Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wikipedia has a very good article detailing what other TV writers think about Family Guy, including this from Matt and Trey:

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have expressed their discontent at being put at the same comedic level as Family Guy. When questioned about the meanest thing anyone ever said to them, Stone replied "When people say to me, 'God, you guys have one of the best shows on television. You and Family Guy.' That fucking hurts so bad", to which Parker agreed: "Very well said. It's such a kick in the balls."

see the full page here.


Anonymous Alex Kessler said...

Too bad South Park is lame. Oh no, they called Barbara Streisand a douche, look out.

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

South Park is cartoon kids preaching about how people shouldn't preach so much or preaching against whatever is in the news. Most episodes are dated before they air. There's usually bleeped out swearing and violence. Ooooh edgy... yawn. Matt and Trey and whiny douches with a phony rebel slacker attitude.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous agent johnson said...

see? lots of proffessionals hate family guy. take a hint, you whiny family gay loving bitches

3:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um... yeah... You guys are all pretty beat. It's just a damned TV show. I'd LOVE to see YOU attempt to write a HIT series. Then we could have a blog about that instead. Here's an idea... Turn it off if you don't like it, get a life, and sell it to Satan so you can rot in hell. Tell your mom I say "whassup?" <<- see that? see what I just did there?

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How 'bout we have an intelligent conversation about it... not freakin' dis-fest. It's like a bunch of angry retards slinging mud at each-other.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i turn Family Guy off all the time. what bugs me is people in my face all the time asking me "so did you watch Family Guy?". of course i have to say "no". then i get: "you should, its a great show". me: "its not really my cup of tea".

this blog is about what the writers of Family Guy have stolen. some people think its funny. i don't.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous GK said...

It's good people recognize where credit isn't due. I appreciate Family Guy because it's funny, but that doesn't mean the shows writers are geniuses. As you put it, they know what to write since we all laughed at these jokes the first time around - when they were someone else's material.

I'd hardly make South Park a ground breaking, pivotal culture icon either. Their shows are clever spins on modern events, and their stories always tie together well, but anyone who saw Chef's death knows they're pushing the envelope for ratings just as much as McFarlane is.

It's the Howard Stern effect: an idea stops being new after four years, and the only way you can keep an audience entertained on shock is to keep turning up the volume every year.


All that said, I'll still watch Family Guy. They steal material worse than Will Smith and Eminem together, but they're still funny.

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have watched family guy and yeah ive found it funny, though ive usually been stoned in those instances. also, what with me being english i dont get all the pop culture references, and generally many said references do not serve to create humour in themselves. family guy is the television equivalent of the bloke you know who watches tv and quotes it all the time. and while hes rather amusing for a while, you can't help but think that he doesnt really deserve credit.

moreover, i think south park, though mostly going for shock value, does so for a reason. i genuinely think that everyone can learn from south park that people take life too seriously and get offended too easily. people should develop thicker skin and learn to laugh at themselves, whilst defending their beliefs. for instance, i like dio's music, but i found him playing at the school dance hilarious.

now im going to plagiarise some other poster: "Trey and Matt are prophets of free speech". You dont have to laugh at that. It isnt an homage. Also ive not been comissioned to make another 4 seasons of them.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Michael St. John said...

Trey Parker and his sidekick Matt Stone have been listening to the adoration of their fans for too long. I honestly feel they think their on some kind of sacred mission to save American pop culture from itself. "South Park" is a funny show, but I think they have an over-inflated view of its impact in the scheme of things. That's one great thing about "The Family Guy." It's not trying to be anything but a funny show.

I think Trey & Matt's crusade against "The Family Guy" is nothing more than a pathetic ego defense. And my chief criticism of "South Park" can be summarized by quoting "Calvin & Hobbes": "Provoking a reaction isn't the same thing as saying something meaningful." Shock value, which "South Park" relies so heavily upon, is a very cheap ploy.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous the umbrella man said...

I find it ironic that you took your whole stewie argument from that page.


Please, Please for the love of god make better aguments. And not just ones that have already have been said by others.

I want to suport this site but your making it quite hard for me to do that.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since it seems that a lot of you are too young to actually remember any TV cultural history, Louie Anderson did not make up a joke, and Mr. McFarland did not steal his joke, about a ceramic dalmation. It was a NATIONAL joke because it was TRUE that wheel of fortune ALWAYS, ALWAYS had a ceramic dalmation on the prize set and contestant after contestant was FORCED to buy that stupid, ugly, purpose-less dalmation. That is why it was a joke, Louie Anderson did not make it up.

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know! I find ironic that "the final straw" was not actualy a stolen joke.

Wow. Just wow.

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey,Im gonna be honest.South Park and Family Guy are extremely popular shows.But jesus christ people! They both have flaws.Family Guy copies off stuff and South Park never stops making fun of every other show! So wut the fuck! I mean yea Im more of a bigger south park fan than I am a family guy fan but gosh!Just shut the fuck up and watch some info-mercial or something !

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

by the way,Barbra Streisand is a bitch!

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey all you south park ass-finks,shut the fuck up!Matt and Trey are just a bunch of dick sucking pussies who are jealous of seth macfarlane! Fuck,south park is so fucking gay with it's crappy ass animation and cheap voice actors.I mean come on people,this is 2006 not 1999.Why the fuck does kenny always die?How retarded is that.Oh my gosh they just douche or bitch or bastard how cool is that? syke! It's fucking stupid! Drop dead matt and trey, long live seth macfarlane!

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Twist said...

All that needs to be said is that people who are uneducated like Family Guy. Even if the material is stolen, it's just unfunny. South Park is slowly starting to go down hill, but I would rather watch the worst episode of South Park than the best episode of Family Guy.

To the guy that was defending Family Guy by saying "i'D LUV 2 C U WRITE A HIT SERIES"

The whole site is about proving Seth didn't write it. Oh yeah, it's been cancelled three times. What a hit.

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Twist said...

All that needs to be said is that people who are uneducated like Family Guy. Even if the material is stolen, it's just unfunny. South Park is slowly starting to go down hill, but I would rather watch the worst episode of South Park than the best episode of Family Guy.

To the guy that was defending Family Guy by saying "i'D LUV 2 C U WRITE A HIT SERIES"

The whole site is about proving Seth didn't write it. Oh yeah, it's been cancelled three times. What a hit.

1:34 AM  
Blogger Benito Aramando said...

It has indeed been cancelled several times, along with a significant number of their other best shows, while leaving alone a lot of the primtime, lowest-common-denominator sludge. And why did they recommission Family Guy? Because it sold DVDs by the hangar-load around the world. If it did badly on television in the States it's probably because Fox never believed in it and didn't commit to promoting it properly. It was certainly popular enough in the UK.

I like South Park too, but Matt and Trey have got a seriously over-inflated opinion of their show if they are genuinely ashamed to be compared to FG. Yes, FG borrows heavily - I'm quite sure it's on purpose, there is a lot of blatant referencing going on, and it's often part of the humour. But to combine so many references, borrowed jokes and original ones into a show like FG takes talent, there's no two ways about it. I have found it relying too much on pop-cultural references in more recent episodes though, especially being ebglish which makes them somewhat obscure.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shut the fuck up family guy is the best

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Family guy is good, and South Park is good. SHUT THE FUCK UP PEOPLE. If a large amount of people like two different shows, and they are of the same demographic, then I really don't think one has the right to say crap about the other.

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call the creators of South Park "professionals." At least Family Guy is broadcast on a public network (as well as several other cable networks) rather than cable like South Park.

3:25 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Family Guy is lame. South Park Rules! Drop Dead Seth MacFarlane! Long Live Trey Parker and Matt Stone!

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Family Guy is going downhill. South Park is still a funny show. Whoever said South Park is going downhill don't know what the hell they're talking about. I use to think Family Guy was an okay show but now its horrible. Long Live South Park!

1:25 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still like South Park. I can't stand Family Guy. This is how I would grade these two shows:
South Park: A+
Family Guy: F

10:13 AM  
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6:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Family Guy is much funnier than South Park. I made better "poo jokes" when I was five. The creaters of South Park should just get off their fucking high horses. The show is washed up. You knew it was when they decided to release a movie. At least FG had the class to put theirs straight to DVD.

4:06 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Southpark guys are just jealous 'cause Family Guy is a lot funnier than Southpark without trying so hard. Even the episode where they mocked Family Guy: the Family Guy clips were the funniest thing on the show!!!

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

South Park hasn't been funny for ages. They try so hard to be edgy but fail miserably.

9:26 PM  
Blogger Sonia said...

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Have you saw its all episodes, if no then go ahead and Download Family Guy Episodes and watch it at least once.

5:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Originally Posted by Agent Johnson: "see? lots of proffessionals hate family guy. take a hint, you whiny family gay loving bitches"

You are a fucking moron just like that stupid fuck Ashish and his moronic website 411mania! South Park jumped the shark with that Kenny Dies episode and hasn't been the same since!

And while we're on the subject, fuck! Those stupid fucks make 411 look competent by comparison!


And A big hearty fuck you to! Those retarded fucks NEVER give their damn reasons for why this is annoying or not! Like why Robert Plant's child dying young is considered a GOOD thing, and no I'm not joking, they actually said that!
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Posted By:Toon Zone's Ed Liu sucks!

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Nathan Gee of the Daily Item!
He's a retarded fuck who should have the same fate as Kenny from the South Park episode Pink Eye!

Weezembeek (of Fétichisme & Célébrités)

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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And South Park is for fags!

And Family Guy kicks all sorts of ass! Now if they only do an episode where Lois and Brian the puppy have hardcore raunchy sex that ends when Brain f*rts in Lois's face, I'd die happy!

Alegraat (also from Fétichisme & Célébrités)

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and when I say drastic measures, I mean that I'm really pissed at them, similar to a asshole mod on Toon Zone threatened to hit posters with a stick that were pissing him off, even though he started it. Just want to clear that up.

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OK now that I got that off my chest, I'll end this message now.


8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Alegraat, I see you got alot of shit off your chest and I don't blame you! I especially agree with the Andrew Ridgeley rant and I'll even throw in some advice to Mr. Ridgeley...DO NOT COACH AT NOTRE DAME!
Those retards are too stupid to put together a successful program after my man Lou Holtz left. So if you're planning a big comeback Andrew, Notre Dame is NOT the place to go, instead let Jon Gruden waste his years at Notre Dame while you coach the Texas Longhorns (I'm tired of Mack Brown's bullshit, the guy is quite obviously a stoner!) to glory! You need the Texas Longhorns much more than that Bananarama girl, so get to it and escape George Michael's shadow forever!

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3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh Heh, nice rant Weezembeek however I have to disagree with you on the Coach K thing, while Coach K gets to much hype, I think the man has done a good job at Duke and he certainly knows the game pretty well.

Also while we can all agree that Mack Brown should be replaced, I personally think that if Andrew Ridgeley really wants to prove himself to the world, he should take a loser school and turn them into the next Woody Hayes era Buckeyes and Iowa State fits that bill perfectly!

I do respect your opinion however Weezembeek and you're a good poster.

"Brain f*rts in Lois's face,"

Oops that should read "Brian farts in Lois's face," sorry for the screwup.


8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Matt and Trey and whiny douches with a phony rebel slacker attitude."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like South Park too, but let's face it, it ain't Shakespeare either. It's also not in the same league as Golden Age Simpsons.

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(continued from previous message)

Is this guy a fucking retard? I'm mean seriously he's basing the Swat Kats on how the show LOOKS instead of the characters and storylines! For the record, the only difference I can tell with the animation is Season 1 and Season 2! But between the two studios who worked on Season 1, I personally don't see a difference as ALL Season 1 episodes look pretty much the same too me! Kevin L. Knoles (if you are reading this), you're are easily the most retarded Swat Kats fan ever and you should be hunted down and beaten to a bloody pulp and never use a computer again you ignorant "looks are more important than storylines" piece of shit!

Oh and I think Season 1 of Swat Kats was better. Every episode was excellent (no bad episode at all) with an excellent musical score to boot!
Season 2 on the other hand was hit or miss. Some were good (The Origin of Dr. Viper, When Strikes Mutilor), some were not so good (Caverns of Horror, Unlikely Alloys) Also, some of the better episodes needed to be a 2-parter (A Bright and Shiny Future, The Dark Side of the Swat Kats). Funny how they had some 10 minute episodes that season when they really need multi-parters (as mentioned above) instead. Still it was a good season overall but when compared to the first season, it doesn't blow me away.
So the lesson is people, never judge a show based on it's looks, always base it on it's storytelling and characters because if a show can entertain you with it's storytelling and characters, then it doesn't matter how a show looks because it makes up in the key important areas that count the most in the end. And thus give us a better show to watch.


2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems this page has been turned into a swear filled rant session about things that have pissed you guys off that isn't even related to the topic at hand...not that I'm complaining mind you, as I especially agree with Weezembeek on the fact that season 1 of the Swat Kats was better than season 2 (which I thought was a load of crap to be honest).

With that being said, I too have a swear filled rant of my own:

Fuck Frames Per Second Magazine! They are full of complete shit and are always wrong about their news! I hope their get taken over by a large corporation and every ignorant fuck there loses their jobs! Thus spelling the end of that shithole of a website that makes ESPN informants look accurate! So fuck fpsmagazine and fuck Emru Townsend, you are the biggest piece of shit in my book!

""Um... yeah... You guys are all pretty beat. It's just a damned TV show. I'd LOVE to see YOU attempt to write a HIT series. Then we could have a blog about that instead. Here's an idea... Turn it off if you don't like it, get a life, and sell it to Satan so you can rot in hell. Tell your mom I say "whassup?" <<- see that? see what I just did there?""

And fuck you too asshole! Why don't you choke on Trey Parker's cum you Family Guy hating dipshit and like it?! Family Guy 4 life!

Here's my Youtube site:
You'll have to post your messages about why your precious South Park is better than the awesomeness that is Family Guy on the videos I have uploaded but I accept off topic messages on my videos. So come and prepared to get flamed by me!

Family Guy's number 1 fan!

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

South Park used to be funny, but every episode is some lame, unfunny yarn about recently popular fads and television shows, like Whale Wars, and, ugh, that awful Elementary School Musical episode. I used to be a fan but it's gotten so boring. Matt and Trey, as they once wrote in the Smug episode, are so full of themselves, i bet they love the spell of their own farts.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Literotica but fuck the assholes who run the site! You dipshits are full of yourselves just like Matt & Trey (good rant from the poster above me by the way) and I hope you pieces of shit get runned down by a stampede of cattle you incompetent pieces of shit!


6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think the world is just getting crazier and/or dumber, Something, Something, Something Dark Side is UTTER GARBAGE - McFarlane should be shot, slowly and painfully ;D

Keep up the good work guys!

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the poster above me, you should be shot too! Although I do agree with you that Something Dark Side wasn't Seth's finest hour but you should still be shot netherless!

aroseisarose42, I totally agree with you on Literotica, fuck the assholes who run that site!

And fuck Gluenet! If there's anybody who deserves to be shot badly, it's the retards who run that sorry excuse of a website! With a big ass shotgun too I might add!

Nicholas "SirVG" Hoppe

2:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First I want to say to my pal Weezembeek thanks for another excellent rant as I totally agree with you about the Swat Kats. With that being said, I have a post from Niner Insider poster realclue781 that I'd like to share here with you Family Guy Steals posters first:

"Let's just remember that NFL Europe FAILED and this is the NFL's way of trying to show Americans that it is becoming an "international sport".... Sure, once a year a well marketed game can fill up Wembley stadium. But what does that mean? American football is light years behind basketball, baseball and hockey in terms of international appeal. Everyone knows that including the NFL Europe investors.

By the way here are the live ratings in the UK for the Patriots game over in London on October 25th, 2009. Barb is the UK's Neilsen ratings service and it is easy to look up ratings for sports. Something Roger Goodell does not want you to see. Just go to the week of October 25th 2009. uk/report/weeklyTopP rogrammes?

125,000 people watched it. I repeat 125,000 people. If those aren't low ratings I don't know what are. Outside of the people who went to the stadium and a few other randoms this game did not exist in England."

2:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree with that article above! And it's even more stupid when the NFL always makes it a fucking INTERCONFERENCE match-up everytime! Especially since it's a team that the fans of the home team wants to see! If you're going to sacrifice a home game for a far away place like London (I sure as fucking hell wouldn't!), then do it correctly! Instead of having the 49ers sacrifice a home game against a team that only visits the Bay Area every EIGHT FUCKING YEARS (the Broncos), have them sacrifice a home game against a team they play EVERY YEAR! (one of the three division rivals) The St. Louis Rams would be an excellent choice! Not only does the people of St. Louis don't give a fucking shit about the Bay Area (and vica-versa (unlike L.A.) unless you're a retarded dipshit like Matt Vasgarian), they also are a horrible team (now that Georgia Fontiere is burning in hell alongside Robert Irsay) to the point where the 49ers have a great chance of beating the Rams! Of course, the best match-ups to do in a far away land is two division rivals that are currently very good right now. The Dallas Cowgirls sacrificing a home game against the Philadelphia Eagles would be a great choice to do, but of course it's quite obvious that Jerry Jones (let alone other powerful owners) is using his very powerful political pull to block the NFL from sacrificing one of his precious Cowgirl home games (since if the NFL had the power to send anybody over there against their will, the Dallas Cowboys would have been sent there by now since they are "America's team" (their words, not mine) after all!) as usual!

In the end, I'm glad the London games are failing miserablely and if they start doing more than one game over there per season, I guarantee you that the people of London will stop attending the games once the newness wears off, especially if they keep sending mediocre teams like the Broncos and 49ers over there! So fuck the NFL and fuck the retarded sheep who support this stupid idea. And for everybody, thanks and stay strong through these tough times as these far away land games will come to an end someday. Until then, keep those TV ratings low England for the good of the league!


5:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alegraat here again. I thought I'd share with you people the TV stations that carried the excellent 1980's Ruby-Spears classic known as The Centurions back in the day before the information is lost completely. Take a look:

"This is an incomplete list of American TV stations that ran Centurions during its syndicated run in the 1986-87 season. The list is alphabetized by city."
WATL-TV / Channel 36• Atlanta, Georgia
WNUV-TV / Channel 54• Baltimore, Maryland
WFXT-TV / Channel 25• Boston, Massachusetts
WPWR-TV / Channel 50• Chicago, Illinois
WIII-TV / Channel 64• Cincinnati, Ohio
WBNX-TV / Channel 55• Cleveland, Ohio
KTVT-TV / Channel 11• Dallas, Texas
KDVR-TV / Channel 31• Denver, Colorado
WXON-TV / Channel 20• Detroit, Michigan
KAIL-TV / Channel 53• Fresno, California
WGBA-TV / Channel 26• Green Bay, Wisconsin
WTIC-TV / Channel 61• Hartford, Connecticut
KHTV-TV / Channel 39• Houston, Texas
WNFT-TV / Channel 47• Jacksonville, Florida
KRLR-TV / Channel 21• Las Vegas, Nevada
KCOP-TV / Channel 13• Los Angeles, California
WBNA-TV / Channel 21• Louisville, Kentucky
WBFS-TV / Channel 33• Miami, Florida
KTMA-TV / Channel 23• Minneapolis, Minnesota
WCAY-TV / Channel 30• Nashville, Tennessee
WNYW-TV / Channel 5• New York, New York
WYAH-TV / Channel 27• Norfolk, Virginia
WOFL-TV / Channel 35• Orlando, Florida
WGBS-TV / Channel 57• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
KUTP-TV / Channel 45• Phoenix, Arizona
WPTT-TV / Channel 22• Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
WPXT-TV / Channel 51• Portland, Maine
KPDX-TV / Channel 49• Portland, Oregon
KUSI-TV / Channel 51• San Diego, California
KBHK-TV / Channel 44• San Francisco, California
KPLR-TV / Channel 11• St. Louis, Missouri
WUSV-TV / Channel 45• Schenectady, New York
KCPQ-TV / Channel 13• Tacoma, Washington
KPOL-TV / Channel 40• Tucson, Arizona
WDCA-TV / Channel 20• Washington, D.C.

