phrases and words might as hang yourselves cuz you are RETARDED. i bet half the shit (phrases, terms, etc) you say werent made up by you. dumbasses

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see that the missing chapters of the "Every Shade of Blue" and "Last Bus To Doomsday" fics have been reposted, although with a couple of words missing but at least their back now and thus I will retract my rant on the people who run this site. Thank you very much.

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man I understand your frustration as I've had shit like that happen to me too before. So it makes me happy to see your missing chapters restored.

Anyway, you have some excellent Spider-Man stories that puts Greg Weisman's bullshit to shame! Of course, my boy, John Semper Jr.'s stories makes yours look like shit (no offense), but hey, nobody's gonna top Semper's brilliance anytime soon (if ever) but your stories are good for what they are.

With that being said, I have a few suggestions to make to some of your stories.
For "The Monster of Pro Wrestling", you should have Sting and the Big Show hijack Gwen Stacy's ambulance and take her to a parking lot of an abandoned factory where Bill Goldberg awaits in a semi-trailer truck and have him ram Stacy's ambulance three times while having a close up of Gwen Stacy in the ambulance every time Goldberg rams the ambulance. Twisted but sweet!

I have some more ideas that I will suggest once I've gone through more of your fics but I must say that your work is impressive!
Keep it up!

Nicholas "SirVG" Hoppe

4:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm back and I've got some new suggetions for the Spectacular Spider-Man season three fanfics!

For the "Great New York City Flood of 20XX", have Hydro-Man steal a bunch of pumps to explain how he flooded New York and have Aunt May force Peter Parker to take Cow on a date at a resturant where Cow rips a really loud and meaty fart the likes of which hasn't been seen since the days of Britney Spears! Embarrasing Peter even further as the people in the resturant all give Peter a dirty look!

Take a look at this crazy shit!

I mean you have one guy going around and breaking BOTH arms of a little girl and then later on a ninja snaps the little girl's neck! It's insane...and perfect enough for some Gwen Stacy suffering!

Have Ernie the Giant Chicken break Gwen's left arm in "The Ultimate Battle", then have a trance induced Mary Jane Watson (love the idea of M.J. running around in tight black leather pants and jacket throughout the episode by the way) break Gwen's right arm in "The Power of Hate" and finally have the Stunner snap Gwen Stacy's neck in "Stunned". The part when Johnny Bravo tells Gwen she deserved it for bothering him seems like the perfect spot for Stunner to snap her neck!

I'll be back with more ideas, until then keep webbing!

Nicholas "SirVG" Hoppe

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before I present my newest ideas for Spider-Man season 3, I have this tidbit I found the other night while I was drunk.
Here it is:

Originally posted by Spider-Man '92
"Man, a lot of you do not know what a good tv show is. You all say that SSM is the best, because you're biased to good old Spidey. Now, Spidey has always been my #1 hero, but to be honest, this show is not as good as it could be. As an adaptation, bleh, there are a lot of problems, and if you consider yourself a fan who has read the early ASM comics, then you'll understand what I am talking about.

The pacing isn't that great either, personally I find things like Kraven's first episode of Season 2 should've been 2 episodes, for obvious reasons (the mutant "Kraven" should've been its own episode). This is just one among many. A lot like the 90s series, there are many moments that are ruined due to the fact that time is being rushed; one minute you're heading in to take on the main villain, but the next you're out and scot-free (the climax of Final Curtain was definitly rushed). As well, there isn't enough originality. While there are some cool metaphorical episodes, there's too many that have team-ups of villains. To me it's just the writers getting lazy. It just doesn't make for a top-notch experience. SSM does have its pros, but there are just way too many cons to make it better than Batman TAS.

With Batman, you have guaranteed fun with episodes that you can just hop into at your leisure, and have a fun and unexpected experience, whether it's a non-stop action-packed race against time, or a moving, emotional story of how one lives in the world of Gotham. The grittiness, the majesty, and the boldness of Batman is unsurpassable. Like I said, I'm a Spidey fanatic, but even I can tell what makes a solid television show."

Agree with that rant. Now onto a couple more ideas I have for season 3:

In "Working Scorpion", Melanie Griffith needs to be wearing tight black leather pants period! Or else I will lose faith in humanity! Man, Antoinio Banderas needs to shoot his load down that hot piece of pussy's throat, if he hasn't done so already!

Gwen Stacy needs to be wearing that black dress from the "Final Curtain" episode more often. Especially "Stunned" where you should have a scene where you see silhoulette's of Gwen and Johnny fucking uncontrollably and Gwen is moaning and screaming with excitement! This definately makes Johnny a bigger moron (and asshole) for when he dumps Gwen for Stunner since Johnny's dumping the one female who not only loves him but also gives him the best sexual pleasure he'll ever get, especially since Gwen enjoys fucking!

I watched the Rescue Heroes episode "Flashback To Danger" recently and I thought the part where Billy Blazes tells (C)Rocky Canyon that he almost quit the Rescue Heroes after giving a bad order that almost costs Jake Justice his life was brillant! So brillant, that you should consider having Laraine Newman tell something similar to that in "The Heart Of Being A Superhero" to Spider-Man. How Laraine almost gave up after the near death of someone but manage to overcome it and came back stronger than ever and that speech is what helps Spider-Man get his confidence back.

Unfortunately, I have come up with all that I can think of and I hope you can consider my ideas for your stories. Thanks for the wonderful stories and I hope you come up with more someday.