I always find it interesting to know which syndicated stations across the country carry these shows. Hopefully somebody will list the stations that carried Swat Kats someday.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With that being said, here's another big fuck you to the dipshits who run Wikipedia! Those assholes removed this excellent information for no real reason at all and I'm very lucky to find this information at another website before it gets removed from their too. And a big hearty fuck you to the Wikipedia clones for removing this information just because the retarded fucks at Wikipedia said so! Fuck Jimmy Wales! I hope he and those other dipshits who run Wikipedia get shot to death (excellent rant up their about Seth McFarlane by the way) and that goes for the retards at the Wikipedia clones too!

Rant over.

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Webhead2006, fuck Persian, a big fuck you to Venomfangs125, a really big fuck you to Powerbomb1411 and a big hearty fuck you to James Harvey! Not to mention ULTRA FUCK YOU'S TO YOUR SHITHOLE WEBSITES TOONZONE AND ESPECIALLY SUPERHERO HYPE BOARDS!!!
You assholes dare come onto our livejournal and insult us while trying to get us to support your shitty Spider-Man cartoon?

FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU ALL! FUCK YOU ALL TO HELL!!! I hate the Iraqi's alot but for once they don't seem so bad when compared to you assholes, the assholes on your sorry excuse of websites and especially your shitfest you call a Spider-Man cartoon! I hope you all rot in hell for all eternity for this!


x eleven

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and fuck Celebrity Mound! Another worthless shithole website runned by retards just like Entertainment Weekly!

I hate furries! So get the fuck off of this site "x eleven" and take your stupid site with you asshole!

And finally, I forgot to mention on the TV stations that carried Centurions back in the day, not all the stations that carried the show are not listed (such as Buffalo, Columbus and Salinas to name a few) but still, 35 is a pretty good number and I hope that someday that list will be complete. Thanks again.


4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Alegraat my friend, glad you liked my rant on Swat Kats and your newest rants are great too my friend. Now here's a nice little rant about that pile of garbage I like to refer to as "Laser Disc-Ray":

"In Which I Curse at Disney Blu-Ray

So I tried out my new bluray player with Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, and this may be the most evil disc I have ever encountered.

First, bluray takes fucking forever to load. Just unbelievably long. It's got a fucking progress bar that you can watch crawl across the screen. And repeat. And that's just to load the disc's customized loading progress bar! So it loads and loads and loads and then it starts playing.

A bluray promo.

Jumping to the disc menu is blocked. Jumping to the disc menu is blocked. Every DVD on the planet, you want to skip the previews, you hit "menu". Nope, not this time, prohibited.

So you hit next chapter. Thank god, that works.

Because there are eight previews and promos.

Oh, and by the way, incredibly slow reaction to button clicks is normal. That's important, because the button clicks are buffered, so if you hit pause and it keeps playing and hit pause again, it'll eventually pause, and then immediately unpause from your second pause.

Oh, and by the way, during the promos, the stop button is disabled.

So you finally get to something like a disc menu, where there's a talking skull who talks some of the least inspired pirate talk I've ever heard at you for a while before letting "Play Movie" come up.

And, just because the disc hasn't treated you badly enough yet, the skull is asymmetric, with one orbit, cheekbone, and mandible slightly deformed compared to the other. Not a lot, just enough to be noticeable. What the fuck!

Anyway, you start the movie playing, and let's say your friend Chris calls or you want to go get a bowl of ice cream or something, so you hit stop. When you get back, you can just hit play and pick up from where you left off, right, like every other DVD player in the world, right?

Wrong! This disc disables the resume function. You better block out enough time to sit through the whole fucking thing, my bucko, because you're fucked if you don't. You hit stop and hit play some time later, the disc goes all the way back and starts the loading process over again.

[Having now seen the opening thirty seconds of the movie about four times now, I can say with great authority that HD makes it really easy to see that the ship looming out of the fog and little Elizabeth at its bow are pure CGI with no trace of reality. Already, my appreciation of the film is enhanced. No, diminished. I meant diminished.]

I did finally discover that there's a thing called a pop-up menu that you can get to come up while the movie is playing, that you can use to e.g. jump forward to a scene. Hooray for technology, we've walked backward to the point that blu-ray movie cases have to list the chapter breaks again, after DVD developers discovered that people didn't really watch movies that way, but we have to now, because the fucking disc won't let the player remember where we were when we left off.

So, y'know, fuck off and die, Disney Blu-Ray."

Fuck Disney Blu-Ray (and fuck Blu-Ray in general) indeed.


3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The constant name changes on stadiums/arenas are out of control. What they need to do is something like this:

"(insert (crappy) corporate name) Joe Robbie Stadium"

That way the loser corporations get their name on the stadium/arena while we the fans get the name we want as well to the point that we wouldn't care about the next corporate name change! And thus "Sun Life Stadium" will be known as "Sun Life Joe Robbie Stadium" the way it should be!

Let's hope that someday they all do it like this...but of course that would be too much to ask considering big businesses are runned by morons with no life.

Joe Robbie Forever!

11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Aaron Higgins! That worthless piece of dogshit hardly does anything these days with his sorry ass excuse of a website "Toonarific"! Instead he goes about bitching about things like underage kids should severely be punished and other worthless bullshit on his myspace page! Is it any wonder why Toonarific is like a ghost town these days? So fuck Toonarific and fuck Aaron Higgins! May that piece of shit star in a snuff film in the near future because anybody who can't even maintain their website properly deserves horror beyond belief!

Lord Galvatron

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can add me to the "FUCK WIKIPEDIA" list! God that website is full of retards! Such as the case on the "Mighty Man and Yukk" and "Karate Kat" pages!

First on "Mighty Man and Yukk", they have the description on the "Copycat" episode incorrect! The correct description for "Copycat" is listed under the "Dog Gone Days" episode while the description for "Dog Gones Days" isn't listed at all! And of course, the retards who listens to this bullshit has posted the "Copycat" episode online under the "Dog Gone Days" name instead with no sign of the "Dog Gone Days" episode! Since it ain't worth dealing with that stupid fuck Jimmy Wales and his army of cumeaters, I've decided to post the correct descriptions here instead!

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big Mouse the Bad Mouse (9/22/1979) - Bad Mouse and his rodent followers steal the city mint.
Magnet Man (9/22/1979) - Magnet Man threatens to use his giant magnet to pull the city into the river unless he is paid a very big ransom.
Anthead (9/29/1979) - To pull off the crime of the century, Anthead steals computers to help him plan one.
Never Retire with Mr. & Mrs. Van Pire (9/29/1979) - Mr. and Mrs. Van Pire are hypnotizing millionaires to sell them their fortunes and then turning them into bats.
Goldteeth's Bad Bite (10/6/1979) - Goldteeth and his sidekick Doctor Decay plan to steal a gold plated satellite that is orbiting outer space.
Baby Man (10/6/1979) - Baby Man and his nanny henchwomen are making City officials act like babies by spraying them with a secret formula.
Trouble Brews When Glue Man Glues (10/13/1979) - Sick of being beaten by Mighty Man and Yukk, the villain Glue Man hatches a plan to steal chemicals that will create a formula to turn himself into Super-Glue Man upon obtaining a scientist named Dr. Stickol.
Shake Up with Ms. Make-Up (10/13/1979) - Miss Make-Up, the most beautiful criminal that ever lived, plans to steal a scroll that contains Cleopatra's beauty secrets.
Bad News Snooze (10/20/1979) - Madame Sleep and her henchmen Lazy and Tired steal King Ledus' ring. She plans to use the ring which is a key to unlock the vault at the Lagovian Embassy, steal the Lagovian Lion Statue and hold it for a ransom of $10,000,000,000.
Coach Crime's Big Play (10/20/1979) - To infiltrate Coach Crime's gang of thieves and figure out who his real identity is, Mighty Man and Yukk pose as safecrackers.
Public Rooster #1 (10/27/1979) - The Rooster steals an anti-gravity machine which he uses to commit numerous dastardly crimes in order to make himself Public Enemy #1.
Rob Around the Clock (10/27/1979) - The Time Keeper and his henchmen Minute Man and Second Hand Rose are freezing time. They then commit crimes resulting in an unstoppable crime spree.
The Perils of Paulette (11/3/1979) - The maniacal Handhead tries to force a movie studio to replace their actress Paulette with his girlfriend Billy by sabotaging their latest movie.
The Dangerous Dr. Gadgets (11/3/1979) - In a plot to discredit Mighty Man and Yukk, Dr. Rufus T. Gadgets sets up his own crimes so that he can be the hero of the city.
Bye Bye Biplane (11/10/1979) - Baron Brute steals an amnesia machine and plans to use it to win a space shuttle contract by sabotaging his opponent.
Beach Bum's Crime Wave (11/10/1979) - Mighty Man and Yukk encounter Beach Bum, a villain who uses his surfing talents and advanced technology to steal anything valuable including King Neptune's golden trident.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Fiendish Fishface (11/17/1979) - Fishface uses his trained dolphins to capture millionaires on their yachts and has his henchmen disguise themselves as them.
Catman (11/17/1979) - A cat burgular named Catman uses his trained jungle cats to steal the worlds largest diamond.
Kragg the Conqueror (11/24/1979) - A scientist named Dr. Lash thaws out a viking warrior named Kragg the Conqueror and his hound. He then plans to use them to abduct the mayor, the police chief, and Mighty Man.
The Menacing Mindreader (11/24/1979) - Miro The Mentalist uses a mindreading machine that enables him to steal valuable information from the brains of his victims.
Dog Gone Days (12/1/1979) - The Dog Catcher uses sonic sounds to capture dogs so he can eliminate them.
The Evil Evo-Ray (12/1/1979) - Future Man, a fully-evolved human with futuristic powers, plans to turn the whole of mankind into cavemen.
The Video Villain (12/8/1979) - Camera Man uses his 3-D camera to travel through any television in the city and commit robberies.
Krime Klown's Circus of Evil (12/8/1979) - Krime Klown uses his Krime Kazoo to turn the citizens into his circus henchmen.
Copycat (12/15/1979) - Copycat and his henchman Ivan plot to steal the fortune and money belt of oil tychoon Bucks Galore.
The Sinister Super Suit (12/15/1979) - Former TV villain Nefario creates a super suit which enables him to stay one step ahead of Mighty Man and Yukk while he is committing a series of crimes.
The Malevolent Marble Man (12/22/1979) - Marble Man uses a device to bring statues to life in a plot to drive out the citizens and claim the city for themselves.
Evil Notions with Evila's Potions (12/22/1979) - Evila the Witch enchants the city's gems into following her back to her house.
The Diabolical Dr. Locust (12/29/1979) - Dr. Locust attempts to steal three ancient Chinese junks that once combined creates a robotic warrior.
Where There's a Will, There's a Creep (12/29/1979) - Stanley Johnson is set to inherit a fortune if he spends the night in a haunted house. The only problem is the Creep and his henchman Clyde plan to kidnap Stanley so that the Creep inherits the money himself.
Doctor Icicle (1/5/1980) - Doctor Icicle and his sidekick Frosty are kidnapping renowned scientists in order to build a super freezing machine that will freeze the sun.
The Glutunous Glop (1/5/1980) - An evil professor named Sanfon Vulch creates Glop, a monster that can eat its way though anything. Glop is sent to Brandon Brewster's house to eat through his safe and steal a set of valuable blueprints.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For "Karate Kat", everyone claims that Karate Kat has 25 episodes but that is bullshit! Karate Kat has 26 episodes! I know it because I have a copy of the episode not listed on these sites, "The Kitten Klub Kaper"! If you don't believe me then think about this, the other three Comic Strip shows (Tiger Sharks, Street Frogs and the Mini-Monsters) all have 26 episodes but Karate Kat only has 25? Plus 26 is considered one of the "Magic Numbers" in the TV industry (check out how many other shows have had 26 episode seasons) so when you add this all up, Karate Kat quite obviously has 26 episodes as well!
No doubt the stupid fucks at Wikipedia and other retarded sites got the 25 episode thing from that retarded fuck Jeff Lenburg (more on that asswipe later) and his super shitty book "The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons" which listed all the Karate Kat episodes with the exception of (you guessed it) "The Kitten Klub Kaper"!
So here is a list of ALL 26 episodes of Karate Kat.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

01. The Katzenheimer Kaper
02. The Sardine Turnover Kaper
03. The Mousemobile Kaper
04. The Crow Key Kaper
05. The Kata Hari Kaper
06. The Picat-So Kaper
07. Ticktocking Along
08. The Koffee Kup Kaper
09. Kat Tracks
10. The Bank Heist
11. The Kitten Klub Kaper
12. The Tabby Tire Tracker (A.K.A. The Building Bandit Case)
13. Kats Ahoy
14. The Pink Sphinx
15. The Cousin Kaper
16. The Bathtub Bandits
17. Pretty Kitty Kaper
18. The Kattensniffer Kaper
19. The Kats 'N Bats Kaper
20. The Tabby Telemann Kaper
21. Kat Goes Ape
22. The Ghost of Legs Larue
23. Kat's Paw
24. The Twin Brother Kaper
25. The Amnesia Kaper
26. The Lonely Hearts Kaper

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, the fucks at Wikipedia have Chow-Baby's (not Ciaobaby) name wrong! Plus Larry Kenney was NOT the voice of Karate Kat, Robert McFadden was (go watch Silverhawks and listen to Steelwill's voice and compare it to Karate Kat's).

Here are the list of voice actors on Karate Kat and their roles:

Karate Kat, Katmandu = Robert McFadden
Big Poppa, Sumo Sai, Kat Gut = Earl Hammond
Katatonic, Boom Boom Burmese = Larry Kenney
Chow Baby, Meow Baby = Maggie Jakobson
Big Momma/Katie McClaw = Gerianne Raphael

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So fuck Wikipedia, fuck Jimmy Wales, fuck his army of retards and a big hearty fuck you to all the retards who believe in his army of retards & Jeff Lenburg's bullshit!
Speaking of Lenburg, fuck that faggy face faggot for his shitty cartoon encyclopedias full of errors galore and not fixing them in even more shittier installments that don't even have an episode listings for the shows! That faggot piece of shit deserves to star in snuff films galore (as mentioned in the excellent Aaron Higgins rant above) which would spare us from anymore of his shitty encyclopedias forever! So fuck Jeff Lenburg and fuck all the assholes who support his bullshit!

All right, rant over.

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice rant on Mega Man 10 that I found one night, take a look:

"Well it seem Capcom has become retarded in the Mega Man franchise as of late. With the recent release of Mega Man 9 after a decade from the release of Mega Man 8 we are now seeing Mega Man 10 quite quickly.

It is all well in good that Capcom is making use of the Downloadable feature for the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360, but let's face it here; the reason why Capcom is making a Mega Man 10 in 8-Bit AGAIN mind you is because it is incredibly easy to make nowadays. Game Hackers can make new versions of Mega Man's 1-8 and even make totally new layouts in Mega Man games, for example Mega Man No Constancy.

Everyone is getting so hyped up that Mega Man 10 is going to be in 8-Bit. Despite that Mega Man 9 is possibly one of the worst Mega Man games I ever played because Capcom only did it to make a quick buck because on how EASY it is to make 8-bit games today and then tried to make a half ass story on why Bass wasn't in it or losing of the charge shot and slide.

It takes no effort to beat Mega Man 9, absolutely none and Mega Man 10 is going to have an “easy” mode? Yeah good job Capcom. I would rather see a Mega Man Legends 3 because you only have three games total in that part of your franchise. (I include Misadventures of Tron Bonne as well as the other two Mega Man Legends games)

I bet everyone is going to call me a graphics whore and say that MM9 is awesome and MM10 is going to be awesome. Fuck you guys, you did not give two shits when Mega Man 5 and Mega Man 6 were released back in the days of the NES, you wanted to see a transition from 8-bit so bad you could of tasted it. You are probably going to tell me MM5 and MM6 sucked too, may I ask why? Because Mega Man has the Charge Shot and slide? Oh wait because the game was probably too easy. Well news flash people so was Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 is going to be no different.


Capcom when are you going to get the net that 8-Bit is dead? I do not want to buy $200+ systems to play a fucking 8-bit game, I can either use and emulator and rom or go actually buy an NES to play 8-bit games. The nostalgia fans are especially the hypocrites too because of what I said before, they didn't care about MM5 or MM6. Games have evolved and there is even a fan game MM10 that is being made which I may try out along with MM10 and compare both games, it will be rather hilarious if the fan game turns out to be better.

In short, Capcom step up your game with the Classic franchise. All you are doing is being lazy by using 8-bit in your recent Mega Man games. I would love to see a Mega Man Legends 3 in the RECENT graphic time with the same gameplay and a Mega Man X9.

Oh by the way, Kill Dr. Wily already and have him release Zero already as the final battle for Mega Man, Bass, and Proto Man. I mean after the insulting way you killed off the clearly superior villain Sigma by using the Emo known as Lumine, Zero should kill Dr. Wily by betraying him and finally bringing in the Maverick Wars.

Added note: I will not take this down, this is my opinion and I stick by it."

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another piece from the same place:

"Well I kind of agree and disagree at the same time, Megaman as a straight Sidescrolling platformer/shooter, wouldn't transition well to full 3-D like Mario did.

But I do agree. Perhaps if Capcom met in the middle with a 2.5 D game (Personally, I love 2.5 D, It gives the old school feel of a 2-D game, but the nice look of a newer title)

I mean, Seeing a 3D megaman, running around platforming while a 3D backrdrop, I think it would be a pretty good game. but that's just me

2.5d is something that either works Extremely well (Street Fighter 4), Or Falls flat. It all depends.

Not to mention the fact that Capcom is seriously starting to run out of ideas for robot masters. As Funny as Sheepman is, IT's a pretty fucking lame robot master"

And the sad thing is that Sheep Man is probably not the stupidest robot in that game, Pump Man wins that honor in my book! Stupid name, stupid design! I sure can't wait to see Mega Man fight Toilet Man in a sewage steel cage match (with Master Shake (of Aqua Teen Hunger Force fame) as the special referee of course) in Mega Man 11!
This shit is the reason why the creator of Mega Man is basically the Lorne Michaels (creator of Saturday Night Live) of video games and why both wash ups need to be shot way more than Seth McFarlane!
Okay now I'm done.


2:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think I'm losing the monitor, it's a fairly new laptop designed for Windows XP by Dell. I'm renting to own it and before I'm done paying it off I want to make sure nothing is wrong with it. I don't use up a lot of space more 2/3rds of the hard drive memory is still available. No viruses ect. The laptop tends to get hot, so I have an icepack wrapped in plastic to keep it cool and protect against moisture. It's doing a great job at keeping cool. So if anyone has any suggestions as to what it is and what I should tell the ppl at RAC, I'd like to know what. Refs preferred. [url=]santoramaa[/url]

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the reason why Capcom is making a Mega Man 10 in 8-Bit AGAIN mind you is because it is incredibly easy to make nowadays."

Not to mention very cheap too, especially in these hard economic times.

"Despite that Mega Man 9 is possibly one of the worst Mega Man games I ever played because Capcom only did it to make a quick buck because on how EASY it is to make 8-bit games today and then tried to make a half ass story on why Bass wasn't in it or losing of the charge shot and slide."

Indeed, Mega Man 9 was such a rush job and since the game is so cheap to make, then Capcom only needed to sell enough copies to make a profit. Of course, that doesn't mean that Mega Man 9 is a long term success and I bet my money that the more expensive Mega Man 8 sold more copies than the number of times Mega Man 9 was downloaded! Thus proving that Mega Man 9 will be long forgotten in the years to come while 2 and 3 will continue to be considered the best ones in the series.

"I would rather see a Mega Man Legends 3 because you only have three games total in that part of your franchise."

Don't forget "Rockman DASH Great Five-Island Adventure" for Japanese mobile phones as well.


Just another reason why Keiji Inafune needs to fucking die already! (and what's his beef with Mega Man 3? That game was awesome for crying out loud! Sheesh...)

"The nostalgia fans are especially the hypocrites too because of what I said before, they didn't care about MM5 or MM6."

Exactly. Those ignorant retarded fanboys (along with the Grand Theft Auto, Spectacular Spider-Man and especially Sony fanboys) need to be fucking tortured to death and die a slow painful death! Every single one of these ignorant pieces of shit!

3:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"it will be rather hilarious if the fan game turns out to be better."

I personally wouldn't be surprised. Hard Hat 3 is way better than Mega Man 9! And I bet upcoming hacks like Mega Man Ultra 2 and Mega Man Forever (complete with their own version of Solar Man) will turn out to be better than Mega Man 10 as well!

"I would love to see a Mega Man Legends 3 in the RECENT graphic time with the same gameplay and a Mega Man X9."

Mega Man Legends 3? Yes, I too would like to see one.
Mega Man X9? No, I think that series has outlived it's usefulness at this point and I'd rather not see another one.

"I mean after the insulting way you killed off the clearly superior villain Sigma by using the Emo known as Lumine, Zero should kill Dr. Wily by betraying him and finally bringing in the Maverick Wars."

I know! Lumine is a fucking pile of shit! Red (from Mega Man X7) would have been a good final boss if Capcom didn't want Sigma as a final boss for a change! And I definately love the idea of having Zero as a final boss so kudos to you!

Finally, while Konami is basically doing the same thing with the "Rebirth's" of Castlevania, Gradius and Contra, at least they are putting a little more effort into them by molding them after the 16-bit versions and not the fucking 8-bit ones like Mega Man. So I tend to go a little easier on them than I am towards Mega Man (although Konami should have molded the rebirth's of Gradius and Castlevania after Gradius Gaiden and Super Castlevania 4 instead of Gradius 3 and Dracula X but that's another rant for another day).
On the bright side, everybody knows (except for the retards of course) that Mega Man 9 is a pile of shit and will most likely not purchase Mega Man 10 since it won't be any different from the first six games and thus Mega Man 10 will sell worse than 9 (but not worse enough to not make a profit unfortunately) and be forgotton very quickly thus making it the long term flop that it is! Personally, it's time to kill this franchise once and for all or at least kill Keiji Inafune and get some new blood in there sort of like how some new blood came in and cleaned up the mess that the creators of Wizardry made with the fourth game and hopefully Mega Man will find peace one day. But until then, Mega Man will continue to suffer for the time being.


3:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an HP Pavilion dv6000 with Windows Vista. My mouse locks up and the computer freezes. I thought it was a virus but after running a scan, it still kept happening. I tried cleaning up my registry but I don't think that helped. HP was no help to me so what should I do? [url=]santoramaa[/url]

3:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I have an HP Pavilion dv6000 with Windows Vista. My mouse locks up and the computer freezes. I thought it was a virus but after running a scan, it still kept happening. I tried cleaning up my registry but I don't think that helped. HP was no help to me so what should I do?"

Why don't you bye a gun, put it next to your head and pull the trigger you miserable piece of shit! You won't be missed!

Oh and Family Guy is for gays and homosexuals asswipes!

THE QUEEN OF THE FARTS! (copy and paste retards and post your responces to me at the link above...unless you have NO BALLS that is!)

5:08 AM  
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7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First to the spammer above me, fuck you!

Fuck Speed Demos Archive! Those fucking pieces of shit first started posting their videos as a monthly package (rather than posting each game individualy like they used to do and the way it's suppose to be done) back in 2008 on the Internet Archive! This makes it a pain in the fucking ass to find a certain game you're looking for and now those stupid fucks are posting their videos in a WEEKLY package now! Which makes it even more difficult to find certain videos now more than ever! And what's with this stupid Charity Marathon bullshit? NOBODY GIVES A FUCKING SHIT (except the fucking retards of course) ABOUT SOME SHITTY CHARITY! I hope that retarded fuck Nolan Pflug (what kind of fucking name is that anyway?) and his army of retards all get pummeld by the fucking commies along with that stupid charity as well for wasting time with this bullshit and for not posting the videos individualy anymore on Internet Archive, every single one of those ignorant fucks!

Go to TASVideos instead, even though they don't post their stuff on Internet Archive at least their stuff is more exciting (thanks to use of emulators that the fucks at SDA don't allow) and their stuff is easy to find plus no bullshit (time wasting) charity's!

Also, for those who don't have (or don't want to use) an emulator, just post the videos directly to the Internet Archive (rather than through the bullshit way that is the SDA) and you'll be good!

TASVideos 4 life!

Fuck Speed Demos Archive straight to hell!

Sarah Chino

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a great post from "meister" from O'

" is all about smoke and mirrors. He continually lies to his visitors. I can explain his real history in great detail if you're interested but Brett Walton, the site's founder, is nothing more than a petty manipulator and illusionist. The problem is, he sees nothing wrong with what he's doing. It really does boil down to the fact that his visitors believe what he's posted in his "Methodology" section. For the record, he's lying to his visitors. He doesn't collect data from retailers. All of vgchartz's figures are guesstimates. He TAKES charted information and best sellers lists from online stores like Amazon (this is how he's able to get a ballpark Top 10 list each week/month), and from stores like Wal-mart, Target and Gamecrazy, then fits that data to chart positions, using publicly available historical information from NPD, Famitsu and other reputable firms for reference. In reality, he uses public chart positions, press releases and shipment figures to come up with sales figures. Don't believe any of this? Ask him!

This is NOT Brett Walton's (vgchartz) proprietary information, nor is this information something that a real analyst couldn't compile with a little hard work and common sense but at the end of the day it's all about making it easy. Ahhh, that's why we have to love the Internet. There's no longer a need for integrity. Just point and shoot ... I mean, click.

vgchartz's information belongs to the market research firms and retailers he's lifting it from. He should give credit where credit is due. He's making a name for himself off the hard work of others. Wal-Mart, Target, GameCrazy, NPD, Famitsu, Chart Track, Amazon ... the list is large but not nearly as large as Brett Walton's ego."

(continue on next post)

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(continued from last post)

In addition to that, that fucking piece of shit Brett Walton (known as ioi on there because he's retarded) doesn't like it when people use ad-blockers, is he more retarded than Bush Jr.? Of course people are going to use ad-blockers in order to phase out those annoying bullshit ads (especially that god awful bullshit from LM Networks) and Walton has the nerve to whine and bitch about them!
You don't like ad-blockers Walton? Well too bad for you! Maybe if you didn't shove annoying bullshit ads down people's throats then maybe they wouldn't be using them you ignorant faggy faced fuck! You claim that ad-blockers will bankrupt your site? Well maybe you should think twice next time about what type of ads should be on there! And considering how fucking flawed your site is with your biased bullshit, wrong estimates, power corrupt dipshit adminastrators and especially YOUR CONSTANT WHINING ABOUT AD-BLOCKERS then I would actually be glad to see your site go down in flames! The NPD may be runned by immature assholes but at least they do their goddamn research first and best of all, they don't complain about ad-blockers, making them the lesser of two assholes! Is it any wonder why alot of respectable websites out there hate VGchartz with a passion? After all Brett, you're the same faggot that got kicked off NeoGAF (one of the respectable websites I might add) for posting incorrect numbers before creating your little shithole after all!

So in closing, FUCK BRETT WALTON! I bet your "woman" is a real skank that likes to use a strap-on on you but instead has a faggot do you instead and like it and you are too retarded to notice that you are getting your action from a fag!

Fuck VGchartz! Anybody who spells a website with a Z obviously is a retard who cannot spell and pretty much tells you what a complete shithole the site is!

And fuck all the assholes who support VGchartz and ads! All of you faggots either can't get laid or get laid from trannys instead you retarded faggot sheep!

So go burn in hell VGchartz for all eternity!

NPD forever!

The Capitalist

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a paragraph from along with my response below:

"Speaking of the bosses, it's pretty clear at this point that Capcom has had to reach a little to find ideas for robot masters. And you know what? I think it's great. Sheep Man? Fantastic! Pump Man? Suggestive and superb! Strike Man? Seriously, why hasn't anyone else thought of an evil, robotic baseball before? In future installments I hope that the developers' creative freedom is expanded so we see things like more female bosses and more bizarre designs, like say Yarn Man, Ketchup Woman, Camera Man and the like. I mean, we all know that the standard fire/ice/lightning/earth/etc. tropes have been redone a gazillion times already, so why not go all-out? What is there to lose?"

I seriously hope you're being sarcastic otherwise you have lost more credibility than Milli Vanilli's career if you think robots like Strike Man, Sheep Man and especially PUMP MAN are any good!
I'd rather fight washed up celebrities like Celine Dion, Ryan Leaf and especially VICTORIA FREAKIN JACKSON than any of the losers you mentioned above!

I'd also bet my money that Mega Man 10 will sell WORSE than Mega Man 9 did (which by the way sold worse than the excellence that is Mega Man 8)!

I say f the hardcore losers who don't want change! They are in the MINORITY after all and this is a business after all. I say turn Mega Man 11 into another Halo or Gears of War clone while keeping the Rock/Paper/Scissors format. That will get the mainstream majority's attention while Capcom rakes in the BIG BUCKS! Because at the end of the day, it's all about the money and Gears of War and Call of Duty are the big money makers right now.


8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a nice article from GamesRadar:

Are JRPGs dead?
Final Fantasy XIII creates a rift in fan opinion. JRPGs suffer an identity crisis

Over ten million people own a copy of FFVII. Released in 1997, Square’s iconic RPG is still regarded with reverence by RPG die hards and casual players alike. FFVII sold 2.3 million copies in its first three days on sale in Japan alone. To put this in perspective, Metal Gear Solid 4 sold 77,000 copies in its first week, growing to 5 million copies worldwide.

Above: FFXIII has been a divisive game with both fans and critics

Thirteen years on from FFVII’s glorious debut, Japanese RPGs are losing their luster among committed, and casual, fans alike – and, poetically, it’s Final Fantasy XIII that’s the most iconic, if polarising, symbol of the genre’s perceived stagnation. FFXIII’s critical reception has been unusually mixed, veering from Japanese games bible Famitsu’s near-perfect 39/40 to Hong Kong Magazine’s 4/10 review, in which they described it as an ‘insult’ and ‘the biggest swindle in gaming history’ because of its linearity. “It’s little more than an amusement park ride.” They said, scoring the gameplay 1 out of 10.

“The hype machine is to blame,” says reviews editor Patrick Gann of the game’s mixed reception. “When I first saw the trailer for XIII, I nearly lost control of my bladder. But that was at E3 2006. If the eye candy is the best thing about this game, then Square played their trump card about four years too soon.”

Even die-hard fans are turning, condemning a loss of the values that made the series great, namely: freedom, interesting characters and challenging storylines. “Why don’t they make a 20 hour movie and save me the trouble of playing it?” says disgruntled fan OnyX on YouTube. “The battle system is too narrow. There’s little room for trying new things”, says another. While on the Final Fantasy Online forums, an entire thread is devoted to slating the game. “They’ve taken the things that make FF special, and got rid of them,” voices one poster.

Above: FFVII is still seen by many as the best RPG ever made

Once a symbol of global success, Final Fantasy is now being held to account for the wider failings of the Japanese games industry. Some of its biggest names have been outspoken about the industry’s slump. “Japan is over. We’re done. Our games industry is finished.” says Capcom’s Keiji Inafune. “The industry in Japan is a modern form of sakoku,” says Ninja Gaiden creator Tomonobu Itagaki, referencing an ancient Japanese government policy of closing its doors to and rejecting foreign culture. “There’s no point in traveling the same path Japan did 400 years ago.”

In 1997, when FFVII was released, the Japanese software market was worth 537 billion yen. But in 2009, it slumped to 326 billion. A significant drop. The decline might be linked to Japan’s reluctance to adapt, suggest industry voices, with publishers selling and re-selling barely evolved sequels to previous hit games, only to a dwindling audience. Final Fantasy is on its fourteenth chapter, while Dragon Quest is welcoming a tenth instalment. It isn’t so much the dependence on sequels, but their inability to surprise that strikes many pundits. “The developers just don’t seem interested in taking risks any more,” claims PSM3 UK’s JRPG expert Kim Richards. “Recent games like Star Ocean: The Last Hope and The Last Rebellion are all using the battle systems, the themes and the dialogue boxes from ten years ago.”

Above: Xenogears was another classic on the original PlayStation

For many Western RPG fans, the thought of another cookie-cutter adventure has little appeal. “Developers have mired the modern JRPG in unoriginality,” claims Brittany Vincent, contributor to, “It’s harder to empathise with characters we’ve met a hundred times before – the shrieking, hyperactive schoolgirl (like Star Ocean’s Welch), and the quirky oddball (archetyped by robot mind reader Cait Sith in FFVII).”

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“It’s hard to feign concern for imitations of worlds we liberated years earlier,“ Vincent continues, “With every new orphaned amnesiac protagonist, these universes blur into one”. Tales of Symphonia, The Last Remnant, Enchanted Arms, Star Ocean, Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey, Phantasy Star – all conform to Vincent’s theory. Decent games for sure, but ones that gamers outside of their fanbases will know little about, unlike the universally popular Final Fantasy series. A key problem is a fear of change, pinpoints Square Enix’s CEO Yoichi Wada: “Internally and externally, I feel there’s an expectation for us to offer something new. I really think that the Final Fantasy team could create something completely different, but at the moment they’re strictly catering to a particular audience.”

Above: That's SquareEnix's Yoichi Wada on the left

“These days, EXP grinding – fighting hundreds of identical random battles to increase stats – make the games feel like an archaic remnant of the past,” adds Brittany Vincent, “We’re looking to recapture the magic of the ‘old days’; the giddy feeling of a world of unknown possibility opening up before you. Now many gamers see a new JRPG, and think of the toil lying in wait; the effort and time sacrifice required to get the most from it”. While its visuals have huge universal appeal, and the plot intrigues, FFXIII takes 20 or 30 hours before reaching its potential. For FFVII fans, now 13 years older, and staring at jobs, mortgages and kids, it’s a formidable obstacle.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a time when JRPGs were widely renowned as the future of storytelling. “It’s the first RPG to surpass, instead of copy, movie-like storytelling,” said Electronic Gaming Monthly of FFVII in 1997. Several factors made them unique when compared to Western role-players. Turn-based combat, engaging melodrama and vibrant, exotic worlds flirted shamelessly to create an experience that absorbed you into its universe. Tales of revenge, loss and redemption became hallmarks of the genre. They offered a flamboyant, unconventional take on the dreary realism of sci-fi and high fantasy that Western RPGs seemed obsessed with.

Above: Have action games with RPG elements such as Borderlands stolen their thunder?

The ’90s brought with them a ‘golden age’ of JRPGs. Games such as Earthbound and Final Fantasy VI on the SNES and Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Cross and Xenogears on PSone went on to take a place in history as some of the most memorable games of all time. Developers such as Square Enix (then, Squaresoft) became household names. JRPGs became a dependable source of quality gaming.

But as young JRPG die-hards have grown, so has the industry. Modern videogames treat engaging plotlines as key aspects of the package – fighters, platformers, puzzlers, and shooters take their cues from RPGs, implementing many of the same themes and elements. Think COD’s EXP system, or character progression in Borderlands. Outlandish character designs and exotic worlds are more common than ever – we’ve become emotionally attached to characters outside of JRPGs.

Above: Or have Western RPGs like Oblivion taken the crown?

Western JRPG fans are increasingly turning to developers on their own doorstep. Dozens of games offer the same freedom and customisation of JRPGs, but they aren’t hindered by the stale settings, themes and characters. These include Fallout, Mass Effect, Oblivion, Knights of the Old Republic, Deus Ex and Dragon Age.

“Western RPGs have evolved and embraced the next-gen consoles, developing and experimenting with new gameplay mechanics and story ideas (such as Good/Evil character choices, dialogue wheels, etc.)” says Kim Richards. “Few JRPGs break the mould. The slew of identical games and ports of classics is turning people off.”

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it just Western gamers that are growing disillusioned with the genre? The top ten best-selling games in Japan in 2009 include Dragon Quest IX (3.2 million), Pokemon Gold (6.5 million) and Monster Hunter 3 (960,000) – all rooted in JRPG sensibilities. While these are headline success stories, suggesting publishers don’t need to take risks, the overall market is still dwindling. Dragon Quest VIII sold 6 million in 2005, but FFXIII’s sales currently stand at 2 million. Research suggests that Japanese gamers fear experimentation, but their numbers are shrinking – in a poll by Japanese games mag Dengeki, their readers’ favourite games of 2009 were Dragon Quest, Tales of Vesperia, Phantasy Star and FF XIII. Western titles barely got a look in.

Above: Sure, Dragon Quest VIII was huge in Japan, but it wasn't a blockbuster elsewhere

Failed attempts at recreating the magic of the classics have included The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery – both by Square Enix, but both lack the personality and originality we’ve come to expect. So if the Japanese fear change, but the West craves innovation – how should JRPGs move forward?

Rejecting traditional character archetypes and recycled storylines would be a step in the right direction. As would straying from established ideas. Focusing less on awe-inspiring visuals and making each experience original and memorable is crucial. Decreased popularity should not be equated with failure, mind, and it’s possible JRPGs could continue to plow the same furrow to great financial success. The real issue might be with us. Perhaps the popularity of JRPGs in the West was a phase, and we’re now experiencing the hangover.

Above: Check out our own review of FFXIII

“The JRPG feels like one of those dead film genres, like westerns or film noir,” says Patrick Gann of RPGFan. “It’s clear we reached the point of saturation a long time ago”. Either way, the tension between the old world and voices of dissent – often the premise of any great RPG – promises to lead the genre to a new and intriguing place.

Mar 16, 2010

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great article! I totally agree! Eastern RPG's are dead out west! And any of you fucking morons who say otherwise are in fucking denial (especially Ru89 and Tygerclaws of Gamesradar retarded fucks that they are)! Your shitty excuses doesn't change the fact that Jap RPG's sales are going down fast! And you fuckers who don't want to see change are in the fucking minority! Western RPG's (very big in the 1980's) are back and they are here to stay! If the Jap's want to regain their foothold out west, then they are going to have to change their style otherwise they will continue to be slaughtered by the likes of an Elder Scrolls and a Wizardry forever! And for you fuckers who defend this Jap shit, you can all go fuck off and die for all I care you ignorant brain dead hypocritical pieces of motherfucking shit!