Nicholas "SirVG" Hoppe

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an excellent post by a guy called "Dread" take a look:

A SSM inside man at Toonzone's forums claimed that it took about 10 months total to make every episode. Naturally many episodes are made as quickly as possible so that many come back to the states within a similar span of time. If production began tomorrow on Season 3, I doubt we would see a complete episode anywhere before the end of Dec. 2010, and even that would likely be very ambitious. 2011 would be more likely. Most networks in America or overseas usually wait until at least 4-6 episodes are officially in the can before airing any, if not more.

There is still zero word about this show, and Sony's production problems with "SPIDER-MAN 4" may give Marvel/Disney less of a need to "rush" out more Spider-Man animation to capitalize. It is strange how no ratings information seems to be available. Still, if "SSM" rocked Disney XD's sweeps like "WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN" seemed to rock NickToons, it likely would have been stated by now.

I grow more pessimistic about a third season every week without word. It's now been almost a full year since production stopped.

(continue on next post)

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quote:Originally Posted by spider-neil
same here. I've given up hope for a season 3

I haven't abandoned all hope. There have been show with long gaps between seasons and renewals, such as KIM POSSIBLE, FAMILY GUY and FUTURAMA, although all were more exceptions than rules, and might have gotten newer ratings. Sometimes bad fate follows an excellent show. SSM was drafted in the waning days of Kid's WB as a network by Sony; there it had access to maybe twice as many viewers as it would later have on Disney XD. Still, Disney XD obviously shelled out more to Sony for airing rights than THE CW did, which is more of a placeholder than a network. The move left some viewers either behind or confused. Promotion for the show outside commercials on the network were nil, with zero attempt to lure in comic readers (unlike, say, WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN or IRON MAN ARMORED ADVENTURES, that had ads in comics; heck, MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD even got variant covers that no one wanted). On top of that, Disney's purchase of Marvel that led to Sony abandoning their TV rights to cling onto the movies.

Still, no word is rarely good, and the longer it takes to make an announcement, the less likely it seems to be.

Quote:Originally Posted by kguillou
I feel the same way the same time i feel like the silence could also be a good sign. There's obviously some serious talking going on behind the scenes otherwise Disney would just up and cancel the show right? The fact that there's been no word at all means that they are at least considering keeping it.....right?

Not entirely true. Sometimes a show isn't outright canceled. Sometimes a network will merely put it "on hiatus" or claim, "we have not ordered any new episodes at this time". Both happened with X-MEN EVOLUTION. There may be fear that officially announcing the show is dead would bite into ratings on the episodes in syndication, as few may want to watch a show that is already dead. Much as sometimes a comic won't be outright said to be canceled because retailers would cut orders; it just quietly is not solicited for, oh, a year or two.

To be honest I doubt the fate of SSM is high up on the agenda of many of the executives, and the fact that when caught off guard, Eric Rollman declared the show dead was not a good sign. Usually you get the truth when someone is too startled to think up "company speak".

Quote:Originally Posted by carnage899
yea, well, I hope so. but really, how long can these talks go? they get together, look at the ratings and everything, and make a decision. this should take a day, and we're now Jan 9th.

It could take a few days, but I am with you; it's almost two weeks into Jan. 2010. They surely have sweeps ratings by now, as well as ratings figures during Season 2. They either show positive growth, negative growth, or possibly what some ratings for the reruns showed; not bad, not terrific ratings. They could be mulling whether it is worth investing in more episodes if the ratings are neither dire or explosive, but more "ho-hum" or "mildly above average". Companies are quick to dump a franchise that is tanking, or get behind one that is on fire, but one that might only deliver a modest profit? That takes mulling.

To be honest, Disney XD surely got the best deal for SSM. It was Sony that invested in making it. Sony was the one who haggled with Kid's WB for 26 episodes. Disney XD just came in after the fact to pick up the second slew of them.

The show, I hear, is actually very hot in Canada. International craving helped WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN in Latin America, but I am unsure if Canadian ratings help. Granted, Canada is still "region 1" in terms of DVD's.

(continue on next post)

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quote:Originally Posted by kguillou
The suspense is killing me man, when they finally make their decision, the least they can do is tell us what took so damn long. Disney's got some serious explainin to do.

When any announcement is made, yay or nay, I am not sure Disney outright would give an explanation. But who knows.

Quote:Originally Posted by Webhead2006
yea i would hope since sm4 issues are strictly sony problems and marvel/disney having the tv rights to spidey since septish i would hope they are still working things out for TSSM to continue hopefully we will know soonn.


In all honesty, while Marvel and Disney may not admit it outright, Spider-Man's return to TV is inevitable. The longest drought between Spider-Man cartoons was when the 60's show ended in 1970 (not including local syndication), and the start of the NBC era in 1981. The syndicated Spider-Man cartoon of 1981 attracted NBC's attention to invest in SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS, which ran from 1982-1985, not including syndication (which in some states/cities lasted to the end of the 80's, into 1989). By 1993-1994, FoxKids had their SPIDER-MAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES show on that ran until 1998 before syndication, where it exists to this day. 1999-2000 saw the abysmal SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED, and three years later was the MTV SPIDER-MAN show. Our beloved SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN debuted in 2007, four years later.

And that is without even mentioning CBS' live action AMAZING SPIDER-MAN show from 1976-1979 with Nicholas Hammond.

My point is for the last 17 years at least, Spider-Man has continued to be a presence on TV with a new show appearing at least 1-4 years after a prior one seems to end. While there were droughts in the 70's and 80's it seems we can't go more than 5-6 years without SOME new Spidey show popping up on TV. Regardless of what Sony does with the next movie(s), betting that Spider-Man have some show, whether more SSM or something else, on TV by 2014-2015 seems like an even bet. I mean, isn't he a character on MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD, even?