And fuck! Poverty and Africa my ass! You pieces of shit probably keep most of the money for yourselves you retarded fucks!

Furball of LeatherForever

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Blend Television! Fuck Cinema Blend Television straight to hell! They are another bullshit gossip site full of more shit than Stacy Ferguson's post Wild Orchid career! May those fuckers get hacked in the near future for all I care!

Sarah Chino

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great posts by "Rottenwood"

"Nintendo is in first place and will win both the home and portable console races handily, and the DS will become the top-selling machine in the history of the industry.

Nintendo got smart after their beatings on the 64/Gamecube and realized that the fickle young male demographic isn't worth betting the farm on. Going for the normals, and families, was a masterstroke. Those people don't pirate, rent, buy used, or complain on the Internet 24/7. All they do is buy new product, have plain and simple fun, and talk it up to their friends. Now THAT'S a demographic worth aiming for. Add in older or hardcore gamers that can't say no to Nintendo's first-party magic and you've got a wide, wide net.

Appeal to "legit gamers?" What, the people that have been dumping on Nintendo for a decade now for being kiddie? Let Sony and Microsoft fight with the animals; Nintendo found a better formula."

"Awww, c'mon Miyamoto! On-line gaming is the best! A bunch of unsocialized kids and freaks fragging each other while shouting racial and homophobic epithets! Getting constantly smoked by some shut-in who was Level 60 by the second day of release because he's already memorized the maps and weapon drops! And tea-bagging! Oh, the tea-bagging!

Why wouldn't Shigeru want to be part of this delightful community?"

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice rant from a disgruntled Baltimore Orioles fan

"I think we can all agree that we need to get rid of Peter Angelos and get in a George Steinbrenner (love him or hate him, he gives squat about winning) type who can restore order to the Baltimore Orioles and turn them into the killing machines I know they are! The same goes for teams like the Royals and the Pirates, get rid of the horrible owners and bring in guys who care about winning and they will start winning as well!

Oh and Chase Titleman of the Bleacher Report is also a retard."

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love this rant I found on "Pacifist Viking"

"Cold Hard Football Facts is a crap website and Kerry J. Byrne is a pile of garbage that should be committed!

Good job Pacifist Viking, you did a good job ripping apart Byrne's BS. I personally like having 8 divisions. Sure it has it's flaws but the same can be said about any type of realignment and the fact that the 8 division set-up allows a team to play home and away against all (remaining) 31 teams within an 8 year span is good enough to outweigh any negatives that the set-up has.

If they went back to six divisions, it would be a chaotic scheduling nightmare as you would have 4 five team divisions and 2 six team divisions which would horrible. All in all I'm proud of the 8 division alignment. Good work with your rant too Pacifist Viking.

Oh and don't worry, I can guarantee you 100% that the Minnesota Vikings are NEVER gonna move. You have my full support."

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Seth,If you are reading this, here is a suggestion. Give Meg Griffin her own show. Just read this. It would be differant and a refreshing change from your other 3 shows. Meg would be the star along with her 4 friends,Neil,Connie,Hayley from American Dad and her lesbian friend Sara. It would be set at a college in sunny California with a wide range of students and teachers but young people (under 25 are the focus) and the teachers and other adults are supporting characters. This show is a satire on teen dramas and college life and not families for a change. Meg deserves her own show and she would have her talents. They are bird calling,playing drums,swimming and jounalism. She would have a new look including letting her hair grow long and ditching the cap. Also, hire writers who know how to write for teen girls because its’ the ladies turn to shine and I’m sick of 3 shows about 3 stupid middle age men.

12:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cminferno has a great on Sailor Moon...

As an anime fan it is mandatory to watch the 'classics'. This was not one of them. i had expected one of the most hyped anime of all time to be great, with interesting characters, good writing and at minimum a decent plot. What i got was a repetitive bore that was more like watching Pokemon than Cowboy Bebop. i apologize but this show is SO stupid. The characters suck, are pathetic and at times downright stereo-typical. The plot is so far-fetched and clichéd that even avant Anime fans will cringe at the lack of an explanation and the cheesy love story aspect of it could have been thought of by a 10 year old. There's no surprises in the story, and when they are they become boring. No where near the brilliance of Fullmetal Alchemist or Cowboy Bebop, this show even fails to keep up with shows from it's own time like Ranma 1/2, and that didn't even air in the US(but that was due to it's mature content.). It in no way shape or form earns it's 'classic' status,and is more comparable to Dragonball Z and Pokemon then Nadesico, Fullmetal alchemist or Cowboy bebop. don't watch it.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn spell checker!

The first line was actually suppose to say:

"cminferno has a great rant on Sailor Moon..."

Okay carry on now.

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to add my 2 cents to that Sailor Moon rant.

The problem with Sailor Moon is that it's basically Days of our Lives meets Thundarr the Barbarian with the Thundarr stuff being a complete afterthought! I mean IT'S THE SAME DAMN PLOT EVERY TIME! Villain of the season sends henchman/woman to drain energy from random civilian/schmuck and then turn them into a rampaging monster sent to kill the Sailor Scouts and the scouts have to find a way to restore the victims back to human form without killing them! Despite being pretty much the same generic and basic plot too, at least Thundarr tries to mix things up a bit with each episode such as racing through Las Vegas (Challenge of the Wizards), time traveling back to 20th century San Antonio (Portal Into Time) and Thundarr going one on one with another barbarian in San Francisco (Battle of the Barbarians) to name a few.
It also doesn’t help that the main character is a self centered whining crying ignorant slut rather than a strong responsible and intelligent person like Max Ray (Centurions) or Razor (Swat Kats) to name a few.
I personally think that Sailor Moon would be better off choosing either to focus on being a Days of our Lives type show (soap opera) or a full blown action/adventure cartoon but not both as it’s too difficult to try to combine a soap opera with the action/adventure genre. I say focus on one genre and run with it.
If they chose the Days of our Lives route, I’d understand. Sure it wouldn’t be my type of show but at least they wouldn’t try to make it an action/adventure too at the same time as they would be focusing on making it the soap opera that it’s suppose to be. That’s why I can respect a cartoon like Candy Candy because even though the soap opera route that Candy Candy has chosen is not my thing, at least they don’t have Candy Candy fighting Robot Spies and disgruntled former government operatives who want to blow up the planet while Candy Candy has to deal with the loss of her childhood friend Annie at the same time! Candy Candy knows what it wants to be, Sailor Moon doesn’t.
Obviously if I were in charge I would have chosen the action/adventure route but if I were to copy a show I would have copied the Centurions, not Thundarr the Barbarian. I find the futuristic weaponry of shows like the Centurions a lot more fun then the medieval future of Thundarr (although that’s still good too). Of course, it’s too late now but if they ever decide to make a new Sailor Moon series, I say drop the soap opera crap and focus on the Thundarr stuff instead while also giving the show a darker and more serious tone the same way Bruce Timm did for Batman, Superman and the Justice League back in the 1990’s-2000’s. It’s time for Sailor Moon to grow up!
Haim Saban may be a hack but he had the right idea of creating a new Sailor Moon cartoon from scratch rather than dubbing the original episodes and having to tone things down (like his former company DIC did) in order to not piss off the stupid censorship groups. While Saban’s version probably would have not been good in the end, I still think it was the right idea to do. With that being said, I would have let either Hanna-Barbera (of Swat Kats and Jonny Quest fame) or Bruce Timm/Warner Bros. (FOX Batman) create a new version from scratch while the original version is sold exclusively on VHS to the PG-13 audience. That way, the kiddies get a new version just for them, while the older hardcore fans get the original the way they want it. Everybody wins!

And that concludes my rant on Sailor Moon. I certaintly hope that Sailor Moon gets a new cartoon that’s similar to the Bruce Timm Batman cartoon someday. Until then I can wait.

5:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a great rant from the always controversial Scott Keith.

The Rocket is gone

There was some customary whining in the UFC / Pride poll thread (which, by the way, is dealing my work on, a non-wrestling website) about how I should go back to reviewing a weekly TV show. Besides the fact that I don’t get the channel that carries WWE programming in Canada and don’t have any desire to sit through 2-4 hours a week of product I don’t enjoy, let me spell out exactly why this current product fails to excite me so much. There are no rockets. I shall explain.

You’ve heard the phrase “tie a rocket to his ass” with regards to pushing a new star, I’m assuming. If not, it basically means what it sounds like: You have someone you want to make a top guy, so you attach him to a figurative rocket and launch him. Sometimes he flies, sometimes he blows up. If you happen to be a fan of the person getting that rocket push, then you’ll have some pretty significant emotional investment in him and will want to continue watching the product as a result. For example, back in 1991 Bret Hart had gotten a couple of failed singles pushes but built up a fanbase, and when the Hart Foundation split for good suddenly Vince gave him the rocket push and you, as a fan, could feel that this was the time that he would get a real shot. Which he did. Ditto for Shawn Michaels in 1995, as love him or hate him at the time he was shoved further up the card with every show and you can feel the star power growing around him. My personal favorite was The Rock, as in 1998 it was like watching your favorite underdog sports team suddenly evolve into a contender right before your eyes. It’s exhilarating as a fan, because you can say “That’s my guy, I was a fan before he was this awesome.”

Now, nobody gets pushed, much less rocketed. Sheamus won the title in a silly gimmick match, didn’t get to defend it successfully against anyone of note, and then lost it in a multiple man match without Cena getting his revenge. People start to get behind Kofi Kingston and WWE turns around and basically gives up on him, and now he’s not even on the Wrestlemania card. Miz & Morrison are the hottest team in the business since the Hollywood Blonds, but they want both guys as singles wrestlers, so they split up the team at their peak and turn them into midcarders. Now they’re both in tag teams again, at basically the same level. CM Punk wins the World title, turns into a great character, and then gets killed dead by Undertaker. And on and on. Anyone you get behind as a fan will inevitably let you down because WWE will no longer allow anyone to break out. They don’t care about Cena’s heel/face crowd problems because they don’t care if people like Cena. They’re selling the WWE brand, not Cena. If Cena is insanely over and sells some merch for himself, bonus for him, but he’s got to make sure to mention that WWE Universe (tm) in every pre-written promo and how he wants his legacy (tm) to be part of the WWE Hall of Fame (tm). They’re no longer concerned with making stars, they’re concerned with making money. And that’s fine for them, I can totally respect that and I don’t blame Vince one bit for going to the middle of the road. However, for me, I prefer UFC because if I’m a fan of Brock Lesnar, I know that if he goes out and kicks everyone’s ass in every fight, he’ll make HIMSELF a huge star until someone MAKES him give up the title. You see the difference? Brock might let me down eventually, but it’s from his own actions (or his wacky diseases), not because someone decided that he’s won enough lately and it’s time to push Shane Carwin now instead. That’s what the Rock and Steve Austin felt like in 1998 – two guys going out and TAKING their destiny because they wanted it. I don’t know what anyone on TV now really cares about, and that’s why I don’t want to watch them on a weekly basis.

Rant over.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck TNA wrestling! They had the perfect opportunity to take down the WWE while their vulnerable but yet they keep fucking things up! And fuck them for relying on a shithole site like mycontent! Fuck mycontent! Fuck TNA wrestling to hell!

Fuck The Sports Network! Those assholes are actually WORSE than ESPN if that's even possible!

And a big time FUCK YOU to Divine Porn Star!!! You are just another shitty excuse of a pornsite that can't hold the jockstraps of the great Tubegalore! I hope all you stupid dipshit fuckers get a painful disease that lasts a long time and from there BURN IN HELL!
Fuck Divine Porn Star! And fuck the faggots who run that site!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Ubersite! Stupid east coast bias cock suckers! (I'm Central Time Zone just in case you're wondering)
Fuck Stats llc.! Lying biased dipshit eaters!

NOTRE DAME4EVER;mccInfo&start_row=101

Send your "hate messages" at the link above faggots!

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Response to a guy from "Animated Superheroes".

"Please keep in mind that it is not Marvel that cancelled all those shows but the networks that aired them."

X-Men Evolution, Fantastic Four 2006 and MTV Spider-Man, yes (although I would say network politics also played a role too as usual, not to mention that maybe people didn't even like these shows to begin with although that applies more to MTV Spider-Man and Fantastic Four 2006 and definitely not X-Men Evolution), Spectacular Spider-Man and Wolverine and the X-Men, no. I would say that Disney might have something to do with those cancellations as you must know that Disney's track record when it comes to serious action cartoons is PISS POOR! Gargoyles is proof of this! The show started out dark and serious but in the later seasons, Disney "powers that be" toned down the show so much, that it caused Greg Weisman to walk out of the company and Weisman just might be another reason why they cancelled Spectacular Spider-Man as Disney/Marvel didn't want to continue SOMEONE ELSE'S Spider-Man cartoon! I think the best way to describe this is:

"It's all about money THEIR way!"

Oh and Superhero Squad Show and Iron Man Armored Adventures being brought back doesn't surprise me. One is for 5-year olds and the other is for the Aaron Stone/Hannah Montana audience. Two things Disney likes!

"I'm sure Marvel would have loved all of them to air forever!"

Don't be a fool! Even if Marvel wanted these shows to last forever, the sad truth is, NOTHING LASTS FOREVER! The longer these type of shows go on, the sooner you're gonna run out of ideas and jump the shark which means the ratings go down the crapper leading to said show's demise. Personally, I prefer quality over quantity anyway and I personally think that each scripted TV show would be better off having no less than 65 shows and no more than 130 shows if possible. Plus, these type of companies probably want to "reinvent" their characters every couple of years for newer audiences anyway. So I'll say it one more time, NOTHING LASTS FOREVER!

Good day.

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Momz In The Mix=Shittiest idea for a concept ever! I mean come on! Most celebrity moms (parents in general but you get the drill) do a SHIT job raising their kids especially musicians! And even if they do, NOBODY cares about their kids because 99% of the time they grow up to become no name losers, drug addicts, hates their parents or worse try to follow in their footsteps only to become the next Timothy McVeigh or worse, Ryan Leaf! Just think about that one for a second, if your kid grows up and ends up being another Ryan Leaf, then you better pull out your shotgun and put the poor bastard out of his/her misery before more harm is done. Peyton and Eli Manning are two of the few bright spots out there but unfortunately, the Peyton's and Eli's of the world are outnumbered by the no name losers and Ryan Leaf's so much that I find it a complete waste of time to make a big deal about celebrity offspring's. So until the offspring is like a Peyton/Eli, people should not give a rat's ass about celebrity offspring's!
So fuck Momz In The Mix, fuck the celebrity moms (and dads) who can't raise their kids properly, fuck the celebrity offspring who grows up to be like Ryan Leaf and a big hearty fuck you to all the fucking retards who make a big deal about this worthless shit! All you fucking dipshits deserve to be sent to the firing squad! You are all worse than Hitler! BURN IN HELL!!!!!

Furball of LeatherForever

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Furball, you suck ass at running a website but for once I gotta agree with you. Momz In The Mix is such a joke I don't even know how idiots like them come up with this stuff! But it still doesn't change the fact you're a cunt Furball!

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Excellent post from SailorGabe of the Sportingnews.

"Seriously, anyone who knows business and history knows the federal government can and has withheld funds to implement legislation. In this economy the department of education holds the cards. All congress has to do is threaten the college presidents that federal grants will be withheld and watch how fast a playoff is instituted."

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Blogger DecoPinkDingo said...

what does this have to do with Family Guy stealing again...?

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Conan was stupid NOT to accept NBC’s deal of having his talk show moved to 12am with Jay Leno getting cut down to a half hour because if he did, I bet that Jay Leno would have left NBC instead since his talk show was gonna be reduced to a half hour and a half hour is too short for a talk show and thus Conan would be back at 11:30 on NBC.

But instead he chose to leave, thus giving Jay Leno what he wants, a return to 11:30pm for one whole hour. While Conan goes to a CABLE network, and while a lot of people have TBS, EVERYBODY has NBC, CBS, FOX (the network that Conan should have gone to), etc. thus guaranteeing that Conan will NEVER get better ratings than Jay, David and Jimmy!

Conan has nothing to blame but himself!

Furball of Leatherforever

P.S. To PinkKittyRose, same with you but more of it!

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This is a great article I found about cartoons.

"Adults, new kids on the block

Mumbai: t’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. The quiet is broken by giggles that turn into guffaws. Loud enough to make you peek into the Jhaveris’ Breach Candy living room. Old or young, everyone has gathered in front of the television to spend quality bonding time over cartoons. Fifty-three-year-old Nitin Jhaveri says he keeps track of all his favourite cartoon shows.

Cartoon Network’s target audience may be children but they have recorded a large adult viewership as well. “A large section of adults, around 40%, according to our recent survey, watches cartoons,” says Monica Tata, vice-president and deputy general manger, Entertainment Networks, Turner International India Pvt. Ltd. “I think the appeal of cartoons lies in the fact that they are simple, fun and devoid of drama,” she says.

The eternal favourite, the 70-year-old Tom and Jerry series with its message that small needn’t necessarily mean scared, cuts across all ages. Titus Fernandez, 60, who grew up watching cassettes of the cat and mouse chase, says given other options, it’s better to watch cartoons as they are guaranteed entertainment.

A lot of shows are not age-specific, finding fans in young and old alike. Although that has been true for the last ten years, it’s been further aided by the preference of parents to watch cartoons with their children. The most popular crossover cartoon cum sitcom was The Simpsons with its spot-on satire, mature themes and social commentary, which made it a cult classic.

Popularity of shows like Sesame Street, Southpark and Family Guy shows a perceptible tilt towards adventurous and adult topics. They provide comic relief, are subtle in a varied sense, but talk about hard facts hidden under layers of mature humour. “There is a whole market for adult cartoons, and cartoons in general are seeing a conscious shift towards an adult sensibility,” says Chitrak Bandyopadhay, 24, freelance actor, writer and cartoonist.

The adult cartoon market is also buzzing online, where people can watch and download shows notyet available in India. A fan of Southpark, Robot Chicken and Adult Swim shows, Bandyopadhay feels that this new medium can be credited to the filmmakers.

“These are people who grew up watching cartoons in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Now that they are at the fore, they are creating work that is suitable to their viewing, with more expression and freedom,” he adds.

When Pokemon entered the market in the early 90s, it spawned a revolution of Japanese anime in the western world, which was soon felt in India too. Today, Japanese anime is increasing in number, with popular shows like Shin Chan, Ben 10, Marukochan and Doraemon being dubbed in English and Hindi. Critics — among them incensed parents and even die-hard cartoon fans — however feel that the old school ones were far more fun and intelligent. “Contemporary cartoons are irritating and not funny at all,” says Krishnapriya Dhoot, 26, a media professional, who keeps herself miles away from Japanese cartoons.

For Old is certainly gold for cartoon fans, who grew up watching Johnny Bravo, Jetsons, Flintstones, Captain Planet, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and so on. A fan of the golden oldies like Mask, Swat Kats, Tom and Jerry, Beyblade and Dexter’s Laboratory, Ankit Sharma, 27, does not like the violence that has infiltrated cartoons today. “There is a trend of appealing the older kids using violence and fights. They key is to use fantasy but to keep it as real as possible,” says this voiceover artist, who prefers watching animation movies.

So, as everyone’s favourite cat and mouse duo celebrate 70 successful years, it’s time to celebrate another fact: the everlasting lure of cartoons."

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Fuck Sports Blog Nation!!! Irrelavant site runned by assholes!!! Hope they get hacked soon!!!"

You can add me to the FUCK SPORTS BLOG NATION bandwagon! And while we are on the subject, FUCK YAHOO SPORTS! I hope both of you shitty websites get nuked one day you fudge packing shit heads!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can picture "Bassey" and "Andrew" lying on the ground with their blood, guts and brains all over the place and standing right next to them happens to be none other than the Scarecrow (Galaxy Rangers version) as he laughs maniacally! After that, Scarecrow goes on to Tarkon to complete his mission.

Later on, the Griffin household has the heads of "Bassey" and "Andrew" stuff and mounted to decorate their walls. Tim the Bear (who happens to be on vacation in Quahog so he can get to know Cleveland's old friends) praises the effort.

Tim the Bear: "You know that's just awesome that you people have the heads of the most faggyest shithead dancer and the least talented member of some boy band who's done nothing but whine and complain like the whiny faggot that he is on there! I just wonder how you did it my friend?"

Peter Griffin: "Let's just say I've been watching to many Galaxy Rangers, Yogi!"

Tim the Bear: "Very funny, but seriously you're all right! Cleveland was right about you! You're an awesome friend Peter!"

Peter Griffin: "You darn straight Yogi!"

Tim the Bear: "Now as for "Tom" and "Alice", let's just say this is one occasion where I'd be PRO abortion!"

Peter Griffin: "Couldn't put it any better myself pal! Now if you will excuse me, I have to join Lois and Brian for a hot, raunchy three-way!"

Tim the Bear: "Have fun, you deserve it!"

Now that my friends, would make for an awesome Family Guy episode!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrew Ridgeley is a complete joke just like the Texas Longhorns!!! All the morons who defend them deserve to be put in DEATH CAMPS! (especially the Mail readers!)

Keren Woodward will eventually dump his loser ass once she has found someone better just like the Nebraska Cornhuskers found someone better in the form of the Big Ten (plus Two) Conference and then we will laugh as Ridgeley and the Longhorns pitiful existence crumbles!!!

Until then, don't believe in any of that garbage about how Keren and Andrew's relationship along with the Big XII -II are doing just fine. It's only a matter of time before Ridgeley and the Big XII -II implode like rightfully so as all their enemies will be celebrating just like when Stanford mutilated University of Southern California twice in 2007 and 2009!

Andrew Ridgeley and the Texas Longhorns can burn in hell for all I care!

Galaxy Rangers Scarecrow: "I am the destroyer of worlds! And this is the moment I take Andrew Ridgeley and the Big XII's worlds!"

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If Baldwin can successfully bring back the Whalers, it looks as though they will already have a face for the franchise. And what a face it is! Now if only he could get Megan to do some of the convincing for him. After all, how could the NHL say no to a body like that?"

The person who wrote that is a complete loser with no life and lives in his parent's basement!

The NHL is NOT gonna give Hartford another team just because Megan Fox was wearing a Whalers T-shirt! Heck, wearing a Whalers T-shirt doesn't necessarily mean that she is a fan of theirs!

If you ask me, the NHL has way too many Eastern Time Zone teams. If anything we need to get remove teams from places like Atlanta, Miami, Tampa Bay etc. and move them to places like Winnipeg, Seattle and Kansas City. Heck, if I had to add more Eastern Time Zone places to go too, it would be to Quebec City and Cleveland. Even Kitchener Ontario (Hamilton is not gonna get a team as long as the Maple Leafs control that city) is more deserving of a team than Hartford! There's too many teams in that region. Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia, the Islanders and the Rangers. In fact I'd bet my money that was one of the reasons the Whalers are now known as the Carolina Hurricanes in the first place! Plus the Islanders are in trouble right now and might have to move. Boston couldn't support two baseball teams, so I'm not surprised that New England can't support two hockey teams either as baseball is a way more popular sport than hockey will ever be. But hey, I tell you what, if Hartford wants a hockey team then be my guess but only if it's the Boston Bruins, otherwise let Quebec City and Cleveland or better yet, Winnipeg, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Houston, Portland, Regina Saskatchewan and Seattle have a team instead. Period.

Oh and fuck the stupid retards at "What Would Tyler Durden Do?" All of them deserve to be shot every single one of them!

Furball of LeatherForever

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news! Wikipedia has restored the list of TV stations that carried the Centurions back in 1986 the way it's suppose to be and better yet, they have unearthed a couple more stations that carried the that wasn't there last time!

So without further ado, I present you the updated list:

* WATL-TV / Channel 36• Atlanta, Georgia
* WNUV-TV / Channel 54• Baltimore, Maryland
* WFXT-TV / Channel 25• Boston, Massachusetts
* WPWR-TV / Channel 50• Chicago, Illinois
* WIII-TV / Channel 64• Cincinnati, Ohio
* WBNX-TV / Channel 55• Cleveland, Ohio
* KTVT-TV / Channel 11• Dallas, Texas
* KDVR-TV / Channel 31• Denver, Colorado
* WXON-TV / Channel 20• Detroit, Michigan
* KAIL-TV / Channel 53• Fresno, California
* WGBA-TV / Channel 26• Green Bay, Wisconsin
* WTIC-TV / Channel 61• Hartford, Connecticut
* KHTV-TV / Channel 39• Houston, Texas
* WNFT-TV / Channel 47• Jacksonville, Florida
* KRLR-TV / Channel 21• Las Vegas, Nevada
* KCOP-TV / Channel 13• Los Angeles, California
* WBNA-TV / Channel 21• Louisville, Kentucky
* WBFS-TV / Channel 33• Miami, Florida
* KTMA-TV / Channel 23• Minneapolis, Minnesota
* WCAY-TV / Channel 30• Nashville, Tennessee
* WNYW-TV / Channel 5• New York, New York
* WYAH-TV / Channel 27• Norfolk, Virginia
* WOFL-TV / Channel 35• Orlando, Florida
* WGBS-TV / Channel 57• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
* KUTP-TV / Channel 45• Phoenix, Arizona
* WPTT-TV / Channel 22• Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
* WPXT-TV / Channel 51• Portland, Maine
* KPDX-TV / Channel 49• Portland, Oregon
* KUSI-TV / Channel 51• San Diego, California
* KBHK-TV / Channel 44• San Francisco, California
* KPLR-TV / Channel 11• St. Louis, Missouri
* WUSV-TV / Channel 45• Schenectady, New York
* KCPQ-TV / Channel 13• Tacoma, Washington
* KPOL-TV / Channel 40• Tucson, Arizona
* WDCA-TV / Channel 20• Washington, D.C.

Until then, see you next time!


1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 49ers Santa Clara Stadium issue: an interesting email

On June 8th 2010, election day, and the same day of the Angry Luxor Cab Driver incident, the San Francisco 49ers scored and important and this blogger thought impossible victory in getting Santa Clara County to give the go-ahead to build the 49ers new stadium.

But in the wake of the victory, knifes are coming out from all over because of the very valid claim that Santa Clara can't afford to pay their share for the stadium. This email, the name withheld, and which will be expanded on in the coming weeks, is telling:

Hi Zennie,

Re: your interview with Mr. (Don) Perata and that both of you were surprised that the 49ers won the stadium vote. I live in Santa Clara and I'm on the board of the grassroots organization that was opposed to the stadium subsidy.

If you want to know how they won, you can contact me. They spent >$4.1 million on a saturation campaign of misinformation to tell the voters that the stadium won't cost residents anything. We have a mayor and 4 city council members who campaigned heavily for the 49ers, and our schools superintendent and entire school board did too.

All of their names, faces, and titles appeared repeatedly in campaign materials.

We've had a virtual media blackout here on what the true costs of the stadium are, because both the SJ Mercury and the Santa Clara Weekly wanted the stadium so badly, they were both unwilling to make a fair presentation to the voters of the costs, loss, debt, and risks. The TV news was just as bad or worse. The Chron was better, but not many people here subscribe to the Chron compared to the SJ Merc, and the Weekly is delivered for free to every house in the city.

Then the 49ers conducted a TV, Radio, and mail saturation campaign with misleading information (no cost to residents, no general fund impact, no new taxes for a stadium-ever, etc.).

The 49ers took away our right to vote on a city charter change by going to Sacramento. They took control of the ballot language through the initiative process and thus we had a ballot with no cost disclosure other than $40 million in RDA funds. The remainder of the $444 million that Santa Clara and its agencies are responsible for was not included on the ballot. In CA, there is no law that requires financial disclosure on city ballot measures like there is on state ballot propositions. The 49ers paid big bucks to an attorney who specializes in - wait for it - initiatives!

I'm sure he knew that if they wrote their own initiative they could control the language and not disclose costs, as well as not be subject to CEQA challenges.

If your interested in the real story of what happened here, contact me. I've tried for months to get print or broadcast media to tell the truth about what's been happening here, but all of the print and broadcast media are too concerned about their relationships with the 49ers to write about what really happened.

As I say, stay tuned...

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one should be surprised that Measure J won ... all you had to do was "follow the money!". The 49ers PAID for the votes. They spent in excess of $333 PER vote to fleece the citizens of the City of Santa Clara. And, the outright LIES of the Mayor (Patty Mahan) and the corruption and coercion of the other four council members was beyond belief. One can only hope and pray that the Yorks/49ers and the City of Santa Clara will not be able to find a dummy to finance this fiasco! And, the fans will come out of their propoganda coma and realize that the experience of a stadium in Santa Clara will not only be VERY expensive, but EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE!! Shoving a 14-acre stadium on a 17-acre site that is ALREADY leased to Great America is only the beginning of the most corrupt proposal EVER!


6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that the election is over, the SJ Merc published a correct cost breakdown that shows Santa Clara owing $444 million ($114 million from redevelopment property taxes, electric utility money, and increased hotel taxes; plus an additional $330 million in high risk fundraising from Santa Clara's agency, the Stadium Authority).
See the pie chart diagram, which the SJ Merc conveniently did not display during the year prior to the election:

Stadium opponents were called liars for talking and writing about the true costs from the city's website, shown in the Sj Merc pie chart. Why? Because the 49ers put out a pie chart throughout the entire campaign that lumped the Stadium Authority's $330 million in with the 49ers share, said that the 49ers were paying $823 million (88%) of the stadium construction costs, and the media bought it hook line and sinker (including the SF Chronicle). That's only the tip of the iceberg in the 49ers misleading campaign.


6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's amusing is Jed York stated after the election that numerous Silicon Valley companies were interested in partnering up as sponsors of the stadium. Well? Where's the money Jed?


6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Fascination records! And especially fuck those shitheads that own them, NBC Universal (the same shitheads that fucked up Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien)!

Those shitheads are going around removing articles about the Bananarama girls so they can present them as a family friendly and couple friendly image which is bullshit!

What I'm about to say is the TRUTH and if you don't believe me, then go jump off a cliff and land in a bed of spikes you stupid narrow minded retarded sheep that believes in everything that the shithead media posts!

Keren and Sarah are NOT getting along with their loved ones (faggot dipshit Bassey Walker and George Michael's Mack Brown-ish like whining crybaby loser ex-partner Andrew Ridgeley)!

Keren and Sarah's children ("Tom" and "Alice") also happens to HATE their mothers as well!

But yet, Fascination/NBC Universal keeps removing those articles to try to make them look good but guess what? IT'S NOT WORKING! Keren and Sarah's most recent album (Viva) BOMBED big time! And the singles released so far have been duds too!

And worse yet, the dipshits at Fascination/NBC Universal FORCED (you heard that right) little Keren to attend a crappy soccer match that no one outside of England gives a shit about just because douchebag Ridgeley was attending it (and making a fucking ass out of himself too! FUCK HIM STRAIGHT TO HELL!)!

The dipshits at Fascination/NBC Universal also made little Keren to take part in a magazine a few weeks before the release of their new album with her son (the dipshits made her BEG to her son to get him to be part of it) and believe me, I look at (and read into) Keren's eyes in that pic and I can tell that she is SAD and in PAIN because she was forced into this garbage! And for that matter, her son's expression reads, "let's just get this fucking shit over with already!"

So you see, this is what's really happening.
The Bananas are not getting along with their loved ones.
Keren is being forced to do things against her will.
And articles revealing the truth are getting removed all for the sake to sell a bunch of lousy albums!
And so far, it's failed. It's fucking failed miserably!

I ain't one to wish these type of things but I hope some crazy bastard drops a nuke on those assholes at Fascination records (and NBC Universal) and send their shitty excuse of a corporation straight to hell with all my heart and soul!!! And they can take Bassey, Andrew and all the ignorant dipshit fanboy/fangirl sheep who support them and believe their garbage with them! They are all worse than Stalin! And I hope Stalin and company tortures all of them for the rest of their miserable existence!

And finally I hope Keren and Sarah can find someone who can free them from their pain and give them the two most important things in life:

Love and Peace

And from there, live a normal healthy happy life for the rest of their days because they deserve this type of peace.

Good luck Keren and Sarah!
I'm with you all the way!

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My ultimate idea for the soon to be Pac-12:

All four California teams MUST be in the same division no matter what!

The Washington and Oregon teams also should be playing in the same division as well but if they really want the California teams, I say have them along with the Arizona and Mountain Axis teams have some sort of contest (triathlon, poker, blackjack, hungry hungry hippos, whatever) to determine which pairing gets to play in the division with the California teams while the other three pairings would form the other division.

With that being said my idea for divisions would be something like this:

National League

UC Berkeley

American League

Washington State
Oregon State
Arizona State

Keep the nine game conference schedule so then teams from the non-Califonia division would visit UCLA or USC four times out of every six years.

And for the team(s) that don't play in hollywood on certain years, schedule a non-conference neutral site game in hollywood against Fresno State, San Diego State, a 1-AA school or whoever you can get.

I think an eleven game round robin schedule would be the best solution but of course, it would require sacrificing a couple of non-conference games or (worse) extend the regular season! With that being said, I read someone that the NCAA won't let you hold a championship game without two divisions even if you have twelve teams. Which means no round robin anyway since two divisions is pointless if you are doing round robin and I know how important the championship game is to them.

I personally love the round robin and unless Colorado decides to join in 2011, I really wish that Utah would wait till 2012 as well so we can see the round robin one more time. With that being said, if Utah joins in 2011 but Colorado doesn't, I say do a ten game round robin even if it means sacrificing a non-conference game or extending the regular season to thirteen games.

Whatever happens, I hope the Pac-12 does the right thing and I hope they can get through this.

One thing's for sure, the Big 12-2 will be a dead conference in a couple of years (courtesy of the Texas Longhorns out of control egos) and once that happens, the Pac-12 will finally become the Pac-16 and then the real fun will finally begin!

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are some excellent messages from Basetknight : owner : jbc. Check it out.

"Disney thinks they got the King Midas touch with every thing they take control, but in reality they got the grim reaper touch, they brings death to anything their able to lay their hands on, when they got the rights to Pokemon they killed it before Warners took it, the Muppets had been sentenced to a fate worse than death, Power Rangers, nothing more than never ending painful torture, now Marvel and Naruto Shippuden is being sentenced to
damnation, all Disney ever does is buy people's other company's, shows and ideas or make some book or fairy tale into a movie, they can`t even come up with an original idea any more personally I think they would do the world a great favor buy going out of business forever!"

"To all you die hard RELIGIOUS Disney people who lay down their lives for Disney, why don`t you come out of your fairy tale drunken world and realize it`s about the losing of the quality of the show. I mean if a porn company took over Disney, you`ll be pissing BITCH IN YOUR DISNEY BRAND DIAPERS!"

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's no longer the Big XII, it's the Big Texas Network

If you’re Texas, you have to love this deal. You get everything you wanted, plus you chased off a school that has been doing it’s damndest to stop your conference coup d’etat for over 10 years.

In the end, like you said, Texas gets it’s money, but at what cost? You have (other than Oklahoma) 8 mediocre teams with very little competition. So, when everyone else but you and Oklahoma sucks in your conference, will networks pay big money to broadcast it? If not, will the projections that Beebe stated come to fruition?

And what if the Longhorn Network doesn’t garner the profits they think it will? The Big Texas Conference will be right back where we are in just a couple years.

If I’m what’s left of the Big XII North, I look at the bigger, better deals Colorado and Big Red got by getting while the getting is good, and I’m taking care of number one. First offer I get, I’m gone. Screw Texas and their money.

Especially if my name is Kansas.

Ted Glover

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great rant from "Bushido by any other name" blog.

"I think it’s stupid of Square to make a MMORPG part of the main series because no matter how good of a game it is, the lack of an offline (ala Phantasy Star Online which Sega was wise enough not to call the game Phantasy Star 5) mode means a lot of people will not play the game and thus people will look back upon said game as the worse game in the main series and Square is apparently not learning from the mistake they made last time by making another MMORPG as part of the main series without an offline mode.

As a person who’s played Final Fantasy 11, I personally think it was a horrible MMORPG (which also doesn’t help its long term status when compared to the other games in the main series) and I think the only reason why it has some good short term success (although any MMORPG that charges monthly fees will make a profit sooner or later) when compared to other MMORPG’s is because of the Final Fantasy name. Remove the name however, and the game would definitely be making less money than it is.

Anyway, I’m obviously not the only person who hates Final Fantasy 11 as the popularity of the game has been going down for years (in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the Playstation 2 servers got shut down someday), afterall why would Square make another MMORPG if Final Fantasy 11 had World of Warcraft’s success? Exactly my point, and don’t listen to anybody from the company (and the ignorant fanboys) who says otherwise since their just spinning things in order to make things look good.

Final Fantasy 14 is going to have a hard time trying to match the “success” of number 11 (even with improvements made over 11). First, a lot of people are not gonna throw away all their hard work at number 11 just to play the new version as many people cannot commit to more than one MMORPG at a time. Only a very tiny number of people would have that amount of commitment. Second, people would quit 11 to go play 14. Again, only a small fraction will commit to more than one MMORPG. Third, while 14 will see most of its success on PC computers (just like 11), it certainly will not do well on consoles this time as the Playstation 3 is NOWHERE as popular as the Playstation 2 was and to make matters worse, due to the power of the Playstation 3, the X-Box 360 (let alone the Wii) will not be getting 14 since there is no way Square is getting 14 on multiple discs like 13, and since Microsoft and Nintendo are not gonna make new systems anytime soon, then 14 is stuck on the Playstation 3 for a long, long time. Fourth, Square are complete fools if they think many people (such as myself) who quit 11 long ago will come back for 14. Most people have gone on to other, better games (I’m playing World of Warcraft and I don’t regret it one bit), while others will think that 14 will be just as bad as 11. Once again, only a small minority that quit 11 will return for 14. These are the same reasons why Everquest 2 didn’t do as well as Everquest 1 while Everquest 1’s popularity has gone down over the years as well."

(continue on next post)

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"On the bright side, at least Square waited till 11’s popularity went down first and not releasing so many expansion packs in a short amount of time like Everquest did.

One of the great things I love about World of Warcraft is that World of Warcraft takes place in the Warcraft 3 universe which basically means that World of Warcraft is technically Warcraft 3 Online. This is what Square should have done. Instead of Final Fantasy 11 and 14 Online, it should be Final Fantasy 1 and 2 Online with both games taking place in their respective universes. How cool would that have been? Of course, even if they did that, the games would still not be good as World of Warcraft as Square is just not very good when it comes to MMORPG’s in my opinion.