The question Disney & Marvel will face is whether they want to start over from the ground up from scratch to make a new show whenever they feel like it; new production team, new writers, new cast, new animators, everyone. Or, if they want to continue or "revamp" SSM (they could chose to, say, change the title while allowing the storyline to continue, sort of like JLU did with JL) which would mean trying to assemble former (or current) Sony employees who worked on the show. The advantage is that they would have some writers/production staff/actors ready to go. No auditions, shorter planning phases, etc. It certainly has to be cheaper to extend SSM than to start over with a new show from the ground up in another 2-4 years, which is inevitable. The question is whether this dynamic is seen in similar objective terms as I do. I mean, what is the risk? Beyond the DVD releases for the second season, all profits from the show would go to Marvel/Disney. They would have to invest in more, but they'll be inheriting an audience, a production team and cast that are proven and know what they are doing and where to go from here. And if they chose to repackage the first two seasons with, say, a season 3 & 4 they would likely reap ALL the benefits and profits.

But, for all I know, Marvel/Disney could have some compelling reason to start over again, quality be darned. Some execs like to feel like they are "in charge" and not use "other people's teams" or whatnot.

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"perfect example of theft. keep up the good work"

Agent Johnsson, go choke on your own cum faggot!

Christopher said:
"Alex Kessler: Why don't you do yourself a favor and read some of Chris Ware's work. The drawn novel of Jimmy Corrigan that you reference was a serialized storyline in Acme Novelty Library. ANL also includes short comedic stories featuring these characters that have no impact on the other stories. If you go read the example this guy published you can clearly see the similarities."

I don't read books about fags cumeater!

"Um...I think this is probably a hands-down, obvious STEAL, folks. Not only is the design copied verbatim(except without the grace, nice line quality, etc. of Ware), but unh--the DIALOGUE? You think that's a coincidence? The entire CONCEPT? And now that stolen thing is by far the most popular aspect of that show? Ware has every rigth to be angry.
Gee, if you love a TV show, great. Perhaps it's totally meaningless to you if 90% of the "original" stuff is in fact a ripoff or as we say in the business, "swipe"(even Dave Stevens has swiped other artists' poses exactly--The Comics Journal used to have a monthly feature of side by side possible swipes). Okay, you love the show. But forgive we in the actual creative business for despising someone who does it with this much gall, who also loves to trumpet and bask in his own supposed genius like this jerk. He asks for it."

What's wrong, jealous because you didn't have any cum fucker?

"Preach on, Family Guy is one of the most OVERRATED shows on TV. I cannot stand to watch the damned thing."

Then go back to eating your boyfriend's cum asshole!


i hate all those newbies who like familiy guy. south park is currently the best animated show on tv."

So be a good little fag and go suck Matt and Trey's cum if you like them so much!

"No, the definition of pedophile is pretty broad and does include any "child" whether they are pre or post pubescent. A 30 year old dating a 17 year old is illegal in my state and will get you thrown in prison.
I also agree that 30 year old wouldn't even get the chance to get arrested if he touched my kid because I'd take the law into my own hands."

Nobody gives a fucking shit about your pedophillia problems dipshit! Now go back to choking on your own cum asswipe!

"Look, I don't know what those people's problem is. I am a huge fan, but I accaept the fact that Stewie is more than likely "inspired" (copied) of Jimmy...and I'm a huge Stewie fan... so I bought a book full of the original "Stewie"...and his name is Jimmy. No matter how much you or I like Stewie...we cannot accept the theft of creative property."

And Seth McFarlane is NOT in jail, so go do yourself a favor and videotape yourself getting gangbanged by midgets who then fart in your face really loud and shoot their load in your ugly face which you then swallow and then post the video online for the world to see, that's an order!

my links:

2:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"However, I do agree that this is one of the few strong cases you put on your blog...death has looked like that since the beggining of time...but directly lifting a unique character is unethical. As a to-be published cartoonist, I think I speak for most when I say that this degree of creative theft should be a criminal offence. Rock on, Randy and spread the good word!"

So are swallowing "Randy's" load or vica-versa fag?

"Be serious jv2k, Jimmy talks the same, looks oooh too similar, and about the mother thing... he's the opposite in that area... but that's still copying!"

Like you copying Peter North's raunchy sexual romp with Rick Donovan (with you taking and eating the cumshot's like Peter of course) EXACTLY THE SAME WAY like the movie you hippocritical piece of dogshit? Why don't you suck a horse's dick next and choke on his load? You won't be missed!

my links (don't forget to copy and paste Family Guy hating cum eaters!):

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Greg Weisman! He's a hack as evidenced in his horribly written Batman drivel like "The Big Chill" and "Death Race To Oblivion"! John Semper Jr. forever more!

I totally agree with Dread's rant above.

And I totally love those ideas for season three of Spectacular Spider-Man above!
And I got an idea for the Spider-Man episode "The Peril of Gwen Stacy"! First take a look at this video:

(remember to copy and paste)

Spider-Man should go through a place like that in order to rescue Gwen and Penelope in time before their legs are sawed off but you replace the skeletons and bats in the video with Spider-Slayers instead! Imagine Spider-Man dodging all those death traps while fighting the Spider-Slayers and not much time to save Gwen and Penelope! A tough situation for our favorite webslinger isn't it?

Anyway, I hope you write some more fics someday. They are truly excellent!


3:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, as everyone else mentioned, this is your only argument with any merit, and only because the characters have somewhat similar physical characteristics. From what I can see in that segment (and it is only one segment in the book), the characters are nothing alike. Maybe they both speak like university educated Englishmen, but whereas Jimmy Corrigan seemed to have a fear of abandonment from his mother, Stewie just hates Lois. Their personalities are nothing alike. Just how they look and talk. And again, these are similarities. Similarities do not imply rip-offs. That would be like claiming that I'm ripping you off because we both like Spider-Man. We have similar interests, does not mean we're copying each other.

All the other ones are severe reaches, pathetic attempts to discredit the show simply because you don't like it. Now, I'm not one of these die hard fans who is going to defend Family Guy to the death. Clearly the entire format of the show was inspired by The Simpson's. So what? I still find it entertaining, and I'm not gonna dislike it just because it's similar to something that's already been done.

I think the real issue here is your ego. It's okay that you don't like the show, that's your prerogative. You don't have to watch it. But are you really so self-absorbed and feel so self important that you feel compelled to discredit the show and go on a campaign to ensure that no one else enjoy it simply because you don't? Do you have to try and ruin it for everyone else? Are you really that arrogant?

Mind you, I really don't care what you do. I'm simply just not going to read your blog because I find it pathetic and pitiful. I am simply trying to give you a little bit of perspective so you can reflect on what it is you're really doing here. You are dedicating yourself to exposing the "plagiarism" of a show you don't even like. Why are you dedicating any of your time to something you don't enjoy when you'd be much better served simply ignoring it and dedicating yourself to things you DO like? Get a life dude, for real. I mean the fact is, with the exception to the Jimmy Corrigan similarities, none of your examples even hold water, it's sad. Find something more productive to do with your time. Seriously.

Okay, I've said my piece, I'm done. You can respond if you want, but I wouldn't bother because I'm not gonna be back here to check so it really doesn't matter.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Montague, excellent rant! I totally agree that the dipshit who created this blog is a complete loser with no life! Which is probably why he hasn't posted a thing since 2006 now!

"Now, I'm not one of these die hard fans who is going to defend Family Guy to the death."

Agree Chris. Which is just another reason why I think Ladd Ehlinger Jr. (above) is a worthless cunt! Again keep up the good work!

Nicholas Hoppe, I've taken a look at the video you've left above and I have to say you're one sick magnificent bastard! That video was just awesome and it would be a complete crime if that retard Greg Weisman doesn't have those things happen to Gwen!
Oh and Nicholas, I've seen your Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth videos and while they are excellent I seriously think you should stop doing them as it's just getting ridiculous for you to keep playing just so you can have a faster time of ONE MEASLY SECOND since it makes you look like a loser with no life! Also the continueous whipping while waiting for the orb to drop down after defeating a boss makes you look like a retard (like Greg Weisman). Just some pointers Nicholas otherwise keep up the good work as well!

And finally, I still want to see an episode of Family Guy where Brian fucks the shit out of Lois and then rips a really loud and smelly fart in her face. That would make my day and my girl Lois would have a second guy to satisfy her fucking needs although it would be Lois and Brian's little secret of course. Seth McFarlane, make this a reality!


12:35 PM  
Anonymous watch family guy said...

not really bothered by all this nobody remembers that character but 20 years from now we will probably still be watching reruns of stewie and the gang.

1:06 PM  
Blogger Carter Burwell said...

Do you honestly think that any idea nowadays hasn't in some way been inspired by other influences? Yeah they look similar and yeah seth McFarlane seems to be a well informed creative mind that most likely saw this great comic. He is possibly making a reference to this comic through Stewie. It's called allusion and it's not stealing...

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice rant here from Klaverts about Palin's reaction to Family Guy:

"i think people are just big babies its a joke boohoo conservatives got their panties in a bunch but u probably wouldn't have minded a black joke about obama"

Now I still wait the day that Seth and co. do that episode where Brian finally fucks Lois (wildly and uncontrollably) and then farts in her face (really loud and smells really bad) just the way Lois likes it!


10:46 AM  
Blogger Enigmus said...

Got a news flash for the the pro-FG Nazis in here:

Shut the hell up.

You may not know it, but right now, you are acting like tween dipshits over a GODDAMN TV SHOW.

Seriously, FG is second-grade style humor, and South Park only stays afloat because it relies on celebrities to draw the cock-sucking, corporate Kool Aid drinking, Matrix red pill refusing nerd fanboys in so they can manage their worldwide dipshit cash cow.

Just shut the hell up and quit raging over a TV show.

Drop some messages over at because I was too lazy to log in, so I can berate you guys and show some more intelligent people your little retarded antics so we can laugh at you ADD-addled squirrels run in circles whining.

Also, have a nice day, too. :)

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why don't you get aids you fucking pile of bullshit eating cum guzzling takes it in the butt HYPOCRITE!

You are so quite obviously a closet Family Guy faggot and you know it!

You just won't admit it since your balls were chopped off and your dick is so tiny shithead!

So again, go get aids and die! Nobody will miss your Family Guy loving ass except for the Family Guy loving faggots sperm dumpster!


Post your comments (anonymously and off topic) at my link above Family Guy loving dipshits! Or better yet, talk about my registry cleanup instead motherfuckers!

3:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and Spectacular Spider-Man can suck my balls! Greg Weisman is a complete dipshit for leaving Disney just because Disney decided to make changes to Gargoyles FOR THE BETTER!
Greg Weisman deserves to burn in hell way more than poor Chris Benoit!


3:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First fuck TV Fanatic! Those bastards make it look like you can post anonymously but yet you can't! I hope those bastards get fucked in the ass someday!