But like I said, it was stupid to make an MMORPG part of the main series and it’s even stupider to do another as part of the main series. The only way Final Fantasy’s 11 and 14 are gonna avoid becoming the two worst Final Fantasy’s in the main series is if they make an offline version of both games and even then, people may not count them as main Final Fantasy games for the same reason people don’t count Final Fantasy 4: The After Years and Final Fantasy 10-2 as main games, because they weren’t the original versions.

I personally don’t think Final Fantasy 14 looks very impressive from what I’ve seen and it certainly will get its butt kicked by World of Warcraft easily and thus Final Fantasy 14 will become an even bigger failure than number 11 was as 11 and 14 are destined to become the two worst Final Fantasy games in the main series in the long term."

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Denis Dyack is the man! Take a look at his rant.

"I was basically calling out people who had no way of assessing the game... All I wanted to point out to people is that this is so ridiculous... I went through all of this for two reasons.... If you're going to look at the NeoGAF forum as a non-profit organization, if it does not reform itself, it's eventually going to crumble. There's going to be a point where they step over the line where someone's going to shut them down. That would be a loss for everyone.... The question I have to ask the moderators of GAF: Are you going to follow your own rules? With people making GIFs of myself that are, I would say, attacking me.... Why haven't 180 people been banned now? If I wanted to move in and shut that place down, do I have grounds under their own forum policy?

NeoGAF and other forums like this that don't have good management are not only hurting society and hurting the videogame industry, they're in decline, and they need to reform quickly before people stop listening to them... If the moderators and people who run the site think they aren't doing any damage, they are sorely mistaken, and it's only a matter of time before something bad happens."

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And here's a totally great rant by "stoneagedan"

"I have to agree with Dyack on this one; not just NeoGAF in particular, but the internet as a whole is a pretty juvenile method of communication, and as a media platform its worse.
Sure it ahs it's freedoms, and we are free to say what we choose, but sadly too many people exercise that option, throw in a couple of insults, expletives and use superlative when they don't mean them. People "hate" things", Dyack is "the biggest" douche in the world. More often than not, intelligent, rational discussion is accompanied by what can only be described as playground babble. I'm on a high horse, but I've done it too. It's easy, my profile's anonymous, what's to stop me?
As gloatingswine said, libel and slander are very real in printed and televised media. Too Human might get scathing reviews in print, but Dyack won't. That rule doesn't apply to the internet, so he's forced to wade through hundreds of cheap insults to read the feedback on his product. He's very clearly a regular on gaming boards - maybe if people provided him with more concise and meaningful feedback than "Too Human sucks. Make ED2" he'd actually take it on board.
sadly, the internet has judged too Human and Dyack, and found that they fell short of the invisible standards. There's a lot of people who won't buy the game, not because it's got poor reviews (it has NO reviews at all yet) or a handful of mediocre previews, but because there are abosultely thousands of comments along the lines of "this game sucks". Those comments have stuck to the game now, and there's no doubting that it's gone from highly anticiapted to, well, expected to fail.
I'm glad Dyack has made a stand against the infectious stupidity on the web. It needs to happen more if the web is to move beyond a few insightful blogs and ten million people posting "LOL" just because they can. Everyone's got an opinion, but in real life, there's plenty of times when you just keep your mouth shut."

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More "stoneagedan" goodness.

"Dyack cares, because (as he points out in the podcast) the mentality is seeping into higher levels of video game journalism. Kotaku itself reposted forum trolling, and dozens of Kotakuites responded with "the more I hear, the less I want to play this game".
The trolls might be idiots, but they keep on whispering in our ears, and slowly we stop dismissing them and start listening. The internet has given them a forum to voice their opinions, and we listen. Sadly, their opinions are ill-informed, deliberately inflammatory; their debates are nothing more than ad hominem arguments laced together with playground jibes; and their come-uppance is... nothing. It's anonymous, free, and has no penalties. Go read MTVs Mutliplayer blog and see the slew of trolling that Totilo's trying to deal with (ironically, on the Too Human threads) - what can he do to get the rubbish off his site? Not much, by the looks of things. If he starts erasing comments, making sockpuppets, resorting to ad hominems, etc, the internet will judge his ethics, and find them wanting. A user might get banned from commenting - he's screwed if he gets banned from his own blog though.
Kotaku's system of stars and bans is a step in the right direction, but let's face it, there are still some awful comments that appear on here - they have no point to raise, bring no humour or entertainment, or are just downright offensive."

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck National Football Post! Their articles are shit!

Fuck FanNation! Those dipshits are even worse and their posters deserved to be tarred and feathered!

Fuck G4!!! I hope everybody involved with that stupid network gets shot and that especially goes for the shitheads who defend their shit network!

Fuck Gamefaq posters!!!!! Every single one of those pieces of shit deserved to be burned to death!

And finally...

FUCK NEOGaf posters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The majority of NEOGaf posters are 13 year old idiots without the intelligence God gave the common root vegetable"

So true indeed!

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Google Video! The stupid fucktards removed the "Grid View" option on their video search page without notifying anybody about it first! I'm sick and tired of the shitheads at Google going around changing things that isn't broken! There are people out there (such as myself) that prefer the Grid View more than the fucking retarded List View!

I ain't one to wish these types of things but I hope some dipshit asshole drops a nuke on top of the bastards who run Google because those people are complete retards who don't put other people's thoughts (such as us Grid View fans)
when making changes to things that aren't broken to begin with!

But I'll tell you what, if Google brings back the Grid View, then forget what I wish would happen to them.

And fuck Youtube! The only reason those fuckers are popular is because the people on there are too fucking retarded to realize that (gasp!) there are other and better sites out there than fucking Youtube! Fuck Youtube and fuck the retards who use it!

Now drop me a line and while you're at it, COME SMELL MY GORGEOUS FARTS!

You know you want to take a whiff at my lovely farts and like it! I’ll see you real soon!

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome rant by steiner666

"I think the big names in the industry need to stop fooling themselves thinking that sending in a "secret agent" to monitor and send out warnings will change anything. The change needs to be made on their end.

I know a bunch of people who used to download movies and games via torrents who now gladly pay their $10 a month to netflix and just stream them, and buy up games when they're on sale or reasonably priced on Steam. The movies they pirate now days are only the ones that aren't available on netflix. Expand on this or create a similar service that offers more of the entertainment people want (and when they want it, not half a year later) and I think that will reduce piracy more than Mr. Secret Agent ever could.

All of you people out there who have such hatred towards "pirates", I don't think you realize the change (for the better) that piracy is bringing about in the entertainment industries. I think that, back in the day, Napster made music companies aware of how convenient and popular digital distribution is, which led to all the different legit methods and services that you can download/stream music through. Torrents are doing much the same with the game and movie industries, demanding them to change their archaic pricing and content delivery methods to better match the current economy and technology.

I'm not justifying piracy, but it HAS undeniably brought about some changes for the better."

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's that attitude--receiving a little bit of money for a lot of work is better than receiving no money for a lot of work--that allows pieces of shit like Bleacher Report to exploit the shit out of the vast pool of job applicants and feast on the carcass of this business.

Your work, and your effort, should be worth more than an insulting stipend. And if you can't find someone who believes that? Better to be out of the biz than be exploited.

Fuck Bleacher Report and their shitty-ass brethren."

And you two spamming dipshits above me too!

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Metrolyrics!

Fucking pieces of shit disabled the ability to copy and paste lyrics to word documents for personal use!

Fuck you Metrolyrics! I hope you fucking sacks of shit burn in hell for this! Fuckers!

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RubesBYU (8/19/2010 at 7:01 PM)

Cal openly declared they did not want BYU due to the religious affiliation.

The PAC10 are hypocrites. They preach tolerance and respect to all ideas... that is unless they go against their own. They wouldn't want someone with different ideals/ideas to sit at the same table as them.

And yes - I wish BYU were in the PAC10 and not in the MWC. They would have got the exposure they are looking for.

Chadeous (8/19/2010 at 6:19 PM)

I know this is hard for you to understand, so I am going to try and say it slowly. People like you have a funny way of playing the victim of discrimination all the while fighting tooth and nail to destroy the rights of others. Being unwilling to accept intolerance is not intolerance. It's just standing up for the rights of those whose rights are threatened by the intolerant. It's kind of like when the mormons, who were persecuted for their beliefs, fled west and tried to start their own society. Did they do that because they were intolerant? No. Would someone who had supported their cause to do so, and been upset at the christian religions who persecuted them and forced them to flee be intolerant? The answer is... NO. Unfortunately, the great tragedy of the history of mankind is that the oppressed invariably become the oppressors.

The truth is, no one gives a fetch what you believe. What people do care about is what you do, and what you do is try to oppress the LGBTQ community, and that my friend, is simply intolerable...

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Solid_Snake4RD responds to Mr Puggsly's quotes:

How is Final Fantasy 13 Versus gonna boost sales of FF13? IT COULD BOOST A LITTLE BIT BUT IT WILL NOT BE ENOUGH!

Most FF hardcores would have already purchased FF13 and for the casuals to pick up the older game, there has to be word of mouth and in FF13's case its not that good.

FF14 is gonna be online only and yes it limits game sales but it won't boost FF13. Actually if it got great reviews then people might think worse of ff13 even if they don't buy either, but would have considered ff13 at a lower price.

And with all the upcoming blockbusters, FF13 would easily be forgotten.

EVERY OTHER game isn't an Uncharted 1 like game that it gets boosted when the second one is about to launch.

"Always so agressive. We'll just have to wait and see."

Just considering the weekly sales data.

"The FF series is known for having legs,"

FF was also higher rated,more loved and popular...

...even then it has not been known for having legs.

FF games have always sold all of their sales in the first 6 months, they barely sell after that.

"there is still room for price cuts, and it doesn't look like XIII will just fade into obscurity with XIV being online only and XIII Versus coming eventually."

I took the price cuts into consideration and even then it will be very very hard to do more than 2.2m

And how doesn't it look like its fading, huh? - Do you just say what you want to happen.

"Also, I don't believe any of the upcoming "blockbusters" are JRPG. Thus FFXIII will remain king of that genre on HD consoles."

Sure it will but nobody cares and how it scored and how people didn't like it much didn't really make it popular.

You always talk like price cuts and being the best in that genre means it will get big sales, that doesn't always happen.

Metal Gear Solid 4 by far the best in its genre, but it won't just sell so much more.

6:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool8man said:
The DVD:Blu-ray ratios aren't even telling the whole story. We don't know what percentage of sales are shifting from DVD to Amazon/iTunes/Zune/Vudu/PSN/Blockbuster. You can buy movies from your damn cellphone now, there is no way that DVD/Bluray can compete with that. Walmart and Best Buy are going to have little incentive to sell physical discs when they are bundling their own movie stores (Vudu/Cinema Now) into all of the electronic devices that they sell. Same goes for Amazon.

Vetteman94 said:
Well as of the first quarter this year, Blu-ray's growth was 3 times that of DD. Blu-rays revenue for the first 2 months this year were higher than all of last year for DD. So it looks like Blu-ray is competing quite well.

All the rest of your post is nonsense, can you still buy Music CDs in Best Buy and Walmart? What about Amazon do they still sell CDs?

D-FENS on 09/06/10 04:02 GMT
Nonsense? Are you kidding? When I was a kid, my local mall had 4 dedicated music stores. Now, there are none, and there is only one store that even sells a range of CDs (excluding the Hot Topics of the world), and their CD section is always shrinking. More importantly, I worked in book/CD/DVD/Video Game retail for 9 years, and every year the
music sales went down. Every year.

Claiming that CDs aren't dying off because you can still buy them in stores is being willfully ignorant of the industry. If you are old enough to remember what a real music store looked like before Napster hit the net, just compare that mental image to the pitiful, shrinking, neglected music sections in stores that just no longer care about the industry because it's not bringing in the $$$.

Better yet, try to find a single music store, a dedicated music store that doesn't sell a bunch of other media, just CDs, posters, T-Shirts, whatever. Try to find one of those in a mid to high rent mall/strip mall. I'll save you some time . . . you won't.

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NBC is a Us broadcast network that anyone can access for free using an antenna. HBO is not only a cable network, but its a premium cable network that can basically present any content it wants free of censorship because it is not supported by advertisers or the cable company even, at least not in the direct sense. TV-MA content can be played on it anytime at no risk, where as a broadcast network like NBC can only show things rated TV-14 (Im assuming you can understand those rating differences). Aside from censorship differences, reputation and quality of content is the other big diference. Where as HBO has a history of being extremely selective about what shows it wishes to help produce and broadcast, as well as giving its co-producers and writers nearly unlimited creative freedom, leading to a reputation for the best American shows, NBC is, like all networks, a slave to advertisers and filling up primetime slots for optimally 22 episodes a season. This lead to not only weaker quality due to forced episode counts, but also a bad equation of either quick show turnover for flagging viewership ratings due to ads, or never ending dragged out shows that stay on the air way past their prime for the opposite reasons. NBC in particular is a weaker network, far behind competitors Fox, ABC, and CBS in terms of ratings and overall success of their shows, giving it a particularly bad rep amongst its peers. Normally networks didi have one big advantage over HBO and premium networks, and that was bigger budgets, but this is less true though now.


2:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this will quickly get overturned. Otherwise, that wording could be slapped onto everything. That car you bought 10 years ago? Sorry, you can't trade it in, because you didn't actually buy it, you just bought the right to own it, and you need to give it back when you are done. That Whopper you ate yesterday...yeah, I want that back too. If it's not in original condition, you owe me a new Whopper as well. Idiotic ruling, especially since you can't read the EULA until you have already purchased and opened the product.


4:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Solidshark21 says:
The thing thats funny to me is the guy pushing this is the terminator. secondly the systems come with parental controls, the stores already card and check who they sell too. At this point i think the courts should fine the parents themselves if their kids get a hold of violent games.

dynomitemasta says:
If this generation of parents would just cut the crap and smack their children when they did something wrong, (like playing a game you said no to) the world would be a better place..... so many brats, and parents who are non parents with their daycare, and nanny's and play dates...... jeeze, I say, spare the rod spoil the child.. I wouldn't dare cross my Father when I was young....... yeah, why not ban alcohol too while your at it.

wis3boi says:
"Zogby survey of 2,100 adults" because this is a nice statistic to claim "72%" on....sure, 72% of hand picked baby boomers. This sample size is way too small to make any judgment on. GG surveyors. Not to mention I don't see how any other form of media and art is any different.

green_dominator says:
This whole casein California makes no sense. I'm in my 30's and every time I buy a game like Mafia II, Mass Effect 1&2, Fallout 3 or any other "M" rated game I get asked to see my I.D. I don't mind really because the person at the counter is just doing their job. I do feel that kids shouldn't be buying violent games. I'm not a parent but if I was I probably wouldn't let my kids play the same types of games as I do. I don't think it's any business of the Government's to stick their nose into my decisions. I think we rely too much on the Government to make decisions for us and we don't do enough ourselves to think about what's really going on around us. This case in California may be coming from a pure motive but it opens the doors for the Government to crack down on games as a whole and declare it filth just like porn has been labeled for so long. Wake up and smell the coffee people. by supporting this you support Communism. think about that for a minute. do you really want the government to step in and run our lives? do not want free choice and free speech? We as a people need to stand up and say NO! We Don't need this, not like this. We want the freedom to choose what is right for our children ourselves.

4:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There seems to be at least two major flaws in the appeals' court logic. First and foremost, is that in a capitalistic economy, it is completely backwards for any product not to be resold. Imagine that if by design, the CD industry had a EULA that was not recognized by the software designer, but created a conflict later down the road (in which the primary concern would be to increase profits.) Second, the video-game industry is only partly relatable to software that requires a EULA. And also, would pose the next question. If video-games follow the same route, how would retailers be able to sell them, and not the average citizen. More proof that the judicial system really is blind....


5:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think alot of people need to slow their role about this entire ruling.. this is a rather lengthy process with plenty of rulings and overtuned rulings.. appeals ARE inevitable and I will be shocked if this makes it through those appeals. If anything I think this wil spark further crackdowns on these murky and sometimes unlawful EULA's.. just because a company gets their group of slimy lawyers to draft them up does not automatically make them valid agreements that would hold up in court. EULA's have been struck down before and I think anything preventing the sale of physical copies of a videogame will be overturned, whether they like it or not the game industry wil learn that they are not special and are not exempt from adhering to the fair trade market.


5:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pyro as Bill on 09/19/10 02:12 GMT
Capcom are idiots. Tastuwhateveritscalled V Capcom instead of Street Fighter Wii? Clowns.

Wii has the largest fighter audience and they waste their opportunity with some Japanese cartoon shit? They missed the boat. They could have joined Nintendo and Sega in the success of real gaming returning but they wasted it on the iphone. They should give someone with some common sense the Street Fighter IP and made money instead of trying to cash in on some shitty sequel. Even Capcom can't learn it's own lessons.

Nevermind, surely Street Fighter Hyper Turbo 3 will bring in the dollars.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drakenlord says:
Joker and Two-Face were never done before even remotely like their comic book counterparts in film until The Dark Knight. Furthermore they had to be done as they are in the top three super villains list for Batman. Batman is the main character so of course he had to be done, but even his character has never been properly done in a film before Batman Begins.

Riddler and Catwoman however are C villains that have been done before multiple times of which Nolan has no reason to use.

KCJ506 says:
Enough with these lame reasons like "they've been done before." If Nolan went by this we wouldn't have gotten Ledger's Joker.

Catwoman is not C-list. She the third most well known Batman character. After Batman and Joker. I understand that you don't want her Drakenlord, but now you're just making things up.

And it's funny how you say Joker and Two-Face weren't done like they're comic book counterparts until TDK. And yet Riddler and Catwoman weren't either.

And to the OP Nolan nor anybody else said Catwoman wouldn't be in this movie. David Goyer was referring to people expecting certain characters to appear. He said "Everyone says it's gotta be Catwoman." Well I completely disagree.' In other words, "There's alot of character to work with, we're not just ticking off a list". Nowhere did he effing say these exact words "We are not using Catwoman.".

You are not the first person to misunderstand that quote and probably won't be the last.

Drakenlord says:
Riddler was done like in the comics in BTAS, the original Batman TV show and even in the horrible Batman Forever. Although to be fair in Batman Forever his character was twisted quite a bit, but he still was a guy obsessed with riddles like in the comics.

Catwoman was done like in the comics in BTAS and Batman Returns.

No one even gave a damn about Catwoman until Batman Returns. Furthermore the last Catwoman film put her back to C list status.

The words the writers used were basically don't count on any popular villains you know to be in the film.

I have yet to hear a single person make a compelling reason for why Catwoman should be in a Batman 3 film and what she can do in the film she hasn't done before. If you can't convince me, don't count on Nolan who is vastly harder to please to have her in the film.

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

KCJ506 says:
"Riddler was done like in the comics in BTAS, the original Batman TV show and even in the horrible Batman Forever. Although to be fair in Batman Forever his character was twisted quite a bit, but he still was a guy obsessed with riddles like in the comics."

We're talking just the movies not the TV shows. Riddler is not supposed to be like Joker which is how Carrey portrayed him. The only thing they got right was him being obsessed with riddles. The Joker is a homicidal lunatic who revels in destruction for its own sake. The Riddler is a calculating mastermind who constructs huge mindgames.

"Catwoman was done like in the comics in BTAS and Batman Returns."