Now onto the rant of the Family Guy episode April In Quahog. This episode was garbage! And it's even worse for the fact that Stan and Francine didn't show up! If it wasn't for stupid trick or treaters knocking on the doors, April Fool's Day would be THE WORST HOLIDAY hands down! This is way worse than Trey and Matt's prank back in 1998 when they showed that Terrance and Phillip cartoon instead of part 2 of the Cartman's Mom Is Still A Dirty Slut episode! At least the Terrance and Phillip cartoon is great, April In Quahog is not! Plus, at least you know that a part 2 was gonna happen (aired three weeks after the Terrance and Phillip special) sooner or later, while we don't know if Stan and Francine will ever make a canonical (the upcoming Return of the Jedi parody doesn't count) appearance on Family Guy.

I wouldn't be surprised if April In Quahog causes a big backlash like the Terrance and Phillip cartoon did. As Diane Werts once said: "Fans rioted. Some jumped ship and never came back. The lesson: Pay off our expectations, or you'll be sorry." And even though Family Guy's ratings are still good enough to keep the show alive, they are definitely NOWHERE as high as the earlier episodes and stupid April fool's pranks aren't gonna make thing better for the show.

Barnacle, if you are reading this, keep up the good work and don't let the idiot fanboys (especially ignorant dipshits like sfsdf who deserve to be mutilated) tell you otherwise. Also get off of TV Fanatic Barnacle, you deserve better then working for those shitheads!

May Fox, Seth MacFarlane and especially the ignorant dipshits who defend April In Quahog get black lung disease forever!

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck My Way News! Fuck Eric Goldman of IGN! And especially FUCK YOU to Family Guy!

One's a shit website that needs to be virused!

One's a shit reviewer who needs to be snuffed!

And one is a big pile of shit show that can't even do an April Fool's Day joke properly and is inferior to the Spectacular Spider-Man in every way! I hope all you stupid Family Guy loving fuckers get crucified for this!

Respond to me below at the links if you pussy's have anything to say about it!;capsule_reviews

I bet you Family Guy pussy's don't have the BALLS to say it to me at my links above asswipes!

5:32 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tristan Starmer and Heather Pfeiffer are the two biggest worthless no life dipshits on that stupid "Keep The Spectacular Spider-Man Alive" Facebook page!
Hey, losers if you're reading this, you two and most of you Spectacular retards who go on message boards all day in your parent's basement, you shitheads are THE FUCKING MINORITY! No matter how many of you losers band together and write letters or do petition shit, DISNEY/MARVEL IS NOT GONNA FUCKING LISTEN TO YOU ASSWIPES AS THERE IS NOT ENOUGH OF YOU FUCKERS TO GO OUT THERE AND GET THEM TO CHANGE THEIR MIND! Most people don't go around message/comment boards all day talking about Spectacular Spider-Man because they don't care/give a shit/live in their parent's basement! Tristan and Heather, you two worthless cunts deserve to have your guts blown out the most of all the Spectacular losers out there!
Spectacular Spider-Man is dead! Period! Move on already sperm dumpster's and accept it for what it is!

Oh and a big fuck you to the two assholes above me! If you two dipshit's don't have anything to contribute to the subject, then go fuck yourselves and die!

And finally, Spectacular Spider-Man can sill suck my cock!


6:42 AM  
Blogger DecoPinkDingo said...

oh man, a baby that looks just like another baby? ABSURD! he MUST have stolen it! and the irony of a super smart baby? well, thats just something that NO ONE could EVER think of [/sarcasm]

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great messages from these two guys.

Dread says:

"Paul Dini being a writer on ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN is good news...until you note that for a few years now, his episode work shows has been hit or miss. Not all of his episodes of STATIC SHOCK or JLU were instant classics. He's been on an upswing recently, but who knows.

One major problem with ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, which for me eventually became critical, was Spider-Man's lack of a secret identity. He unmasked for MJ, which was okay. But by a few arcs most of his cast seemed to know. It killed a lot of drama for Spider-Man, and stretched my disbelief of why he has any identity at all to pieces. Brian M. Bendis is a writer/producer and I hope this error is not repeated. Greg Wiesman managed to do 26 episodes without even hinting at such a cheat; I would be less than impressed if USM couldn't fare likewise.

The writing staff for this show is impressive, but this is really "their" Spider-Man show for me, not the one I wanted to return. I'll check it out, but it has to impress me, and has a large shadow to overcome. Once you've had the best steak ever, a C-grade diner steak won't be able to fool you again."

nogap87 says:

"Dini is cool but the "Man of Action" team is a major turn off. Their responsible for two of the most annoying and arrogant adolescent/teen heroes this decade. IMO of course."

Spider-Gnome says:

"Why not I take it up the pooper and get AIDS and let Weisman and Dini do their jobs? A better time!"


9:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Post a response to me at my links above...unless you're chicken! (makes clucking sounds)

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you people are stupid. Also, moronic, dim-witted, thick, dense, foolish, brainless, completely-retarded, assholic, idiotic, senseless and possibly entirely deficient.
You can’t take criticisms, you insult your own posters even when their nice and your opinions are the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever witnessed! VICTORIA “FUCKIN’” JACKSON is more talented than your godless asses (and gets more pussy than you fags ever will)!
Have a horrible new year and may your harddrives get wiped out by a computer virus dipshits (especially you fagbeaterjones)! I’ll be counting on it!

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have read many comments on here and I say that you people are complete faggots that whines and complains about things that YOU wish you came up with! But of course, you can’t since you’re too busy thinking with your ding-ding’s than your head and that’s why you will always be losers who can’t get laid by women who aren’t obese farting black whores unlike me as I have kick ass articles such as this!