Again we're talking about just the movies. When in the comics was Catwoman ever some kind of zombie that had nine lives? She was supposed to have to been raised in the streets and learn how to be street tough, educated, and disciplined. Not a secretary who got pushed out a window by a madman and brought back to life by cats.

Two-Face was done right in BTAS, but you seem okay with them using him. Eckhart's version was a bit different. He was a crazy vigilante out for justice, rather than a crazy criminal with a split personality.

"No one even gave a damn about Catwoman until Batman Returns."

And you know this how? She appeared in the Adam West show and was in the the very first Batman movie.

"Furthermore the last Catwoman film put her back to C list status."

This makes no sense at all. If anything it's because of that movie Nolan needs to use her and show people who she really is.

"I have yet to hear a single person make a compelling reason for why Catwoman should be in a Batman 3 film and what she can do in the film she hasn't done before. If you can't convince me, don't count on Nolan who is vastly harder to please to have her in the film."

Here read this. This poster has come up with good reasons why Catwoman should be in this franchise.

And just because you're not convinced doesn't mean Nolan won't use her.

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drakenlord says:
Well actually Catwoman in the original comics was not trained in the streets and did live a boring life once. She was originally just a housewife that left her husband to be a thief. Sure the nine lives part went too far, however everything else was right on target. She was a normal person that had a tragedy which caused her to lash out against all men, she decided to break the law to get whatever she wanted, she was inspired by Batman to make a costume, she saw Batman as her enemy, she also flirted with Batman and she went after a guy for revenge. Burton covered all the bases right there. What can Nolan do that Burton didn't do?

Harvey Dent to me in The Dark Knight seemed to have at least some form of dissociative identity disorder. Two-Face's condition being called multiple personality disorder in the comics did not happen until the 1980s and even then that is disputed.

Dude the 1960s Batman TV show with the movie had a Catwoman that was horribly ludicrous. You might as well say Egghead should be in Batman 3 because he was in that show.

Why does Nolan need to use her character when she has been ruined to the point she can't be reedemed?

I read all that and other than the guy saying he is a Catwoman fan he didn't offer any compelling reason to have her in the film. In fact he basically stated that Catwoman didn't matter until an issue of Detective Comics that came out in 2008 said she did.

People have offered better compelling reasons for having Robin in a film than Catwoman and Nolan shot them all down.

Nolan is a harsher critic than me. If you can't convince me don't think you can convince him. Nolan is not going to go for a female jewel thief on a revenge trip that happens to be a copycat of Batman, but with no real purpose. Burton already covered that angle.

Further, I like Catwoman's character but there isn't much there. A thief in a costume that plays by her own rules while at times flirting with Batman is all there is, but it has been done multiple times in several films and it offers nothing original with depth. DC doesn't even have a clue what to do with her character in the comics.

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...




9:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree! Fuck that shitty website straight to hell!

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10 Modern Cartoons That Are Making Children Dumber
By Alicia Ashby

​Generally, nerds are people who like cartoons long beyond the age at which we're supposed to. Whether you grew up in the '70s with Super Friends and Star Blazers, in the heyday of the '80s and G.I. Joe, Transformers and Masters of the Universe, or the '90s and Freakazoid and Batman: TAS, chances are if you're reading Topless Robot, you have more than a few kids' cartoons still near and dear to your heart. This was thanks to a plethora of awesome cartoons while we were growing up, that kept us watching years after most normal folk gave it up to date and have pre-marital sex.

So what about the '00s? Certainly there have been a lot of great cartoons for kids (and nerdy adults too, thanks to Adult Swim), but also a surprising lot of crap. It's hard to say that there's definitely more horrible cartoons now than when we were growing up, but it kind of seems like it. For every Powerpuff Girls and SpongeBob SquarePants, there are countless more which are almost certainly killing off brain cells in their young viewers with every hackneyed, stupid plot and over-telegraphed, unfunny joke. Here are the 10 most egregious offenders that no child should have to watch.

10) The Super Hero Squad Show

The Super Hero Squad Show shouldn't suck. It should be a post-modern inheritor to the glorious kitsch of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, but with a top-flight voice cast (including Stan Lee) and much slicker animation. The Super Hero Squad Show does look pretty good, but the rest of it is absolute shit that relentlessly insults a kid's developing intelligence.

In theory this is a silly show where all of the good guy superhero toys are the Avengers and patrol Super Hero City, protecting it from the amalgamated bad guy forces lead by Dr. Doom. In practice, it's a clearinghouse of action cartoon plots that were stale twenty years ago. The jokes are all depressingly obvious, like the Silver Surfer sounding like a k-rad surfer dude, and repeated ad nauseam.

Watching The Super Hero Squad Show is in some ways a lot like watching the '87 incarnation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That was a show with a certain amount of heart and imagination behind the goofiness, though. The Super Hero Squad Show is a black-hearted mockery of fun, promising smiles but delivering only the saddest and most pitiful of fart jokes.

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9) Winx Club

Italy is one of those countries, much like Brazil, that likes anime as much as Japan does. Producing girls' cartoons inspired by Sailor Moon is practically a cottage industry over there, which makes it all the more confusing that Winx Club is probably the most famous of the Italian pseudo-anime shows over here in the U.S. Where other properties like W.I.T.C.H. are interesting and well-drawn, Winx Club is an ugly, insulting pile of horseshit.

Like most Sailor Moon knockoffs, Winx Club is the story of five girls who are special in story-specific ways that must go about transforming into superheroes to protect something-or-other. The protagonist is the most powerful but also insecure, so she always gets her power-ups last (frequently just before steamrolling the season's villains). Where Winx Club becomes extra shitty is in the way 4Kids Entertainment opted to localize it for the U.S. market. The characters were all boiled down to Saturday-morning one-note personalities and dubbed to be ditzy, shallow, and obsessed with shopping and the rather sad excuses for boys that attend the school for knights that's conveniently across the way from the school for magic fairy princesses.

Between the dumbed-down dubbing and weird editing, the show gives the impression that the Winx Club are really terrible at crime-fighting. The only three magical criminals in the universe appear to be witches attending a rival witch school. If the Winx Club ever fought a villain who was remotely determined or competent, even on par with Sailor Moon's basically idiotic villains, then all of magic fairyland would be steamrolled in a few horrible minutes of carnage reminiscent of what happened when Kid Miracleman Marvelman got loose in London.

8) Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds

Yu-Gi-Oh debuted in the U.S. going on... what, 10 years ago? (There's a way to make yourself feel old.) It was a shamelessly trashy cartoon but its sheer brazenness could make it compelling. But eventually the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh decided to end the manga so he could spend more time lounging about on his enormous piles of money. The merchadising companies, desperate to keep all that sweet cash coming in, came up with the solution of having random Toei staffers, perhaps making as much as $12.50 per day, cook up their own original Yu-Gi-Oh material to keep the toy engine pumping.

Their first attempt was Yu-Gi-Oh GX, a calculated and crapful blend of the basic YGO formula and the then-raging popularity of the Harry Potter novels. It kept the money-train rolling but it was somehow a lot more dull and forgettable than the original's gleeful insanity. YGO GX's successor is the currently airing Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds, where they decided to freshen up the formula by having the characters play CCGs with each other during futuristic high-speed motorcycle races that took place in a hellish dystopian urban sprawl right out of Blade Runner.

Watching YGO 5Ds for more than a few minutes at a time is a good way to send your brain oozing, liquefied, out your own ears. The motorcycle addition makes everything stupid about the original series more stupid, but with worse characters and more incomprehensible storylines. The show goes from selectively ignoring the rules of the game it's hawking to simply making the rules unintelligible. Just try to follow what goes on in one of the show's many racing duels. You'll be gibbering on the floor in minutes.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

7) The Garfield Show

Garfield & Friends, like the Garfield animated specials before it, became a mainstay of CBS animated programming because it could combine a marketable name with some entirely decent writing. Where creator Jim Davis rendered Garfield an existential void bereft of comedy, the writers on the various Garfield cartoons gave the fat kitty a distinct personality and some great one-liners, all improved by the deadpan delivery of the late Lorenzo Music.

The Garfield Show uses some of the talent who helped make Garfield & Friends so much fun, but do not be fooled. The Garfield Show is not fun. It's terrible in a surreal and utterly insulting way that I can only chalk up to its terrible French origins. It seems the live-action Garfield movie was a huge hit over there, prompting some local animation houses to decide it was time to cash in. Unfortunately, these local animation studios suck, giving everything a molded-from-plastic look, and covering the animals with half-assed fur textures that make them look like slowly rotting fruits.

Probably the worst thing about this show is that since it was originally produced to air in France, the show is essentially dubbed when it airs in the U.S. The lipflap is really excruciatingly bad, thanks to the French studios trying too hard to coordinate with the French version. Garfield also opens his mouth when he "talks," which makes for a truly unpleasant visual -- his mouth was clearly not designed to work this way, let alone in 3D.

6) The Proud Family

There are worse cartoons on this list than The Proud Family, but I've never seen a show so aggressively enshrine the concept that all of its characters are self-righteous assholes, wallowing in their contempt for all other human life. The members of the Proud Family spend most of their time hurting each other, whether it's Penny's youthful ignorance or her grandmother's sour-faced resentment of the young. Probably the worst of the many hateful, loathesome characters that populate The Proud Family's cast is Oscar, Penny's dipshit father, who's obsessed with get-rich-quick schemes and prone to inventing all kinds of nonsense gadgets right out of Dexter's Lab, but who's also controlling in a way that's skeevy and faintly abusive.

It's not just the overarching plots in The Proud Family that convey the impression that the characters are all hateful morons. Just about every episode I've seen is loaded with casual examples of people being assholes to each other not even because it's funny, but because that's apparently what people do in this universe. Oscar slams the door in the face of Penny's friends in the title sequence. Penny steals his chicken and waffles right off his plate, right in front of his face. Let's assume this show's fundamental message, that people are shit, doesn't absolutely dull the minds of all who watch. The show still overflows with all manner of other insults to the viewer's intelligence. Most of the show's run is animated in Flash at an absolutely astonishing level of cheapness, characters flagrantly gliding across poorly-drawn backgrounds. Ugh.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5) American Dragon Jake Long

American Dragon: Jake Long debuted at around the same time as a competing cartoon called The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. I point this out mainly because they were extremely similar shows, both about Chinese-American kids who gained mysterious superpowers as part of their heritage and had to basically go around policing a hidden world full of spirits and monsters. The difference between the two is that Juniper Lee was good while Jake Long totally sucked. Juniper Lee boasted better designs, better animation, and substantially better writing. The characters were more likable and the stories more grounded in authentic Chinese mythology. Jake Long was stiff, reliant on shitty flash animation, and featured stupendously awful designs that made the titular heroic dragon look kind of like a bloated dog.

Another difference between the two is that Juniper Lee was swiftly canceled where Jake Long is still airing on the Disney Channel to this day. You can still hear its mewling Jonas Brothers theme song and still see every ugly episode. Perhaps Jake Long stood out a bit more in Disney's more lackluster cartoon line-up, or maybe the fucking Jonas Brothers song kept kids watching. It's hard to tell. This is such an astonishingly terrible show if you sit down to watch much of it. Jake Long's duties as a dragon-boy-thing are entirely unclear -- sometimes he fights monsters and other times he just listens to them whine. The villains are mildly offensive Klan analogues who like to kill all non-whites- - er, I mean, all magical beings. Whee.

4) Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

I've spent a lot longer trying to figure out what the hell is going on in Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 than I think I did figuring out calculus in college. I haven't completely succeeded yet. There is a profound incoherency at the heart of this show that is far greater than my ability to understand it. I mean, I've even asked eight-year-olds to explain it to me, and they've just rambled on a bit before admitting that they don't know what the hell is going on in it, either.

At the surface of it, Battle Force 5 appears to be one of those super-vehicle shows designed to sell fanciful car playsets to little boys. But selling toys would seem to necessity some kind of semi-coherent narrative, of which BF5 has none. The main character drives a car that pops out giant knives all over and spins around like a top. There is a girl who drives a green off-road thing whose tires become claws and then it climbs around like a monkey. The flying motorcycle and the purple thing that fights by turning its sound system up way loud are downright mundane in comparison, but putting them all on the screen together in stiff TV-caliber 3D animation is kind of like smoking a joint only to find out it's been stuffed with PCP.

I couldn't tell you the plot of the show at all, nor can any child I've seen an episode with. It has something to do with traveling to parallel dimensions that are basically Super Mario levels and then racing super-vehicles against evil super-vehicles driven by talking crocodiles and other rejected Ninja Turtles bad guys. Events do not flow in any linear fashion in Battle Force 5; it's like a kids' toy-selling show run through a dadaist filter.

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3) Casper's Scare School

The longevity of the Casper the Friendly Ghost property is a mystery of the ages. It is boring as shit and has been for longer than I've been alive. The original theatrical cartoons were boring, the comics were boring, the old tV cartoons were boring, yet the Casper property is one that will not fucking die off despite, in theory, being already dead.

Casper's Scare School is how Casper plans to bore kids in the 21st century. Casper is relegated to bland straight man and surrounded by kooky classmates in a Hogwarts-like school for monsters. The plots are all pretty standard for mediocre kids-in-school cartoons, as are the supporting characters. Casper's friends are lovable losers, he's tormented by a snotty vampire kid, the principle is a two-headed asshole, etc. Like a lot of the cartoons on this list, Casper is animated in 3D. It's far from the worst-looking show here, since the monster kids are clearly all designed around the limits of 3D on a TV budget. Casper was not, though, so he basically looks like a blobby white piece of shit. The show also insists on doing well-lit segments set in an Anytown, USA sort of suburb that look completely hideous compared to the scenes set at the monster school.

What's frustrating about Casper's Scare School is the sense that its creators actually had access to the resources necessary to make a decent cartoon. Some of the monster kids have imaginative designs and the story is almost interesting when it doesn't involve Casper. Somebody paid good money for the fucking Casper license, though, so it's rare that the camera isn't pointing at him and his goddman boring antics.

2) Chaotic

Many people think the entire Yu-Gi-Oh franchise is shamefully, unimaginably bad, but it's hard to rag too hard on Yu-Gi-Oh in a world where somebody's greenlit not one but two seasons of Chaotic. Where Yu-Gi-Oh just presents a demented world where everyone's obsessed with a bad CCG, Chaotic presents a world where the only thing that can possibly matter is playing a incomprehensibly horrible digital CCG/videogame thing.

Storywise, Chaotic is about a bunch of boring whitebread assholes who are, for unknown reasons, chosen to go to a magic bullshit realm called Chaotic where they get to play the Chaotic game all day. The show's explanation for this involves astral projection -- players as so special they split into two selves, a mundane one that does boring shit like going to school, and a super-speshul Chaotic one that exists in Chaotic and plays games all day. The actual Chaotic game makes Yu-Gi-Oh seem like an exercise in sublime strategy. Playing it involves having a deck of cards, but there's also a digital play mat so the cards can battle for territories, and the battles are conducted by transporting the player's whiny suburban mind into a "real" monster that fights in the "real" version of a territory. Exactly how you win or lose is incredibly unclear, as the rules seem to change depending on how many monsters they want to show per battle.

Special mention must be made of Chaotic's completely insane production style. The show's first season was animated using bafflingly cheap Flash animation that made it look like a long-form eSurance ad. The second season switched over to something meant to look like anime but clearly produced by some European studio that just barely knows how to make things move. The change in designs is so abrupt and radical that the protagonist entirely changes ethnicities, because I guess the first season wasn't boring-ass or whitebread enough.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) Johnny Test

Canadian animation, for the most part, completely fucking sucks.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Canadians will be the first people to tell you this. Like most other Canadian-made media, Canadian cartoons get financed largely because Canadian networks are legally obligated to make sure a certain percentage of their content is actually produced in Canada.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This makes the sudden U.S. fad for cheap Canadian cartoons like Johnny Test completely fucking confusing, although currently it is being produced so cheaply that it is no longer even animated in Canada, but is instead being slapped together in what I imagine to be Filipino cartoon sweatshops.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is poorly animated in Flash, such that most episodes contain less actual movement than '60s Hanna-Barbera shorts. The entire premise, most of the characters, and roughly 75% of the show's episode plots are recycled wholesale from the '90s Hanna-Barbera hit Dexter's Lab. Johnny Test is nothing more but a loud, ugly, and inferior Dexter's Lab. When I have personally seen modern children presented with the choice between Johnny Test on Cartoon Network and Dexter's Lab on Boomerang, Dexter's Lab wins every time. Unfortunately, kids often don't have a choice. Because Canadian programming like Johnny Test is so incredibly cheap to produce and air, Cartoon Network makes a point of running -- and this is just a rough estimate -- approximately 20 hours of Johnny Test per day. Kids watch it because they want cartoons and it happens to be on, and thus, this processed, calorie-lite, cartoon-like product has apparently gotten enough eyeballs that Johnny Test has run four seasons.

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


5:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oufan1979 says:
Come on how can anyone think ISU should get the same money UT gets? That is communism. How many people are buying ISU jerseys or season tickets? Or more importantly watching ISU on TV?
As a Sooner fan I realize we don't have the same tv numbers UT has so if they make more money then that is fine. This is America not red China!

22OKIA says:
That is not communism you idiot. You mean socialism. And no its not, they are a Big 12 member of same standing as Texas. Sure Texas has more media attention and probably does contribute more to the TV ratings than any other team but if you think for one second that this is fair then your an idiot. I know as a uO fan your customed to feel that college football is a pro sport but in reality. It is isn't. And the contracts should be equally beneficial to all Universities. It is college athletics for god sakes. How can you say that we should have a contract which helps the rich/big schools get bigger and the middle-road and low/small schools get poorer? In the same REALM/LEAGUE! Oh wait, your a uO fan and that is the only reason you guys are still semi-relevant and ranked top 10 preseason every year even when you have a 8 win season or lose a bowl game terribly.

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Calfan says:
I think WC is getting close. The issue is revenue distribution, not divisions. We know SC and UCLA will oppose equal sharing. Who would join them? Cal, Stanford and UW are the most likely. UW has gone on record as saying they will favor equal distribution provided they don’t subsidize Wazzu by sharing gate receipts in rivalry games. That means the Bay Area schools are driving the bus, because they have the votes to derail equal revenue sharing. What will the Bay Area schools want to support equal revenue sharing? That’s right, a CaliZona division. And that’s what we’ll get, because it always comes down to money.

stanfordfan says:
The University Presidents (Chancellors) buying into pods and zippers and rotating divisions? Not a chance…

Larry Scott is too shrewd to not have this nailed down BEFORE the Directors of Athletics meet on October 6, and when the University Presidents meet on October 21, it will be a rubber stamp approval of what the Directors of Athletics have already voted on.

Calfan’s observations make the most sense – Stanford and Cal get the Calizona division in exchange for their vote on equal revenue sharing. And I’m guessing it is a done deal right now.

4:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The great Scott Keith offers these words of wisdom:

I actually think this is a great idea for synergy, because the WWE’s storylines totally open make for some toys that all kids will want this Christmas season. For instance:

- No-Selling John Cena! Bash him with a chair, throw him out the window, feed him to the dog, it doesn’t matter. The toy will suffer no damage and win the World title back from the other toys two weeks later.

- Detachable Limb Edge and Randy Orton! Watch as they shrink over the years, and thrill as any contact with other action figures causes their arms and legs to fall off, leaving them unable to be played with for 6-8 weeks at a time.