I’d love to hear what you think is underated on my post and knowing you it’s probably has something to do with fags (like Peter North) getting laid by other men!

Oh, and have a horrible new year too!

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You youngins are a pile of horseshit and complete bullshit! As a Vietnam vet, we risked our lives to save our country and yet you people treat us like dirt! You people need to show us more respect and do something more useful like turning this blog into a “Vietnam Memorial Tribute”, not some blog about how you whine and bitch like the little sluts that you are all day long! And if you did support us, then shame on you still as if your kind fought in the war, then we would have won 100% guaranteed. It’s such a shame how today’s society has disinergrated so badly into dogshit.

If you want to respond to me, then do it on my Youtube page.

Thank you for your time.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We here at the Something Awful forums nominate you cumeaters as the biggest morons since Scott Keith!
Why don’t you do something useful with your worthless lives like posting a funny picture caption here, (Childlike Empress)

Have a horrible new year and may an asteroid land on all of you!

Oh and I humbly apologize to Scott Keith and the morons. Comparing you idiots to WWECritic posters is an insult to morons everywhere!

And happy new year to my fellow Something Awful posters you guys are the best!

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear you Ultragor, even these jackasses are just kidding about the insults they make to the other posters, it still makes them assholes anyway as they could be doing something more positive like working in a men’s prison shower and dropping the soap and allowing the other prisoner’s to get their “action” as that’s probably the closest these losers will ever get to getting some ”action”!

“Have a horrible new year and may your harddrives get wiped out by a computer virus dipshits (especially you fagbeaterjones)! I’ll be counting on it!”

Amen to that and a happy new year to you Ultragor (and bad fortunes and misery to the merry band of loser posters of WWECritic).

5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see you virgins haven’t changed. What’s wrong, can’t handle the truth that you are no good losers with no life? And I can still fart way better than you! I can release really loud and deadly stinkers in rapid succession while you crap your wives panties with your shit! As everyone (the intelligent ones at least) have said, have a horrible new year and we’ll see you again in 2011…that is, if your pathetic asswipes are still around that is!

And for everyone else, COME SMELL MY GORGEOUS FARTS!

You know you want to take a whiff at my lovely farts and like it! I’ll see you real soon!

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posting random shit doesn't really make you shitheads special, much in the same sense that having access to plenty of dick doesn't make your mom a whore.

What she did with all those cocks, well, that's what made her a whore.

Come and post your “clever” responces here, if you got BALLS that is!

Oh and FUCK YOU SHough610!!! Joe Quesada is a pile of garbage you ignorant dipshit!!! If you love him so much why don’t you marry him penatratee?!!! And what kind of name is SHough610 anyway?!! Stupid faggot.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And this my Texas Longhorn/Spectacular Spider-Man hating friends is the reason why retards like David Weber will NEVER work for a major newspaper to that which I say, good riddance!

As for the chain reactions, the Big Ten started this by announcing that they were looking into expansion last December, but the soon to be Pac 12 made the first move by grabbing the Colorado Buffaloes. So blame Colorado for starting the chain reactions.

As for Boise State, good job taking down the Virginia Tech Hokies! You know a team is good when they take down a team as ruthless as the Hokies are! San Jose State better watch out later this year! The Broncos are gonna open up a can of whoop ass on the Spartans, and it ain't gonna be pretty!

As for Virginia, the Cavaliers whoop some Richmond Spider butt 34-13! Poor Richmond! There goes their perfect season!

Respond to me here:

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay tards, listen up! I have a rant from IGN's own MechLeopard and his words are wisdomic! Pay attention!

"The Spectacular Spider-Man was a solid action cartoon which debuted last year, possibly the best depending on who you ask. The art wasn't very good, but the animation was nice and the writing was fairly solid all around. We were given nice introduction to characters such as Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, and Aunt May, and solid introductions to a lot of the villains, such as Doctor Octopus, Rhino, and Sandman. The last few episodes gave us a glimpse of what to expect with these characters within the following season.

Unfortunately, something happened and the magic flickered a bit. The new villains we're introduced to in the second season, like Silvermane, Mysterio, and Kraven the Hunter, don't feel anywhere near as interesting nor were their introductions as grand or meaningful as the set from the first season. The returning villains themselves also seem to have not been given much development at all. Villains like Doctor Octopus and Venom return to their vendettas against world domination and Spider-Man respectively, but it's really just a retreading over what we saw of them in the first season with no real impact coming out of their plots. Doctor Octopus appoints himself as a crime lord, but sadly it's just window-dressing over his standard motives we've known from him by now. The Big Man of crime himself is nowhere to be heard of until late into the season, and he is promptly tossed aside in a single episode, which is considerably staggering given how much of an untouchable threat he seemed to be in the first season. Motive and villain decay seem to hit this show a little bit too early for my tastes, as one can only stand to see the villains do the same thing so many times before feeling tired.

On the human side of the show, the main plot point from the end of the first season also seemed to get lost somewhere in transition. There is a much heavier focus on the High School relationships this time around, so people who aren't fans of that kind of petty drama will be disappointed. People expecting Peter and Gwen to tie the knot after their kiss last season will be disappointed to hear the writers decide to drag that subplot out throughout the entire season. Peter ends up dating Liz for a few episodes, but we as the viewer don't see them together very often outside of one dinner. To make it worse, the same plot of 'Peter gets distracted and is unable to talk to Gwen/be with Liz' is reused for the majority of the episodes. In the finale when they break up, it's hard to feel any kind of emotion considering the small amount of time Peter and Liz had spent together.

For what it's worth, the action remains just as solid as it was in the first season. The fights are well animated and the choreography, while not the best, remains above average and interesting enough to keep your attention (even if it's a little too over the top in certain moments to take seriously, such as the final battle with the Green Goblin). This is first and foremost an action cartoon, so those looking for some impressive fights will not be disappointed just as in the first season. The writing, however, seems to have weakened a bit over the break and the show has shifted much heavier into Peter's teenage problems. Those not a fan of petty teenage problems and high school relationships will have their tolerance put to a test much more than they ever were during the first season."

Choke on that you cum eating Shitacular Spider-Man retards and like it! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Furball of Leatherforever

Respond to me here losers!


That is if you still have balls that is!

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to barge in like this but I have something interesting to show you.

Spectacular Spider-Man fans, these excellent reviews below are worth reading and might even give you a different opinion about Spectacular Spider-Man. Take a look:

Pass the word (especially to Greg Weisman as I'd love to hear his thoughts on these reviews) to other Spectacular Spider-Man fans! Every Spectacular Spider-Man fan should definitely read every single one of these reviews including IGN, and the Internet Movie DataBase (IMDB)!

Don't forget to drop me a line at my Youtube page.


4:57 PM  
Anonymous Family Guy Tv said...

I m big fan of Family Guy, I never miss single episode of family guy.
thnaks for grate post.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darkmist says:
"Too bad they still hang on to their 'youth'. I used to be a Bananarama fan to the max back in the 80's, but now all Keren and Sarah do is perform at gay parties. Nothing wrong with that but it feels like they can't do any better anymore and hang on to some former fame as they can't do anything else anymore. They still perform the same old routines on stage and lipsyncing is still alive with them. They were fantastic back then but it's really time to put Bananarama to rest, it's just time to say that it's been great but it's enough..."

Perhaps Keren and Sarah should look into other ventures like voice acting. Too bad Batman Beyond is off the air because it would be pretty awesome to see Keren and Sarah voice and play themselves as I've always wanted to see the two of them fight Spellbinder, Shriek, Stalker and the always awesome Mad Stan!

Alas we can only dream.

2:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I got to do a Spectacular Spider-Man crossover, I'd have He-Man and the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE guest star with Skeletor and company causing havoc but instead of stopping him, He-Man and his posse goes after Spider-Man (jealousy issues) and his loved ones.


The death of some of Spider-Man's supporting cast including He-Man killing Aunt May in a brutal bloody fashion and Orko killing Gwen Stacy the same way the Green Goblin did it in the comics (at the George Washington Bridge too)!

5:43 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

STFU about spiderman and post you fanfic shit elsewhere,
This blog is about MacFarlane plagiarizing the Jimmy Corrigan character (which he did) and has too much pride to give Wares credit for it.

Seriously, how could this be an insane coincidence? You must be a fucking moron to believe MacFarlane's lies.

And even if he's poking fun by parodying Jimmy, it's still a fucking rip-off.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"STFU about spiderman and post you fanfic shit elsewhere,
This blog is about MacFarlane plagiarizing the Jimmy Corrigan character (which he did) and has too much pride to give Wares credit for it."

Go get aids and suffer miserably you fucking shit eater!

"Seriously, how could this be an insane coincidence? You must be a fucking moron to believe MacFarlane's lies."

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Post by: Daniel Fenton

12:05 PM  
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And even if he's poking fun by parodying Jimmy, it's still a fucking rip-off."

And you are a fucking hypocrite! You're quite obviously a closet faggot loving Family Guy lover AND Spectacular Spider-Man cocksucker that what that piece of shit Daniel Fenton says about jamming a gun in your mouth and pulling the trigger is very true! Leave the Family Guy hating to us real haters and go back to your secret gay fantasies about Shit McFarlane you flaming homo!

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Respond to me here losers!


That is if you still have balls that is!

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2. Harry Osborn has a job as a tour bus driver but the return of the Green Goblin complicates things as he attacks Harry’s route with Gwen Stacy clones in order to get back at Spider-Man. The ending is a real surprise and is worth it for that alone.
3. Spider-Man teaming up with the Black Widow and the Black Cat (both wearing their black leathers) with Black Cat showing jealousy issues towards Widow. All this while MJ (wearing black leather pants and jacket) gives Gwen Stacy a black leather skirt and tube top as the two have a quasi girl to girl experiment.
4. Speaking of leathers, Huey Lewis and his band uses instruments supplied by the Beetle to cause the people attending his shows to go on a riot. One of them being a leather clad Mary Jane Watson as she makes her debut in leather pants and jacket.
5. Johnny f’in Bravo gets some action from Gwen Stacy…and then (stupidly) dumps her later for the Stunner. This goes about as well as you might expect.
6. The White Rabbit hacks into the Bananarama girls state of the art tour bus (with them aboard) so she can crash it into the Mayor's new amusement park.
7. Spider-Man takes on his most hated foe yet…the CW version of Batman as apparently their hatred for each other is more important than stopping six Batman villains formed by Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin. All this while Sally Avril & Randy Robertson chases a leprechaun.
8. Ernie the Giant Chicken beats Gwen Stacy to a bloody pulp for 10 minutes making it the longest chicken fight ever.
9. Spider-Man vs. Chuck Norris and his Karate Kommandos. If you don't like this episode, you are not a true believer.
10. Ana Gasteyer gets killed............and NOBODY cares! Nuff said.

Worst Spectacular Spider-Man episodes?