- Work Visa Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre! You only get to play with them for a few weeks, then you have to mail them back to the UK.

- Dress-Up CM Punk! You can make him wear any outfit you want, but make sure it’s dress code or the Undertaker action figure will squash him for not being professional!

Mattel is sitting on a gold mine here.

2:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spider-Man 3 was pretty bad
Lovingly crafted by Scott Keith on June 27th, 2010

I think we talked about this a bit originally on the blog when it came out, but I was wanting a good test movie for my home theatre last night and realized I hadn’t watched Spider-Man 3 since that initial viewing. Plus I had been engaged in ongoing annoyance with texting teenagers for the whole movie originally, so I felt like I might have been missing something that would have made me enjoy it more.

I wasn’t.

Really, this is a case of studio interference completely destroying whatever Sam Raimi was originally trying to do with the movie in the first place. Even in the commentary he talks about how the finished movie is drastically different than the first version (which would have been Ben Kingsley as Vulture) and how he doesn’t really get Venom. And yeah, this movie does not “get” Venom at all. We all complained originally that Topher Grace was the wrong person for the role and people said “Oh, give it a chance” but Raimi had no tricks up his sleeve here. He’s the wrong guy cast in a role that doesn’t really relate to the rest of the series in any way, shoehorned in and then killed off. When the main villain doesn’t even make his true appearance until 2 hours into the movie, there’s a problem. Equally terrible is Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy, another case of an actor playing a role that shouldn’t be there in the first place. You’re waiting for some major reveal for her role and it just never comes, as she gets no resolution for her story arc and just kind of is there as a minor inconvenience to the Peter-MJ relationship. And then they further muddy the waters by tying Gwen to Eddie Brock and do nothing with that either.

Which is all too bad because I was really digging James Franco’s work as Harry Osborn here, once the contrivance of the amnesia plot was out of the way. He brought a real sense of creepy menace as the guy trying to break up Spidey and MJ with his brains instead of his super-powers, and I liked that. That would have been a good movie, but instead the studio wanted VILLAINS VILLAINS VILLAINS and poor Harry gets neglected and tossed aside again before suddenly doing a babyface turn at the end of the movie that made no sense given his previous character, and then dying. C’mon, really, getting killed by TOPHER GRACE? And yet Sandman gets to escape the carnage?

What I think made me saddest was watching the movie sputter to a finish and knowing that this was the end of the franchise and Raimi wouldn’t get a chance to redeem himself. Because hey, it only made like $300 million, so let’s fire everyone and find someone who won’t make such a “flop”. While fictional characters might find unlikely redemption at the end of these movies, the real people behind them rarely get that chance.

2:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More Scott Keith goodness:

Martha’s a bit of a nutjob to say the least and this seems like a pretty clear money grab on her part, but I kind of see her point. WWE could have very easily just done another Bret Hart set to cash in on his recent appearances rather than poking a stick at the angry bear that is the Hart family in general. WWE really can’t keep denying responsibility for Owen’s death while attempting to make money off his name without looking more than a little sleazy. That being said, I hope they cut her a cheque to shut her up and then put Owen into the Hall of Fame next year, or else we might have another Benoit situation on our hands where we never get to see Owen’s matches again.

3:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cactusland2 says:
Are these people freakin kidding? Sucks for them, because they're the bigger names with the most expensive products, but amateur stuff is better than theirs anyway. Free porn is never going away, as long as people have functional sex drives.

As for the above post by thebeast, any kind of hatred or disrespect for porn girls has got to go away, especially if you actually watch porn or objectify women in any way. That’s about as bad as racism to me. They do respectable work to make a lot of people really happy, period. It’s society and misogynist ideals that would make people have to feel degraded for being in such a business.

Also, I’m glad the video showed their names. Because now I know who not to give a single penny to for the rest of my life.

3:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this has been brought up for debate in numerous threads, but I'm not sure it's been a topic of it's own.

Growing up as a wrestling fan in the late 1980s was a special time for me. Maybe it's because time seems to pass very slowly as a child, but it seems that superstars who seemed to be around FOREVER while I was growing up, really weren't around that long.

Just for clarification, I'm counting a superstar's first big in-ring run with the WWF beginning no earlier than 1985 (exceptions being Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper). Take a look at Ted DiBiase. Even though he wrestled for the WWWF in 1979, I don't consider this run as part of my analysis. Ted DiBiase debuted the "Million Dollar Man" character in late 1987 and his in-ring career was over by mid 1993--a mere 5-1/2 years. I know he stuck around well into 1996 with his Million Dollar Corporation before jumping to WCW, but his in-ring career had long been over.

Other such superstars include:

Bret Hart 1985-1997 (12 years) - Took off 7 months from WrestleMania XII to Survivor Series 1996

Hulk Hogan 1983-1993 (9.5 years) - Took off 1 year from WrestleMania VII to WrestleMania IX

Shawn Michaels 1988-1998 (9.5 years) - Took several short stints off (knee surgery in 1990, 9 thugs in Syracuse, lost smile)

Roddy Piper 1984-1992 (8 years) - Took off 2 years from WrestleMania III to WrestleMania V

Randy Savage 1985-1992 (7.5 years) - Took off 8 months from WrestleMania VII to This Tuesday in Texas

Jake Roberts 1986-1992 (6 years)

Ultimate Warrior 1987-1992 (5 years) - Took off 8 months from SummerSlam '91 to WrestleMania VIII

Mr. Perfect 1988-1993 (5 years) - Took off 1.5 years from SummerSlam '91 to Survivor Series 1992

Big Boss Man 1988-1993 (4.5 years)

Earthquake 1989-1994 (4.5 years)

Ricky Steamboat 1985-1988 (3.5 years)

You get my point, ad nauseum. With the exception of Hart, Hogan and Michaels, most of the biggest names in the company during the late 1980s and early 1990s didn't last more than 8 years in a single stint with WWF. Also, most of the guys with over 5 years in had periods where they were gone for at least 6 months for one reason or another.

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

However, I look at contemporary WWE programming, WWE's current roster, and when each superstar debuted:

Undertaker - November 1990 (19.5 years) - Took 7 months off in 1994; currently works reduced schedule

Triple H - May 1995 (15 years) - Missed about 14 months due to 2 torn quads

Mark Henry - September 1996 (13.5 years)

Kane - October 1997 (12.5 years)

Edge - June 1998 (12 years) - Most recently missed 5 months during end of 2009 due to injury

Matt Hardy - September 1998 (11.5 years)

Big Show - February 1999 (11 years) - Took a little over a year off around 2007

Chris Jericho - August 1999 (10.5 years) - Took over 2 years off between SummerSlam 2005 and Survivor Series 2007

John Cena - June 2002 (8 years)

Randy Orton - April 2002 (8 years)

Batista - May 2002 (8 years)

Then they wonder why the product has gotten stale. Hell, even Hornswoggle's been with WWE for about 5 years. When you really break it down, it looks like the average of the current roster has spent about 5 more years in their initial big run with the company than their predecessors. I feel this is due to about four major factors: age, exposure, competition, and down time.

AGE: John Cena just turned 33 a couple of days ago. Hulk Hogan was 30.5 when he won his first WWF Championship in 1984. Today's superstars are getting their biggest pushes at younger ages (SEE Swagger, Jack) so that by the time they reach John Cena's age, there is nothing left for them to do . . . even though they could theoretically go another 20+ years. I don't know about you, but I'm not sure I could handle another 20 years of Cena!

EXPOSURE: When I was growing up, it was a treat to see a Hulk Hogan interview, let alone watch him wrestle . . . a jobber. There was less original programming every week and only a handful of PPVs per year. John Cena gets at least 15 minutes of air time each week and is expected to sell over 12 PPVs a year. So even though Hulk Hogan lasted from 1983-1993 and John Cena's only been around since June 2002, John Cena has actually been around for 16 "Hogan" years.

COMPETITION: Although I'm not the biggest Jeff Hardy fan, I do have to give him credit as he never seems to overstay his welcome as this is now his second stint in TNA. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, there were viable alternatives to the WWF, such as WCW, AWA, and ECW, among others. Unless TNA stops bringing in WWE rejects that people don't want to see (Nasty Boys, Val Venis, Orlando Jordan, The Band, etc.), TNA will never be real competition.

DOWN TIME: Wrestlers just don't seem to take that much time off anymore. In the old days it wasn't uncommon for a guy to take a year off for one reason or another. These days superstars rush back from injury (SEE Cena, John and Batista, Dave). When Shawn Michaels injured his knee in 1990, Shane Douglas subbed for him in The Rockers, while Michaels recovered. Now, even when a guy gets injured, he's still heavily featured on programming so fans don't FORGET him and he doesn't lose his SPOT. This mentality is flawed. Fans will never forget a good worker (SEE Steamboat, Ricky) and by heavily featuring an injured star, it never really feels like he's gone; so when said star comes back, it doesn't feel as fresh as it could. I do have to take my hat off to Big Show, Chris Jericho, and Rob Van Dam for voluntarily taking extended leaves of absence.


4:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S. - Speaking of Matt Hardy--who has been with WWE for about 12 years, excluding the stint when he was released for whining about Lita on the Internet--why hasn't this guy been PUSHED? You could give a dozen reasons, such as Vince likes big guys, but just about any reason could be countered in comparison with Jeff who was given the keys to the company and jumped to TNA. Matt is bigger than Jeff, has less personal demons, seems more reliable/dedicated, has about equal mic skills, and at times has been just as over, but has never risen above the mid-card. Right now he seems stale, but I feel McMahon missed the boat with him on several occassions. Matt seemed really over in 2003 with the whole Mattitude thing. He also could have been risen to the main event with Edge over the whole Lita thing in 2005. I also remember his feud with MVP in 2007 being really good. The whole thing that got me thinking about this was that I was watching SmackDown this week and saw Drew McIntyre destroy Hardy the same way Edge did at SummerSlam 2005, killing all his heat in the process. I wonder why Matt hasn't ever jumped to TNA because of this treatment.

4:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JesseBaker says:
One MAJOR problem though Scott: removing the Money in the Bank match essentially removes THE VERY FUCKING LAST THING OF IMPORTANCE from WM, reducing it to just another worthless pay per view where nothing of note happens, because the WWE has made Backlash the REAL BLOW OFF PPV and made WM just another holding pattern PPV IN SPITE OF it’s status as the “Big One”.

Despite it’s name value, WM has been so utterly STRIPPED of any and all importance this last four-five years to the point that it’s just another worthless PPV. The MITB match was the only thing of importance that’s come about for the PPV and moving it away just makes WM another skipable piece of shit PPV. Why the fuck watch it when WWE historically only has the REAL matches happen at Backlash, as far as giving the endings that people more often than not don’t get at WM anymore?

Then again, this is where WWE has fucked things up and devalued the entire PPV business to the point that none of them matter and that with all of the big names constantly fighting on SD and Raw, why the fuck watch the PPVs? Especially given how fucking incestuous the main event scene is?

This is why the WWE should say “fuck it” and extract back to just five PPVs. They would make MORE MONEY/VIEWERS going back to Royal Rumble if they did Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, King of the Ring, Summerslam, and Survivor Series since they would be made important again as opposed to just another PPV that only the DIE-HARD zombie wrestling fan buys, as far as buying every PPV just because….

4:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even more Scott Keith goodies:

Animation Domination

Haven’t done a Sunday TV post in a while, so I figured with the return of most of the animation block it was as good a time as any. Of course, tonight I’ve still got Dexter, Eastbound & Down, and Boardwalk Empire, so the night is young yet!

The Simpsons

This was advertised as a Glee crossover, but it had more Flight of the Conchords involvement. And it was pretty funny! Tons of great little throwaway gags, like Krusty’s Youtube highlight reel, and the Conchords were very quotable (the little run about heckling was great stuff). Thumbs up!

The Cleveland Show

Jodi really hates this show, but I’m mostly just indifferent to it. And tonight was no different! It’s just something on between Simpsons and Family Guy, and Cleveland is rapidly becoming a very unlikeable character. I liked him better before his random outbursts of anger became a character trait. Spritzing Roberta and her boyfriend was a cute joke, though. Thumbs…eh, who cares?

Family Guy

Well that was a very different episode. Yay to FINALLY going HD! Uh, better put some spoiler space here, because big stuff happened.

OK, for those still with me, I’m kind of glad they murdered a chunk of the supporting cast, because it was getting bloated anyway. Although ones like Jillian’s husband and Mort’s wife are just there to set up wacky dating storylines in the future I’m sure, the death of crazed serial killer Diane Simmons was a biggie for the show. Let’s hope that it sticks and doesn’t just turn into a meta gag moving forward. As a standalone, relatively gag-free episode (outside of “Herbert on meth”), I liked this one a lot better than the atrocious “Brian and Stewie” episode. Thumbs up!

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taken from The NHL In Kansas City.

"Take a look at this article from May of this year:

I find it very interesting that the Mets baseball team might pitch in to help the Islanders and personally, I think there's a good chance it might happen.

After all, ask yourself this, if you were from Long Island, where would you take the Islanders? To Queens? Or to Kansas City?


I don't see Charles Wang selling the team anytime soon for the same reasons why fellow bad sports owner Chris Cohan held on to the Warriors for over 15 years. I also don't see Wang moving the team to the Nets new Barclays Center building in Brooklyn either, because he doesn't want to play second fiddle to the Nets (ala the Phoenix Coyotes moving to Glendale so they don't have to play second fiddle to the Suns). But I can see Wang teaming up with the Mets in order to get his new arena which I think would be pretty cool. Cities outside of the New Jersey/New York metro area are a last resort once Wang has runned out of options.

But don't despair! It just means Kansas City will get someone else!
Here, read this article that I posted elsewhere on this excellent blog:

I guarantee you that Kansas City will have one of those teams in less than ten years.

Keep up the good work Aaron and soon Kansas City will be greatly rewarded!"

5:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

toadwaker writes:

Try a game where users can customize their user interfaces, where developers learn from past mistakes and fix their current product, where you're not locked into a "vision" on the creators but are free to play the game as you wish with the controls and interface you wish to use.

I've played many MMOs, mostly Korean ones, others from all over the place, RO, Lineage II, Aion, Mu(not sure if Korean), RYL, Silk Road, WoW, PSO, Aion, WAR, Guild Wars, and many others I can't remember.

None of them turned off my interest as fast as FFXIV did.

Of course, every game will always have its insecure fanboys that are willing to fight tooth and nail to protect their holy grail, but most people will agree that this game is a joke the way it is right now. SE could fix it sure, in given time, but they really should have done that before release day, before everyone out there judged their game. Hype and first appearances is what gives games their popularity. To keep that popularity takes a great effort from PR and developers.

PS: I hated FFXI for the same reasons I hate FFXIV, looks like SE still hasn't learned a bit about what people like and what they don't.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous How to seduce a woman said...

very simply explained. It is indeed an art to read & stop new visitors with your attractive writing style. I am really impress from your posted information. Thanks for sharing.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

blackace says:
Blu-Ray is slowly growing, but I still don't see DVD's going anywhere. I've also noticed that new Blu-Ray movies are staying at higher prices more often now. Before I could get a new Blu-Ray movie for $18.99-$21.99 on sale. Lately, I've seen them at 24.99 - 28.99, which is ridiculous. I currently buy both DVD and Blu-Ray now. If the film is action pack, with explosions and CGI graphic, etc.. I'll get the Blu-Ray copy (i.e. Spiderman, Kick-A$$, Avatar). If it just a drama with regular acting and not much action I'll get the DVD (i.e. Whip it, The Green Mile, The Hangover). Since the PS3 plays both and upscales DVD's, I just use that to play all my movies now. The XBox upscales DVD as well, but I found that sometimes it can scratch them. I haven't tried it on the 360 Slim yet however. **************************************************************

Sony Wins ! and Xbox and Wii FAIL.
Right and Sony and the PS3 are still last. MOVE sales are dismal. So how do they win? Blu-Ray is 15% of the market and DVD is 85%. Who's winning? sigh.....

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My thoughts on the car wreck known as Super Hero Squad Show.

...and with the show set for Saturday mornings at the always "wonderous" 6:30AM Eastern/Pacific time slot with NO encore presentation and very little hype (assuming it even exists), I'd say this show's chances for a third season is about the same as the equally god awful Loonatics Unleashed!

Like Loonatics Unleashed, Super Hero Squad Show will be forgotten very quickly which I say good riddance to bad rubbish!

3:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Sad, Really...
Posted by secularsage

If any MMORPG should have a chance of competing with WoW, it'd be a Final Fantasy game. Sadly, the things that people value about the FF games (story, characters, sidequests, minigames) don't translate well into the MMO sphere.

This is a classic case of trashing a popular license with the expectation that the name alone will sell things. If SquareEnix was hungry enough for the game to succeed, they'd set the MMO in one of the existing and popular FF game worlds and work hard to deepen and develop the mythology they'd already established. In fact, they could probably get away with allowing you to party up and essentially play a multiplayer version of the single-player game (turn-based combat, etc.) by making only the social areas persistent and the dungeons/environments restricted to the party. People would play that game because it would feel like Final Fantasy.

Instead, they insist on going in wild creative directions that go against what the fans want and that cheapen and tarnish the brand. It's not a very smart thing to do, and when FF XV rolls around, the combined "blah" of XIII and XIV are going to reduce the game's potential. The fanbase is eroding now, and it's going to take a really amazing FF game to reverse the damage that's been done.

On the plus side, perhaps this will eventually prompt SquareEnix to work on those re-releases of FF VI and VII that the fans so desperately want...

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Square has been on a huge downhill ever since 8 in my opinion (to be fair; they managed to rekindle things with 9, but that's like giveing us what we want only for them to take it away for good later)

the major issues with the recent FF games is the development. Square has been dumping so much money into the most overblown engines that usually do little more than look pretty. combine that with their obsession with changing the core gameplay so drastically from game-to-game and you have a mess of a production process.

it just feels like they don't want to use the things that make final fantasy fun anymore, and experiment as much as possible. And while I love a unique game, I prefer a unique game that's actually competently made.

so all this ambition combined with the rushed development never, ever leads to a satisfactory product. Just like with FFXIII, and now with FFXIV. . .

Posted pocky-san

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Japan,

I just wanted to say, at least 98% of your television is absolute shit. And you all should seriously just stop watching such shit, I'm confident you are gaining the american syndrome where you watch so much non-thought provoking television that your I.Q. is quite literately slowly dropping. I recommend any television alternative, canadian television will make you laugh, american television has lots of variety, and british television will make you laugh but in a completely different way than canadian television.


11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Venalex responds to Hourman910:

You are wrong. Atheism is the ultimate form of morality. Not only that atheist are among the ones with the least divorce rates, we are among the most educated (look the % of atheists in the National Academy of Science) and Atheists are the least prominent group in prisons. A country without atheists would look like a poor African nation or a conflicted Muslim country. Atheism is an indicator of fortune in 1st world countries as you can see that most of Europe is secular.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posted by SlickMajestic:

These game companies are living on the "wave" of new-gen gamers that influxed the market over the past 5-7 years. To put it simply, games will not sell as well from here on out as they did over the past few years because the fad is over. Now you either play games for good or you don't. You don't simply "dabble" in crap like you did with the Halo craze and the Wii-kids. Some of these juggernaught companies need to learn that and if they aren't ready for the losses over the next few years then they completely misunderstood the market and have poor upper management. That's their problem.

As far as THQ goes, Warhammer is about the only license they own that's worth a damn.

7:10 PM  

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