1. The Green Goblin crashes into some ballroom and Spider-Man has the gall to say "That's an order" to him. If Spider-Man ever said that to me, I'd be GOING TO PRISON!
2. The Human Torch not teaming up against the Sandman as originally planned thanks to stupid copyright issues (again).
3. Spider-Man defeats Venom by tricking the Symbiote into coming back to him…and the stupid thing falls for it leading to it being captured with a PAPER BAG and then dropped (a half hour later from what it feels like) into quick dry cement. About as believeable as Paris Hilton releasing an album that sells more copies than Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
4. Spider-Man takes Lizard photos for the Bugle but forgets to use a pseudonym thus costing his job at the Connors lab. What an idiot!
5. Recreating the ENTIRE origin story from the movie bit by bit. Way to show off your originality there writers!
6. Speaking of origin stories, the time it was revealed that Black Cat's father of all people for crying out loud was the one who killed Ben Parker! I'd rather watch a WCW storyline where Sting and Goldberg become gay lover's including a segment where the Stinger is giving Goldberg the best hummer he's ever had, than put up with the idea that Black Cat's father was the one who killed Spider-Man's uncle!
7. Silver Sable: daughter of Silvermane instead of Alicia Silvermane. Did Michael Bay take over this show?
8. The Rhino is defeated due to a dehydration weakness. What in blue blazes?
9. John Jameson goes rouge after being infected by spores and then is locked up in a mental asylum. Are they insane? They just ruined one of the greatest characters of all time!
10. Making Montana of the Enforcers the new Shocker instead of Herman Schultz? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Blogger Kra'ul Sheykhon said...

Wow, Family Guy Fans are Dicks with a capital D, & they defend their Crude Poor Man's Simpsons Ripoff with all the Viciousness & Gusto of the Taliban. People, the time has come to bring an end to the Rain of Sub Par Entertainment Masterminded by Seth McFarlane in his Bid to make everyone Stupid so he can conquer the World! Also, He stole that Idea from Me!

12:59 PM  
Blogger Kra'ul Sheykhon said...

Wow, Family Guy Fans are Dicks with a capital D, & they defend their Crude Poor Man's Simpsons Ripoff with all the Viciousness & Gusto of the Taliban. People, the time has come to bring an end to the Rain of Sub Par Entertainment Masterminded by Seth McFarlane in his Bid to make everyone Stupid so he can conquer the World! Also, He stole that Idea from Me!

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Will said...

..and Simpsons ripped off flubber! Do Jerry Lewis' people know?!?! :o

And Ed Wynn! Don't forget the toymaker!


Even I have drawn football heads long before any of these characters showed up. And baby evil genius is an old concept.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comments are like a-holes, everyone has one. Maybe you have two. None of what you said invalidates my opinion. I am as free to comment as you are. So YOU can fuck off. Kindly, or otherwise.

-Bonecrusher27WTF reply to Google loving dipshit Colin Willows

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Kra'ul Sheykhon

Why don't you take a gun to your mouth and pull the trigger? Nobody will miss your bullshit comments!

And if you've got a problem with that, then you can find me on Disqus under the name "LoveWaffle"

5:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand perfectly what you are saying, the thing is if you are going to be a douche bag, i will be an even bigger asshole, so lets see how much of an ignorant ass wipe i can really be. My opinion of you is somewhere between low and really low, but translated i think you are a bit of a government bitch and a liberal extremist and hate slurs of any kind, get over it man, life is full of slurs. OORAHH!

-Ner0blaz3r reply to racist faggot Stephano Soober

7:10 AM  
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6:30 PM  
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7:05 PM  
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100% Pure Love Crystal Waters 3:06
I Got The Vibration (Lelewel Freak Radio Mix Edit) Black Box 2:56
In My Arms (Love To Infinity's Stratomaster Mix) Erasure 6:44
Sweet Dreams (Spike Club Mix) La Bouche 8:30
Talk To Me (Extended Album Version) Wild Orchid 5:15
Make The World Go Round (Deep Dish Edit) Sandy B 3:51
Free (Mood II Swing Radio Mix) Ultra Naté 3:36
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4:43 PM  
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Fergie ft. Ludacris - Glamorous
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N-Joi - Anthem
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Nena - 99 Luftballons
Robyn ft. Kleerup - With Every Heartbeat
Kelly Rowland - Work (Freemasons remix)
Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night
ABC - Poison Arrow
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Amerie - 1 Thing
Animotion - Obsession
Hall and Oates - Adult Education
Thomas Dolby - Hyperactive!
Wham! - Everything She Wants

The Human League – Love Action (I Believe in Love)
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F1-11
Gary Numan - Cars
Blondie – Heart of Glass
Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax
ABC – (How to Be a) Millionaire
Kim Wilde - Kids in America
Tears for Fears - Pale Shelter
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Heaven 17 – Penthouse and Pavement
A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh 4 fuck sake ere we go again! all u seem 2 do is pick fault at fg y dnt u diss the simpsons? cuz tht iz fuckin shit compared 2 fg

Rugby ball head
9 strands ov hair on his head
Used 2 h8 his mum

Rugby ball head
bits ov hair
dunt lyk his mum

u cm 2 fink tht cuz stewie has jimmys head or brian is white like snoopy wi a black nose they look alike u r wrong 2 look like sum1 u must av their eyes nose or mebs lips ur facial appearance basically
u cn tell stewies a baby jimmy has bags lyk an OAP yh i agree the head is the same but not the face
just so u no

11:02 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. Holy shit! I hope he doesn't

7:24 AM  

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